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Im sure I could do much more then I did intentionaly last 60 days. :) Its true! What can I do?! :) Im loosing focus so easy- when Im in romance. :) Well, my 4 month romance finish yesterday, so now finaly I can choose more freely & wise my manifestations. Why I cant have relationship and stay tunned in vortex? One question. Why its so hard to have a relationship and stay focused on prioritys, and stay in vortex? I mean, I loose all the focus on a prioritys when Im in relationship, in even short period of time.

Im feeling like I am meditating and collecting harmony vibrations, cose Im Pranic Healing therapyst. But, I feel resistance when Im close to field of my boyfriend. Something change me and even my body getting tired and unbalansed. I need lot of walkings in nature or prana breathing, or separation days to continue with relationship.

Is it like that to somebody else? Im 32. Quite experiensed in energy field therapeutic work. But Im interested if this hapenings inside relationships will continue or change on a better? I need so much isolation and to be alone to feel good this days... Is it normal? :)

Would like to know if another girls feel also exsousted and loosing the intentional focus from goals in relationships?

If yes, then how to manage focus and relationship? Seems to me like I must choose... one or another. Goals or a boyfriend. Why is so?


Cocreators help! How to do this together? I tryed many mind maping things and writing to remember my dayle routine, and everything what I must to do, but still I cant have the feeling like Im going forward my things. I cant feel all the power of my focus on my stuff when I share the space with someone really close. :(


God bless you. Sorry for engl. gramma. Love you all & wish to recive some really confidental advises. That I can apply... in now. Tnx!

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I feel exactly the same way. I know what you mean to a T. And im close to your age Im 31 so I'll give you my take on this, perhaps you will find this helpful.
When I meditate every day, consistently I feel connected to myself , I am so very tuned to my growth etc. SO for some time I so enjoyed my alone time, just being disconnected at large from anyone else.
But I love the whole idea of remembering to be in the vortex and irrespective of whether you remember to meditate or walk or not, things that are happening to you are in response to your vibrations. In other words it is beneficial and smart to be able to take the time to align , by either taking a walk in nature, meditating, chanting mantra, creative visualisation or whatever else BECAUSE by doing that you are deliberately creating what you desire. This is true if you have strong desires other than the romantic partner. I know how sometimes its so exciting when you "fall in love" , that you are just flying high and you think u dont feel like meditating etc. Its a great feeling, I know.
This is my mantra. Irrespective of whatever is going on in my life, if I can only take 20 min a day to meditate, it will bring things I couldnt have brought about otherwise. Feeling happy thoughts is another way, but I think meditation is much more powerful as it connects yourself to the Infinite source, and therefore the effects are exponentially larger. Once you yourself feel that meditation helps in creating a very delicious reality, then only you will want to do it. otherwise it probably wont make too much sense. but in the beginning you have to have a bit of faith. The most important thing I wanted to tell you is that even the relationship will be extra good when you meditate or do creative visualisation. you will see.
lastly, i ideally want a partner who will meditate with me abd with whom i can share all this. but sometimes it doesnt happen. if it doesnt , i will keep this activity of mine and keep doing it on the side every day even if this guy is living with me.
let me know what you think.
Thank you for a reply. I didnt understand you completly. :) I am not sure if it is poseble to have a relationship and vortex presence, cose in the vortex things start to be fast and pulling on in ur own way. Partner could be confused. Just when Im taking care of his understanding we are agreeing about everything. But then Im loosing my focus. If you really follow your own inner self , you should be with someone who watching in the same direction like you, I think. No meditation can makes you together if you move on sparated goals. It taking me many time to recover from influence of " the way" of another vibrational field. I feel somethimes like its taking away my energy out of me. Specially in the days of sexual practise. Long period of my time I did meditation but that makes me even more sensitive and in a need to MUST be "on my way". I love life, I trust to life, and for a truth I never had a spiritual boyfriend. Even I had many friends meditants. I love strong, stabile and funny personalitys. Thisone usualy doesnt meditating. :) Maybe its just my personality, doesnt want responsibilitys.. dont know. Or I shoul try relationship with somebody who also doing Vortex work and meditating like me. :)))
I always believed that universe knows better then me what its good for me. And he gave me always different caracters then me into my life. :D ;)
Ok Sanela,

