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I Have been thinking much about the Manifestation of Money as I read the many blogs on Co-Creators.

Does it imply LACK on our part when we try to manifest MONEY?

This is the question I have been pondering.

I dont ask for money. At least I have not asked for money for quite some time.


Yes I have asked for my needs to be met. But that doesnt necessarily mean that it has to come in the form of money every single time and for every self need to be met by the Universe/God/Source of all that is.


For example:

My husband desired a BIG SCREEN TV for about 6 months. Granted this law of attraction stuff comes quite easily to my hubby. UNCANNY sometimes.

Anyway, the point I am making is that he didnt necessarily ask for the money to buy the BIG Screen TV...he just simply desired the BIG SCREEN.

Did he get it you might ask?

YUP...A friend was upgrading his system and just plain GAVE his BIG SCREEN TV to my husband. So you see, no money was involved. A clear alignment, I can see that my hubby had was, being a good friend and having a desire. Oh I'm sure there are other factors as well that dont necessarily present themselves but for the sake of this example I just named these few alignments.


So the question I would like to ask those who are asking for money....Is it a lot of money in a bank, or tucked away in a mattress what is going to make you happy and fill your desire. Does it stop there or do you have a list of needs that the the money is going to fulfill?

My next question:

Don't you think that you are limiting the Universal delivery by asking for money?

Why not ask for that which the desire of money will fulfill?

For example:

ASK for a CAR instead of the money to buy the car.

Asking for the actual desire or need opens up the limitless possibilities.

Its interesting how the MONEY has a limit in most cases.

I am so glad I have moved away from the concept that MONEY would be the cure all or end all to all my desires.

I'm interested in what your thoughts are about this and if I have helped you to re-think the desire for money.

Abundance Blessing, Jilly





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Yes, this is so true Deb. Thank you so much for your story... made me laugh cuz I use a bucket to try to carry a tune (I can't carry a tune in a bucket).

Hugs J
I'm guessing your Husband manifests his desires easily because he's not "trying so hard"

we have to be careful not to try too hard. I have to I have to I have to I have to..... implies panic or desperation.
relax, tune in, zone out.... let it happen. If you ask, it's yours already; no matter what. Knowing that and trusting that is enough because knowledge and trust are the basis of security and 'security' means 'guaranteed'.
ask and receive.
Hi PJ, Thank you for commenting on this discussion.
I was just reading about "knowledge" and how we use it. Coining the phrase "Knowledge is Power". This power can go either way in the Karma sence. If you use that powerful knowledge with compasion it will return to you in the same manner, but if you were to use that same powerful knowledge wrongly without compasion the same will also return to you.
How then, would you suppose this knowledge would equate to that security? Would one need to trust in themselves that they use their knowledge wisely, from a loving place? I have seen on many occasions the use of that "power is knowledge" used without compasion to climb the latter of success and it lead to unwanted outcomes. I have to think about this more. I will surely come back to this discussion after I have given it more meditative thought. Thank you for opening this can of worms.
Blessings, J
great! looking forward to a response :)

a question though.....
you write "How then, would you suppose this knowledge would equate to that security? Would one need to trust in themselves that they use their knowledge wisely, from a loving place? "
if you are acting with ulterior, non-loving purpose ; are you not out of alignment with 'source'? And wouldn't that start a few bells ringing?

trust in the law of attraction and let your "feeling" be the guide.
we ain't gettin' away with NUTHIN' that goes against the nature of source.
... and that nature is pure love.
I think the priority here is not to worry too much about the other guy and what he did/does or whether the individual uses his knowledge/power with or without compassion..... the priority is to focus on how YOU do it, how you allow, how you appreciate and how you sit in the comfy armchair we call security :)
♡ I love this!
Oh I love this also.
Ok so you say bells are ringing. What if you are the individual who is no conscious and is not aware and is of the personallity that "they are right every time in an argument "...for example. This being right feels good. If this "being Right" ....equals "feels good" ..the bells you talk of would not go off.
The feel good feeling may not equal compassion. Hmmm?
you're absolutely right Jilly, the feel good feeling doesn't always come from compassion... just as the cat that chases and eats a mouse... the cat feels GREAT... it has no compassion for the cute little mouse.
which is why the the only thing of relevance in Jilly's universe is how Jilly is doing it ! and when Jilly and Paul and john and sandra are in alignment with what-who-how-where they are the universe changes to match that.... and I'm pretty sure you , just as I, am aligning with the love and joy that is the source of all that is.
Awesome response, I am certainly in good company here having this conversation. It was a pleasure chatting with you and sharing our views. Kindred spirits for sure.
Hugs J
back atcha Jilly!

For two years ago I did a vision board. On the board I put pics of a car, wedding rings, travel pics and I wished to earn more. I got it all! I´m engage, I have a car, I went to South America this summer and I got a new job so I earn more now! And because I earn a lot more I could buy all my stuff. The man who came is really as I wanted and had a vision about. 

Now I vish a summer house! :-)

Life is like magic really. I listen to Kelly Howell wonderful voice, it really helps to!



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