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I all sorts of aches and pain on the right side of my body. Been for a long time.

Its from upper back- then shifts to lower back and as well down the leg. This is probably all muscular etc.

I am going to have a pap smear on Tuesday - I am 5months late and I just keep worrying.

Has anyone dealt with chronic worry? how did you deal with it?

One doctor said its ok 5 months late - if your not having bleeding or anything don't worry.

But I just cant stop worrying because I have other aches etc and also a thyroid problem and I just feel really sad and worried and the test on Tuesday.

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I'm just now seeing this post, so sorry for the late response. I hope everything has worked out for you. You worrying and stressing is not going to help your health in a positive way, it's probably making your health problems worse. I wish you all the best with your health and all of your journeys.

By the way, I use to chronically worry all day, every day. Eventually it got so bad that my entire body became numb for an entire month. I could not feel anything. I had stomach ulcers, and I could not eat or sleep. I decided that my worrying wasn't going to change anything but make me worse. I made up my mind to change things around quickly because I knew that if i didn't I would probably end up depressed or worse. I started focusing on things that made me FEEL good. things that made me smile and feel happy. So try to do that instead of focusing on your are only going to attract more problems to worry about.

i think you need hard work



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