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Hello all you wonderful Co-Creators,


I would like to talk a little about "Vibration","Frequency", "Being In Tune" and "Thoughts".


We all know the concept of the Law of Attraction and the results of our thoughts are what bring about our own created reality.


When watching a video that Juan posted some time ago he said "we  should not be careless with our thoughts". This stuck with me. I pondered writing a discussion about this.


A day or so ago Createfate wrote a blog regarding manifesting a desired relationship. While reading her blog it brought back the memory of Juan's video. Then on top of all this, I manifested a new friendship...(Juan).


So ok. Lets talk about the different aspects of this manifesting process and creating our reality.

This is how I see it and I would like to know your opinion.


If we are to be "Careful" with our thoughts and not CARELESS, it would stand to reason that we need to cover all areas regarding this.

When sending out a THOUGHT to the Universe, it is to our advantage to be in a High VIBRATION. It is this VIBRATION that follows the correct FREQUENCY path. When the correct FREQUENCY path is acquired, our THOUGHT is TUNED IN perfectly for the Universe to receive, making the delivery the exact product desired

The timing will be perfect, the desired product will be perfect and you will not be disappointed.

Mastering this process is the Universes/GODs/Creators desire for you.


It was the plan of OUR CREATOR from the begining, for us to also be CREATORS.


I believe there are assended Masters of this process that tried to tell us of this. This knowledge is our birth right, however somewhere along the line, the power to create was mixed up with fear, leading us to the Hell that we live in today. I also believe that this new age has awakened us to this realization. The veil of fear is being lifted for all to see and receive this magnificent creating process and to master it. This power to create has been our birth right and we are waking up and taking it back.

I believe that I am in a HIGH Vibration while write to you you my friends and co-creators.

In JOY and LOVE....J

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