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Christianity- VS. NEW -AGE- LAW of ATTRACTION-... Any IDEAS.. ???

I know in New Age we Say/ Co-Creators.. and I manifested and the Universe.. I have been going to church for years.. and I stopped for almost 2 yrs.. then I felt inspired to go yesterday.. I delt good.. it had been important part of my life.. However.. they said the Only way to get to God is thru Jesus.. I do have issues with that..
I know Jesus is the main reason for christianity.. and I love Jesus.. they said.. why would God the Father even have his Only Son Crucified and put to death so young .. for our Sins.. if it wasn't true.. ..that puzzles me..
However since I was little I believed in Universal Principals of Love/ Kindness, Respect, Encouragement, Equality.. knowing who we are and our Greatness in ourselves and we have a purpose in life and Talents /Gifts and abilities..
Honestly.. I do have problems with religions that say.. they have the Only RIGHT answers and the others are Wrong...
I would research,study.. and with your own Truth.. follow what feeels Right... and Resonates and
Keep an Open Mind..
Respect, and Learn from Others..
Only GOD.. knows the Whole Truth
And I know WE/are a GREAT PART of GOD..
The Kingdom of God resides within..
I feel guilty for my contradictory feelings..
Also why do I feel guilty for me wanting something especially material.. old conditioning/ or selfishness??
All i Can say is I want to be Fair..
And I beleive in Science, Holitic Health, Alternative therapies..
Positive ideas in other Religions.. that to me are Good and Helpful
that is and feels Right to the Best of all my Feelings..
So.. when I go to Church.. I keep an Open mind.. and
Learn become a better person.. get to know Jesus, as k for Guidance and Forgiveness
yet.. I need to be true to my Inner truth of Learning, and Balance..
I know there are Churches out there where I can just be me.. that Love God/Jesus/ Science..
and are Open Minded to LEarn about other religions.. but are truly based on Higher Learning, Love, Respect Health.. and Research
Any thought or IDEAS.. PLEASE REPLY...
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I completely agree...

I actually somehow found my spiritual faith in God from discovering the Law of Attraction...
It ignited that spark in my heart to search for answers, and I found God and the Law of Attraction works perfectly with God... I wish everyone to find such peace that I have found


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