The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Knowing Yourself


by Fran Clare

(she wrote this especially for our conference for Women's Day!)


Thank you for letting your light shine today

For sharing your energy in your own unique way

To be born is to be chosen, no-one is here by mistake

The sun shines for you, your bright future awaits


Each one of us is sent here for a special destiny

You are strong and independent, you hold the key

A new path lies before you so slip on your shoes


Know Yourself

Go in any diretion you choose


We each have a story; we all know it can be hard

But faith in your ability is your top card

Believe in yourself. Have confidence to try

Take risks! Ask for help and know some's okay to cry


We, as women, live in our hearts and sometimes life's severe

Don't forget to keep space in that heart for the girl in the mirror

Don't forget to love yourself for simply who you are

Don't be afraid to shine, you are your own bright star


'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent'

A quote from Eleanor Roosevelt and we now know what she meant

She said 'A women is like a tea bag, no one knows how strong she is

until she is in hot water'

Well, here we are ladies, strong for our friends, ourselves, our sons and daughters


Strength...courage...; you didn't know you possessed

Virtues that come from a journey through the wilderness

I know this first hand; I have travelled the journey you see

And I invite you to climb the mountain with me


You can and you will; women do 'it' each day

Be a confident, independent woman in every way

So, sip on your tea and remember your strength

It's our time ladies to show this world we know what Mrs. Roosevelt meant!


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