The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I manifested a job which I started last week. I really like the company and the population I work with and my coworkers. I'm not a fan of working 10 hour shifts but this schedule allows me to keep my non-paying therapy job that I work 2 days a week (and that I also love). My latest issue is now determining what to do about housing. About a month ago, my neighbor used a fog bomb because apparently she had roaches. Normally I wouldn't care but in doing this, the roaches have now migrated over to my house and have been driving me crazy for the past couple of weeks. Mind you, I only moved into this new place on June 1st so I only had time to enjoy this place for 2 months before I became overtaken by critters. The exterminator is coming on Tuesday but I don't know how I'm going to enjoy this place (even after it is fumigated) because these nasty creatures have defiled my place. Now I have an interview on Wednesday for a overnight house manager position which doesn't pay a salary but instead offers free room and board (I am unsure if it is going to be a free room or a free apartment). Mind you, if I take this job, I will be a house manager of a residential treatment home (for women that are newly sober) so I'll essentially be living with the residents which isn't completely unreasonable except for the fact that I have been living on my own for several years and I would be in charge of watching over at least 15 women, I also probably won't be allowed to have visitors (and my younger brother likes to visit), I have to pay to put some of my stuff in storage (if it's only a room instead of an apartment), etc. So the issue is do I keep my current place (& just hope that the exterminator will get rid of everything) and keep my current overnight counselor job or do I take this job in Pasadena and just plan on sticking with it for at least a year? Living there will save me $800 a month in rent, but if I get a job during the day (and work as the counselor at this place at night) then I'll essentially be working 24/7 in the mental health field which can lead to therapist burnout (which can lead to health issues, lead to me wanting to quit my job(s), etc.). So I'm confused as to what I should even be trying to manifest at this point. Maybe I'll try to manifest clarity and real direction on which path to choose.

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I am in a similar boat in that I am trying to decide about a job.  No, I haven't had the interview yet - it's Friday - but so far they are very keen.  I'm even trying to decide if I WANT full time work or not.  So I can relate a little to what you are going to.  I get the feeling that you don't want to take the job because well, the roach thing is temporary and you seem to have listed more reasons for not taking it than taking it.  But I too am wanting to manifest real clarity and direction so I wish this for the BOTH of us.  In the end it is up to you but try to see it as a win-win either way and know that you will get what is best for you. 

So, I got to a certain place while reading and I had to stop because it was changing my vibration but I'm pretty sure my advice will ring true as spirit already told me what to allow myself to say before I even started reading.


You were on day 41, your season is not even half way through.  Remember that a lot is possible in 3 days!  Just think about all the infinite ways that your dreams & goals can come to you.  If you can't see how, rest in FAITH that they will arrive in a way that leaves you so speechless that you stand back in aw of what you created.  Id even go so far as to suggest that you've got that covered and to start dreaming about what you'd like to create next!


Happy Manifesting ♥

So the update is that I went on the interview and I actually loved the place and they offered me the job and I accepted. The clarity came to me during the interview because I guess i was assuming it would be difficult to deal with but what I like about the place is (1) they have directtv in my room (which everyone who knows me knows I need my directtv lol) (2) the coworkers I met are very nice (3) there will be less than 20 residents for me to supervise so i won't feel so overwhelmed (4) this place is not far from a Bikram yoga studio and now that I am saving money on rent, I can afford to get back into doing my Bikram....which should lessen the onset of burnout (5) this job allows me to keep my unpaid therapy job on Thursdays and Fridays (which was a big concern) (6) having a house manager job will look good on my resume so one day I could end up managing a regular apt complex (as a side job) (7) my new supervisor strongly encourages that I regularly take days off which will also lessen the possibility of burnout. And my brother said he's fine with me visiting him instead of him visiting me lol so it literally was like everything fell into place. So I start the job in 2 weeks and I gave my 30 days notice to my current landlord so I'll have a whole 30 days to start figuring out what I'll take with me and what is going into storage. I feel 100% in the vortex. Come on in :)



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