The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Can you manifest certin situations, and how you want them to turn out?

Like can you meditate on a certin situation, get excited. Feel the feelings, smells, touch etc.  And acually have any situation turn out the way you want it to?

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I would also like to know

I wanted to bump this post to get some more insight because I too would like to know.


The closest experience I had was last weekend when I met a famous director at a party. My co-worker told me weeks ago she knows him and that I should come to a party because he "might" come. Weeks later, which is also a week before the party, she told me he never replied to her invitation so he might not show up after all.  I had so many thoughts of meeting him and as soon as she said that I told myself "he WILL be there"  


Well after being there for an hour almost with no sign, I started walking up a set of stairs in the club where the party was held. She pulled me into the VIP room even though I technically was not supposed to be there. She literally told me to calm down and turn around because lo and behold he was standing right behind me! She introduced me and we spoke briefly. So yes I do believe if you really put your mind to it you can. Things may not take shape immediately but the possibilities are endless.  Now I am in the process of manifesting our next encounter. :)

Do you have many success stories of this happening? Is it also incorrect to set a time to certain situations manifesting?
Yes it is fairly easy if you keep your energy high. In my teen years I could do this easily and without much effort on my part. After I got caught up in a tribal mindset I forgot how easy it was for me to do this and had to start all over from scratch. I got 100% of the relationships that I wanted. I got 100% of the jobs I wanted. I got 100% of the cars I desired.

How exactly did you do this? I'm still new and am having troubles still manifesting my feather--although I am being patient.

Yes sir eeee!

One has to realize its a process though.

Your thoughts are your reality. What you think about will come about. Its on its way. Now...when you start thinking how its coming,... you are now running interference. When you run this interference you can and most likely will slow the delivery.

In this new age of the Awakening you are also becoming more aware and at the same time more steadfast.

Synchronicity happens and if you are unaware of its happening you will miss the boat as it were. So through meditation/prayer/silent time or writing in a journal etc you can heighten your spiritual awareness so you don't miss

THAT BOAT. Also be aware of what your gut is telling you. You have heard that many times "go with your gut".

The Universe aligns people/places and things to bring about your manifestation. If you are paying close attention to this dance of the will receive.

The Universe/GOD/Source of all that is does this in many ways.

It could be a smile from someone. ...My advise "smile back".

It could be a "hello" from someone you dont know....My advise "say hello back"

It could be that you run into someone that you least expected to run in to. ..My advise "make conversation" to figure out why the Universe aligned this person to be in your path.

Its a bit like the example below that Kellie mentioned. She almost left that party. She almost missed that boat. Her friend is the one that had the intuition to be "steadfast".

You see, it can be the coincidence of parking in a certain parking spot. Be aware who parks next to you. Or who is walking out of the store as you are walking in. Imagine yourself floating above the earth and watching the dance below of all the humans interacting.  Its a wonderful dance if you know the steps,.the frequency and rhythm of the music.

I'm vibrating to a frequency and I love the dance. Love Jilly


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