I see your situation. You are kind of confused about this whole thing which is ok. Again I'll tell you what I think. Even if you have a lover who stays with you every day for ever, your life is only your life and your own journey. Nobody will know you as much as you know yourself. Your lover might come very close but ultimately you are the one watching and experiencing every single part of your life from the time you were born to the time when you die, and perhaps beyond. So when you get in the vortex, you get in focussing on how you want your life to be. You can think of other people and send them positive light, but after all mainly you getting in the vortex is a way for you to start these powerful vibrations to attract to you what you want, in any and every aspect.
As far as the lover is concerned, you can decide what kind of partner you want ultimately. Yes, the universe decides but you also have free will. I for example never had a serious bf who meditated. But recently I have met guys I was very physically attracted to , who said they liked meditation music or did yoga. If you intend to attract a guy who meditates, you can do that as well by your vibrations. For me, I like the idea of being with someone who is spiritual. But spirituality does not necessarily have to do anything with Abraham Hicks or meditating. There are many ways to be spiritual. As long as this person understands the laws of the universe in some way and his soul purpose is similar to mine, I'm satisfied. I however would love someone who could meditate with me and share a lot of things I do, because that would be so much fun. I believe in growing together. I believe that he should have interests that I dont so he can teach me those things, and vice versa. thats what I call growth. Two people cant be exact dittos. For example I dated this guy who used to read books of Taoism. I found that to be a great turn on.. I havent read any Tao books but perhaps someday. So that way you see two people can teach each other things and challenge each other and grow. Your true ideal partner would be someone who can challenge you, then only its a great match. To draw an analogy, if Mike Tyson goes to a boxing match, he would rather fight someone who can stand up to him and potentially beat him, then only its a good fight. What kind of fight would it be if Mike Tyson goes up to the stage and say Larry King goes on the other side....?
anyway, hope this clarifies. Lastly I would add that I am a strong proponent of astrology. Not crazy about it but I know from experience that for a long term relationship, you better be with someone with whom you have not just "ok compatibility" but AMAZING EARTH SHATTERING compatibility.
Sending lots of pink light your way :)
oh by the way, you mentioned "No meditation can makes you together if you move on sparated goals.". When you are with the right match, whether you meditate or not, your goals will somehow fuse or come together . Thats called harmony. when you spend time with anyone they do affect you- its called the law of cosmic habitforce. You hang out with someone smart and you become a little smarter, etc etc. So naturally you and your lover would be influencing each other.
Again, this depends on the degree of attraction and intimacy but I wouldnt tell every guy I meet that I meditate upfront. Im very happy and proud of my spiritual side, but I would rather let the energies mix at a natural pace and let things blend. And as things progress I can tell this person more and more and share more. MAy be you told your bf abt the meditating aspect, and he wasnt exactly ecstatic about it, and then you felt awkward about the situation , which is why you felt bothered when in meditation and felt that his energy field is affecting you. There is a video by Abraham Hicks that I watched sometime back that says that you dont need to tell someone something they cant handle- because then they act weird and it affects you. Only tell someone what they are prepared to hear. You can trust your intuition to guide you here, and of course use your discretion.
I never had boy with similar life purpose to mine. With that I could be also satisfield. :)
But my life purpose including freedom from many realised mental life conceptions, so I dont know if that will alow longterm infinite relationship. :)
Personally, I think you are working way too hard about this. If you are in love and riding high...RIDE BABY RIDE! While you are making love, feel it with every ounce of joy you can find! Ride the wave of great feeling! That's when you are allowing what you asked for to enter your life. He's the perfect excuse to feel good. What you want will come faster that way. Pushing him away so you can walk in the woods? ? ? I don't know. . . Which ever feels better to you is what you should do.
Just a thought on a bigger picture...We each chose our own path.
I guess folk just figure out what works best for them, and follow that path.
Like, we each decide how high to turn up th volume on our spiritual practice.
In many religions there are monks & nuns who are celibate. This seems extremist to many, but i like th phrase being "married to God", instead of tied to another person. People chose to live like this because they want their energy to be directed towards a spiritual, rather than a material goal. In my Buddhist community there are ordained folk, single people and lay people in relationships...some with new children!
Different ways to th same goal.
It's whatever works for you, girl.
I love that also. Idea "married to God". I would love to be married to a god and to be married to a boy. Seems to me harmonious. :) Maybe its poseble. Tnx!
I heard something similar to this on youtube. It was Abraham-Hicks She divorced her husband..maybe if you listen to that you might get some idea. The lady had a similar issue about not being able to stay in the vortex while she was with her husband. The answer helped me too.
Oh ...Now that I read this, I feel another wave of emotions. I love sex so much, I would never want to be so spiritual that I give that Rather I prefer to find a partner with whom I can make such great love that while feeling all the great feelings I am allowing all other good stuff into my reality. We meditate for only 20-30 min a day. There are about say at least 16 hours remaining in every day to exchange love with the right partner. Love is the best thing in the world, I would personally never recommend giving it up. And sexual love is the icing on the cake in the whole realm of loving relationship. while we are physically present, why not smell the flowers, eat the most delicious food and experience as much sexual energy as possible.
Its way too far to think about how much I love sex if my other needs are not met. Actualy for me sexual energy its a tool play, nothing more. I have many other ways to experience playfulness. Im romantic, and imaginative. So, partner who love sex but for anoother plays doesnt have a taste isnt my soulmate. I desire someone more creative, visionary and inspirative, supportive and funn. Present and gentle. Strong and compasioned. Easy and loyal. Last 2 of my boyfriends wose of thoose prioritys; job, sex, food, funn, love. And in theese relationship I found my self hungry emotionaly and losted.
How to live my creative lifeforce if my mind its ocupated with boring, simple-minded boys? :)))
And why I cant keep my force & focus together if I love someone? Thats strange. Boys can do it, I think.
Tnx for replys. Im taking the best I can from your advises. Continue, please... :))
Men can do it because they think of themselves first and their needs first and how things can help them achieve those ends. That's all. Anything else that is just for fun is just that...just for fun. They don't usually get it twisted with maybe, maybe, maybe. They think in a straight line with a few curves. But trust...if you are sticking to a commitment to how you feel, and you make sure it's always delicious in every way, you won't pick someone who makes you feel otherwise. After a while it will be effortless. And when a man feels great with you and feels great with himself that's a heavenly match. A man who feels inadequate or hasn't reached his goal has a hard time focussing on anything else. Even if he wants to. Even if it's wonderful you.


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