The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Im sure I could do much more then I did intentionaly last 60 days. :) Its true! What can I do?! :) Im loosing focus so easy- when Im in romance. :) Well, my 4 month romance finish yesterday, so now finaly I can choose more freely & wise my manifestations. Why I cant have relationship and stay tunned in vortex? One question. Why its so hard to have a relationship and stay focused on prioritys, and stay in vortex? I mean, I loose all the focus on a prioritys when Im in relationship, in even short period of time.

Im feeling like I am meditating and collecting harmony vibrations, cose Im Pranic Healing therapyst. But, I feel resistance when Im close to field of my boyfriend. Something change me and even my body getting tired and unbalansed. I need lot of walkings in nature or prana breathing, or separation days to continue with relationship.

Is it like that to somebody else? Im 32. Quite experiensed in energy field therapeutic work. But Im interested if this hapenings inside relationships will continue or change on a better? I need so much isolation and to be alone to feel good this days... Is it normal? :)

Would like to know if another girls feel also exsousted and loosing the intentional focus from goals in relationships?

If yes, then how to manage focus and relationship? Seems to me like I must choose... one or another. Goals or a boyfriend. Why is so?


Cocreators help! How to do this together? I tryed many mind maping things and writing to remember my dayle routine, and everything what I must to do, but still I cant have the feeling like Im going forward my things. I cant feel all the power of my focus on my stuff when I share the space with someone really close. :(


God bless you. Sorry for engl. gramma. Love you all & wish to recive some really confidental advises. That I can apply... in now. Tnx!

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Glad I hit bull's eye in some way...Haha..I'm getting clearer about all this too by sharing.

In context of what Sanela said, in the last post I also deeply want a partner who can keep me excited for a lifetime. meaning a stable partner. And ultimately its all in the mind. If you are busy dating and your mind is full of the energy of what happens in the initial part of dating, then thats what you keep getting. But if you start backwards and imagine what its like to actually live a month with the lover of your dreams where every single thing is just the way you like paint a beautiful picture. and then you take a step back to decide what happened the month before and the month before and literally you write your own love story. When it reaches the point where it started you know sort of how smoothly things progressed. The momentum in these kinda thoughts will take you to your dstination. And I know it is possible to live a life with the perfect partner with love and beauty and financial stability and lots of sex and every good thing that you can dream of. it is really easy if you believe it. My guess is few people out of the 6 B on this planet know of the power they have to create their reality, which comes when you are aligned or connected to source. So the life that let's say we are creating every day since we started on this journey is unique and perfect and nothing like what you read on Its utopia at its best. I remember a really great beautiful realisation/enlightenment I had sometime back. When I was a kid, I saw a lot of arranged marriages where the parents would arrange the marriage between 2 people by looking at age profession religion family status etc etc. something like but parents would do this for the children who would be 18-25. I had such a strong reaction. I thought that is so wrong, what happens to the freedom of choice etc etc. and then especially because many times it was forced marriages because the family businesses would benefit from the union. I saw these in society not in my immediate family. My parents happened to have fallen in love and married and Im happy that they are extremely liberal and not like the former category. So fast fwd, i was really happy to come to a point in my adult life where I realised that I have total freedom in my life to choose whatever partner I want, of any color race anything. My parents have no say nobody does. I was so happy to be in that situation where I had my freedom, again freedom is vital for sagis like me :). Fast fwd again, I realised the most beautiful thing ever after learning about LOA. It is that not only can I choose anybody I want in this world, but I can choose every detail on him by the power of the vision board, creative visualisation, etc. I mean if someone wants to live forever in love with the 26 year old Brad Pitt..guess what it is possible. Just get a pic of the 26 year old Brad Pitt and put it on the vision board with the intention of having sex with him and loving him forever. Few days/weeks later you will possibly meet a guy who looks like the 26 year old Brad Pitt, you can even fine tune other things in him LOL. I have seen with my own eyes, I swear , more than 1 person looking extremely similar, sometimes having similar professions but living in totally different cities.
Last, I want to tell Sanela that when it is involving the one, the NEXT technique works best. Because that gives him space. The trick to conquer this game is that you get so engrossed in playing or receiving what the universe is sending you, that you kinda forget about the One. And then one day you realised that "the One" is the one you met 4 months ago or 4 days ago, but you didnt fret about it. As you proceed, the universe will send you guys who are closer and closer to what you want and then it will be a smooth transition. Its happening to me. I am loving the kinda guys I met recently- its moving fwd. I am probably in a great position because I know exactly what I want. Last week I met someone I was so excited about- and I have let him go. I said NEXT. lol. Now I am waiting for the next WOW moment in my love life. Keep counting the WOWs and see what happens.
Oh and the last thing. This might be redundant but may be very important. Remember that you can have exactly what you want. In terms of the guy/gal you may not get that one guy or gal but you can get exactly the type of guy you want. In case you ever thought why would he go out with me, dont. You are worth it. Everybody is worth everything. If you're thinking oh he is so hot, why would he want me because im not or something like that..dont.Some very hot guys are in relationships with not so hot women, in my opinion. So all permutations and combinations are possible. Just believe in the abundance of the universe. And if you dont believe me check out Jason Lewis & his gf (again my opinion, which is blunt but just put it here to convey the point). Everybody is beautiful but sometimes these are limiting beliefs people have, thats why I put it here. And personally I know this as well. A friend of mine liked a guy who was very very attractive. And she once told me ..I like him but perhaps he would like a different kind of girl. They were friends then. And I said that may be he will like you. I dont know what she did about it, but certainly it opened her up to the possibility and later they dated for several years. May be they are still together I dont know. She even told the guy what I had said regarding their match, and he kinda liked it. True story.
Anyway I was on a drinking my honey lime tea on this beautiful sunday afternoon. We are all in this together..cheers to happy times again :)
One last thing, I am trying to get better at attracting things through meditation. SO I wanted to ask Teejay, what is your technique for meditation.

