The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Day 73 (season 1) and I have successfully manifested a lot! Now curious about one more thing.....

Hello all :)

So it is day 73 for me and i have pretty much manifested what I wanted. I wanted more money (& originally tried to manifest a large sum of money by a certain date but that didn't work). However, shortly after this "manifestation failure" I instead manifested jobs that have increased my income greatly. Then, after the manifestation of jobs, I realized that my weight was increasing and (without even trying) I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks! So my finances are good, my health is improving because my weight is decreasing. And  a bonus is that, thanks to my new job, I  can now afford to take my trip to new Orleans (I had to cancel this trip in august because I "couldn't afford it").

 So I guess the latest thing to focus on would be a romantic relationship. My current job requires me to be on-site from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. so any kind of dating I do will have to be in the daytime (which isn't a bad thing LOL). I'm not quite sure if I want a boyfriend necessarily but I do know a guy that I'm interested in dating.  So I guess the question is how do you manifest a "dating" and possible "exclusive relationship" situation? 

Has anyone successfully manifested romance with a specific person or do you just envision yourself in a relationship with someone with certain characteristics? Any ideas would be much appreciated....happy manifesting :)

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hey! I know that I can be considered somewhat inexperienced when it comes to love, but I DID manifest and attract my partner we have been together now for ! and a half years! It took me 6 months but when I met him, it felt like wow! It does work also I was so lonely at the time it felt good to visualize but then somehwere around the 4th month I decided not to feel lonely and just enjoy my life and after 2 months of visualizing and increasing my vibration we met!


I did this video after 5 months of being together... i'm currently working on new videos.... :) hope this helps!

Thanks for the YouTube video. It was very helpful. I think it'll help me get aligned with what I'm seeking in regards to relationships. Best wishes in your relationship :)
Great video! Thanks for posting it. Let's cocreate what we want :)


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