The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have been thinking of making a great bucket list of things I would do in one year. I think almost anything is possible in one year. So I thought of writing down my list here so I can share it with you . Hope thats fun for you too. Also I thought that it would be a good idea if you all also share your bucket lists (if you want to make them with me) , so anyone who reads could get inspired.


ok. so in one year meaning by may 14th 2011, these would have happened :)


1. I sculpted my body to perfection. My abs, legs, butt, thighs and boobs are all toned the way I like it and are nice and strong.

2. I went bungee jumping.

3. I bought/leased my 2 door sexy red convertible.

4. I bought/leased a sexy motorcycle.

5. I am financially free (meaning no debt anywhere).

6. I have saved at least 100,000$

7. I went to Paris and had a wonderful time and shopped to my heart's content.

8. I went to Japan , Singapore, Malaysia, and enjoyed great authentic asian cuisine.

9. I went and visited my best friend in Germany.

10. I am in the job I wanted , wearing business suits everyday and loving the work and my colleagues.

11. I have a large backyard for my doggies.

12. I live in a spacious number 8 house which has a large closet.

13. I bought a pair of gorgeous amazing gucci shoes and wore them many many times.

14. I went on a shopping spree of 5,000$ in one day and had the time of my life.

15. I took my doggies and my boyfriend on a vacation with me.

16. I slept under the open sky and the stars with a bebelicious dude or dudes many many times.

17. I spent copius amounts of time in nature with my boyfriend.

18. I got married on a beautiful beach...and everything was just like i wanted it

19. i went riding my motorcycle on the beach alone and with my boyfriend many many times.

20.learn how to swim

21. swim with dolphins

22.go skydiving

23. eat sushi with my boyfriend or dude im dating many many many times

24. do kickboxing on a regular basis

25. swim in the ocean

26. meditated almost every day, ideally everyday

27. read " as a man thinketh", " the science of getting rich" , "the richest man in babylon"

28. stock up my house with everything basic for a year's supply including paper towels, dog food, toothpaste, toilet paper, vitamins, etc etc.

29. donate 200$ a month for doggies.

30. send a gigantic gift to my mom and my sis. each. something that will blow them away.

31. spend my birthday with a babelicious dude or bf next to the beach.

32. go on a cruise with a dude or bf

33. eat vegetarian at least twice every week.

34.every day almost all the time, smile and be happy. radiate joy and happiness & maintain an open heart & mind.

35. develop my intuition greatly

36. go diving, snorkeling.

37. make a 100 new friends

38. get really drunk with great company, many times

39. do rock climbing

40. start living with my bf/husband in my new house . then get another dog lol

41. get an exotic bird as a pet that talks ...& teach him/her Abraham's

42. almost every week or so, make one person very very happy somehow. directly or indirectly

43. have a solid plan to start a start up.

44. invested wisely

45. wrote bucket list for next year..

46.learn french, german, chinese, japanese, spanish & be able to speak all these fluently. then i will be able to speak 8 languages fluently.

47. take my dogs on great rides in my shiny red convertible with the top down.

48. throw parties at my place few times.

49. went to one live abraham event at least

50. buy lots of lingerie.



ok thats it. I am a dreamer...what can I say. Will let you know my progress Haha.


Do share yours if you feel like it.

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Make a new list.
Wanting is part of what makes infinity infinite.
Ok. Here is mine.

Prefect health.
A beautiful hybrid car all expenses paid.
A wardrobe custom designed for me.
A performance unit with amazing musicians who are prefectly suited forme and my musical/creative vision.
A mint condition townhouse in lower Manhattan with a sundeck, roof garden garage and backyard.
A chef, masseur and cleaning staff.
A video studio, an upgrade of my recording studio and a preformance/viewing room.
High quality people around me all the time.
My music skills . . . Way off the meter!
(Immeasurable) unpresidented!
My imagination and ability to execute grow exponentially weekly.
Plenty of everything to spare and share!
Long active life full of love and vitality.
Jenna I really like your list! I really laughed at your #41 Your #42 is very sweet. My husband and I made one of our own recently as well, and yes it's just fun to do.
Here are some of mine: I'll also say that the following came true by May 15, 2011!

I am in the job that I wanted which has given me so much fulfillment (Lord knows my current one doesn't) ha!
I just had a healthy little baby and am rapidly shedding the baby weight (My body is fertile and very powerful)
My body is becoming lean and athletic as it always was (Well the body does have a cell memory)
We all moved to a larger home by the sea (Our current home doesn't do it for me)
We went to visit my friends in Cypress, Sweden, England, etc and just did more overall traveling (You can never have too much travel)
Went to visit Morocco (one of my dream destinations)
Buy my villa by the sea in Croatia to be with my family and rent part of it out. (My favorite place on earth)
I would like to see Deepak Choprah live. (Find him to be such an inspiration)
Become even more psychic than I am (My psychic abilities starting coming out more lately)
Donate money on a regular basis to worthwhile causes to benefit animals,etc. (I'm passionate about helping animals)
Buy a second home and just rent it out (Excellent money making opportunity)
Taking private Bikram yoga lessons ( I like do it at my own leisure).
Have a personal trainer on a regular basis (You can never be too rich or too thin).
Get 2 pets: maybe one dog and one little pig (ha husband take that)!
Go camping for the first time in my life! lol (hey I grew up pampered and traveled first class).
Have expanded my circle of friends to include those that I'm more in "sync" with. (yeah some people just don't get LOA or being positive).
Try rock climbing and river rafting (it's never too late)
Have an amazing wardrobe of fab clothes (Why not?)
Radiate joy and inner peace every day (something that's a challenge to do for me).
Send my parents on a cruise (They've never gone and it would be something different).
We are very financially secure (yes, yes, yes!!!)
Find out I'm preggers with baby #2 (my body is fertile and powerful).
For my hubby and I to be very health esp him.
For the hubby to take better care of his health- (start working out and eating healthier)
For the hubby to take time off to rest and rejuvenate. (he's a total workhorse)
great list, tat. wish you good luck. keep me posted on your successes. :)
Why thank you Jenna, I tried. ;)


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