"I deffo agree with the meditation, making more of the things 'FLOW' in into your life. Also every person we spend time with, we are learning about them AND our self. So over time we get a better understanding of what WE want from our contrast.

I have had things that literally FLOW into my life 5 min after mediation. Like things that where PERFECT."

Specifically what is your routine and what do you do? I am currently trying to meditate for 20 min each day and i am able to keep my body still and quiet my thoughts and relax all my muscles. I feel that my intuition has improved greatly , sometimes I hear a voice telling me things when I am out and about doing other things. I really like that. But my intention while meditating is to receive communication from source. If you inhibit all thought, are you supposed to receive some thoughts once your mind is quiet,and then remember and then let it go? How does it work actually after you have quieted your mind? For me I feel that sometimes I get ideas. But I am not sure if these ideas are products of my conscious mind, or my source telling me things.
Can you help clarify? Your input will be great...thanks :)
I would like to say that I have enjoyed this day and this exchange. You all have kept me pleasantly distracted from what could have been a very unpleasant chain of events. J. . . we are so on the same page. You say next. I hop on my rose pedal raft and float down stream. I am a Taurus. Yes, without a capital C. Taurus is in 5 of my houses. I take my time and thoroughly investigate as I go. I taste, smell, listening, live with for a while. All of that. And still I say NEXT (in my way). And float on away. I like to keep things smooth, no drama. I like to joke and laugh and play. I don't like to be the game. So, S. . . . no suffering and don't leave your self on the curb while you pursue romance.
You like food very much too right? :P lol.
Veronica I can feel your Tauro stability... I adore this way. Im much unpatiente, sun in Leo, ascendente Aries, moon n Geminni. I love to be surprised. :) Also I see how people really are - very fast without much interfering. Not like how they want to present them selfs. That makes me move faster.
I really should calm down... your advises makes me softly smooth. Its incredible how calm frequency you radiate.. btw what mean your last sentence?
Well, I have found that by meditating for 20 min straight and only meditating by counting my breathe, 1 and 2, 1 and 2. Breathing slow and deep, allowing it to flow. Concentrating my focus on each inhale and exhale with the number in mind. And when my mind drifts, I bring it back to the numbers. By doing this I can get to really good deep state of all over body numbness, it's like, it is just my mind with no body feeling.

THEN... 20 min of visualization straight after, I mean like don't even move or get up. Continue meditating but instead of counting and concentrating on numbers, switch to visualizing that which you would like to attract, as if your already experiencing it with all your emotion, in many situations as possible, just feel it, enjoy it, live it baby!

20 Minutes Meditation + 20 Minutes Visualization = SUPER DUPER POWERFUL =)
''If you inhibit all thought, are you supposed to receive some thoughts once your mind is quiet,and then remember and then let it go? How does it work actually after you have quieted your mind? For me I feel that sometimes I get ideas. But I am not sure if these ideas are products of my conscious mind, or my source telling me things.''

You can get them at anytime not just through mediation. I have had times when something random just pops into my head during mediation. And I have had times when I am just going about my day and something random pops into my head then also. With it being just the answer I was looking for.

Also, lol there has been times when I hadn't yet received an answer, and I said to my self, ''why haven't I received it yet?'' then straight away a thought pop into my head, that was the answer that I wanted! It was funny. I felt a bit silly, It was like someone was laughing at me! =D

So yeah, anytime! lol. The more random the better I'd say!
ok. thanks for explaining.
Jenna, you are fireball of entusiasm and action! :) Much love.
p.s. Isnt mind set of NEXT, contribution to everchanging manifestation of partnership. And actualy excepting that no one will stay forever here? :)
I dont know if Im ready to except that... maybe Im weak.
I think the main theme of what is being suggested is, be supportive of yourself. Stay light and playful and know that you can have what you want. Just don't spend a lot of time holding on to things/people that don't fit the bill.
Hi Sanela, Its actually quite simple. I had said that you say NEXT when it is not comfortable. If it is going well, it will continue forever. I dont think by saying next you are manifesting everchanging partnerships. because everytime something undesirable happens you get in the vortex and deliberately desire the opposite.
There is no point continuing a relationship when its not fun and not in sync with your vision. If it is , you got what you wanted. Besides the NEXT policy is only relevant in the first phases. Once it reaches the point of exchanging committments, or something like that, you can guage then if that guy is going to be able to hang on to you until the end. Make a good decision then.

And Veronica is so right. Why hold on to people who dont fit the bill, when you can have people who fit the bill..Think about it. Holds true in every sense.


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