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concentration and memory problems - help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Co-creators!
This time I am in need of some advice. I need to improve my concentration and memory techniques. I graduated from university 4 years ago. Since then I have noticed that I have been having blackouts, memory loss, problems concentrating and general problems with learning. This is really painful for me, because I still want to develp, learn and upgrade my skills. Last year I enrolled on a post-graduate 2-year course in my 'branch' - legal translations. We have to read and learn a lot, much vocabulary, legal vocabulary, by heart, and as you might expect being a translator is a stressful work, especially when you translate a vista and simultaneously- that is why I am asking you to give me some advice and perhaps some techniques that really work.
Your help is appreciated here, please help me, my exams are coming soon!

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Are you working out? Half an hour 3 X a week can really do a lot for the mind. Also make sure you're drinking plenty of water. I've heard good things about(and experienced) the benefits of flax seed oil as well as the super food chlorella. But the quickest solution would be working out, I definitely feel mentally healthier after a quick work out.

I'm currently reading Malcolm Gladwell's Blink, and in it he describes a study where students were instructed to write down what they thought it would be like to be a professor (essentially visualization), resulting in higher test scores. So imagine yourself knowing all the answers before your exams--good luck :)
Hello!Thank you for your advice!
Yes, I work out every day, now when I stay home for Christmas I work out 2 a day and read;)
I drink plenty of water, I heard about flax seed oil-I will buy it after Christmas.
What is chlorella?
Please keep us informed about your book 'Blink', it really sounds interesting;)
I wish you a Merry Christmas! lots of time for reading books, lots of health and high vibrations!
Peace, Alex
Hi Alec, Over the years I have noticed my long term memory leaving me. I have experiences like my husband asking me if I remember something that happened 20 years ago when we first met...Like walking along the beach and seeing a rock in the sand. Heck, I'm lucky if I remember the walk on the beach, no less the rocks in the sand. In any case I wanted to be proactive in my memory salvation. I read about ginkgo biloba, rosemary,ginseng and green tea. I now drink green tea daily and try to incorporate the others in my diet when possible. Here is something I have read about them on the internet. I agree with Coffy about the working out. I definately feel like I have a clear mind after my morning walk. lOVE Jilly

OFF THE INTERNET: Some of the most popular herbs for memory are ginkgo biloba, rosemary, ginseng and green tea. Out of them, ginkgo biloba seems to be the most efficient. Although it contains more than 40 active substances, the most important are flavonoids and terpenoids. These act as antioxidants and boost the immune system. However, the main effect of ginkgo biloba is observed on the blood circulation.

About 20 percent of the oxygen used by the human body is consumed by the brain. By enhancing the blood flow to the brain, the herbs for memory assure the necessary amount of oxygen. Ginkgo biloba also prevents cholesterol to turn into plaque. The plaque that is deposited on the arteries hardens the blood circulation and increase the risk of stroke.

Rosemary is also among the best herbs for memory.
Hihihih! Does your hubbie drink more green tea?;)
Thank you Jilly! My habit is now thanking you;) Because you elp me alot here and always contribute to discussions and offer advice, now my brain creates neuron connections of thanking Jilly;)
Anyway, you are greatand I love you unconditionally!

i think Luminosity. com is a great website that uses little brain games to help you improve certain areas of your life. Like concentration and memory and flexibility in thoughts and all that. i have so much fun with it and it helps! also, listening to classical mozart really does help too! not just for babies in the womb!! with love and good vibrations, taylor
Thank you very much for your advice!
I will definitely use it!
Have a nice day!
Love, Alex

I listen to calm and relaxing music in the background. it helps to remember...
I like to listen to Canyon Trilogy from Carlos Nakai. I got it when i was visiting my friends in Utah during my studies and have been using it since. You could also do some test or hormone level test to check the level of the hormone that works on that

Thank you Lilou!
I will look for this music.
About hormone level I might check it.
I also listen to meditation music and concentration music, with special frequency.
I must say it helps, also affirmations, like 'My memory is in the process of improving now' etc
Thank you, and have a nice evening!

Memory loss, everyone has from time to time... blackouts = not normal. Have you seen a physician?

That being said, the more attention you pay to forgetting things, the more you will tend to notice what you forget, and the worse it will seem to get. Not trying to say you don't have a problem. First I would see a doctor and make sure the brain is okay, After that, try to catch yourself remembering things and patting yourself on the back for that. Every time you notice how reliable your memory really is will build confidence that you will be able to remember more.
Thank you Trish!
I think you are right!
I also think that I shouldnt be affirming poor memory!
I am paying my attention to great memory and concentration!
I learned 6 hrs today, and i noticed it is getting better!
Have a nice day and thank you for your advice again;)


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