The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Do you know that the best way to create is to start by Connecting to Source?

The manifestation process starts by invoking the Source of Creation which lies within you and then working with Source to create an alignment that will allow you to really begin manifesting. The law of attraction works according to your vibration.  So if you are vibrating in a space of fear, confusion or focusing on a subject that is very limiting, you will attract and manifest something that matches that vibration. You all know that... 

Many of you are struggling with 'how to shift your state of mind. your state of being or your vibration' quickly and efficiently... The most powerful tool that exists is to Connect To Source.   In their daily life, the vast majority of people vibrate around 250Hz or below... at this vibration rate, it is not possible to attract or create what you want to manifest.  Connecting to Source immediately raises your vibration to a minium of 734Hz.

Therefore, what is important to understand is that tapping into Source frequencies, invoking Source, aligning yourself with Source allows you to significantly raise your vibration. You shift from confusion, frustration, sadness or fear into a state of divine flow.  Therefore you immediately raise your vibration.  And when you raise your vibration you begin to create and to attract what you really want.  The ability to shift from a negative state of mind to an uplifted state of being is the first key to master the creation process and the human condition.  To shift your vibration all you have to do is ‘Connect to Source’ - ten minutes - and that shifts you immediately.


To listen to the 'Connecting to Source' Meditation, you can visit



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The attachment you provide could not be opened.

Can you tell me the source of the information about 250Hz and 734Hz levels you talk about here.

Hello Jill, thank you for letting me know about the attachment - I will check what is happening.  If you are still interested in reading this document, you will find it as well by following this link:  Raising Your Vibration by Connecting To Source


The information on vibration comes from Caroline Cory's teaching.  You will find some of it in her book 'The Divine Plan: Beyond 2012'.  But I got much more in doing her classes... What she brings in her teaching has made such a big difference for me, because she provides not only a complete explanation of Who we are, etc. but she also gives us tools  on how to let go of the old programmings and how to replace them with what we really, really want to be or to manifest... The major difference I would say is the experiential approach of what she does where she teaches you how to discern by yourself what is true, what is aligned for you, etc. etc.  and how to expand your consciousness so that you can also feel or see different energies, different beings, the grids, etc...




Hi Domi, Good to chat with you and thank you for your quick response. I have read this many times and trying to convey it here has been a task. I know there are many other sources out there that talk about this. The most reliable I have found is at the HeartMath Research Institute. Their information is good to send along to those that need "proof on paper" as it were or seeing is believing

Vicky Anderson also talks about it here in her book "The Awakening". You might be interested in her writings and her group here called the "The Awakening" named after her book.

Domi, you are seeking your power and I am grateful to be standing in your company.

I've tried many many times to explain how to keep the vibe up and to many it still alludes them. The stronghold of past learnings stills clings.

I have come across the many that don't realize the aspect of choice. Some think the mood of a lower vibration just comes and they can't control it. Once realized that you can control it and that you had the power to do so all along is what brings freedom from the lower frequencies.

I tried to tell my friend (local friend~person to person) to try to picture two rooms. One room has only lower frequencies whirling around inside and the other room has high frequencies whirling around inside. I asked her to realize all that she can imagine that is in each room. Now I asked here where she would like to go (which room). When you leave the room you desire with the high frequency, only you can open the door to the lower frequency and participate. Like a game you don't have to play.

Sometimes peeps need these analogies to figure it out. The crazy part is you want to help but there is a line you approach that you can't cross. You lead them to the line but then they have to choose for themselves what room to play in. Seems the dilemma is staying in the High Frequency once you get there.

I'm not sure what happened to me in regards to this phenomena. Not much rattles my cage anymore. My spirit has come to an all time "Calm". An "It is what it is attitude". It is so easy to stay in this higher frequency.

One day I realized that the ghosts that we tell to leave don't really leave. It is us that needs to leave. It is us that needs to leave the lower frequencies of the ghostly realm. When the ghost is is not the ghost that left. The ghost is still is us that has left. (using the word ghost to represent the lower frequency).

Peace and Harmony my new friend, Jilly

Hi Jill, thanks for the references. I will certainly have a look at the work of the HearthMath Institute and Vicki as well. I am always keen to observe what other work is being done...

In your message, you are outlining a couple of points that are interesting to me, the first one being our ability to chose... My perspective on this is that even for those who are unaware they have a choice, they are still choosing but instead of doing it consciously, they do it uncounsciously, through their vibration which is a reflection of their beliefs, blocks, fears, etc., etc. True freedom comes only from the understanding that we are ruled by our conditionnings, beliefs and unconscious blocks. The day I realized this, I gradually yet steadily became the conscious co-creator of my life and changed everything in my life that was not up to what I wanted it to be... starting with the relationship with my own self!! The change started through each experience that I had, observing what was around me to understand my own psyche, my fears, my blocks and I have over the years used many different techniques to release them...

Then that new vibration that we consciously create through each delibarate thought and desire, through consciously finding the beliefs that are limiting and releasing them and replacing them by new bellief systems that are serving our goals, that new vibration within me started to show results in the 3D ... and as I was watching what was happening, I became more empowered and gained greater clarity... True my own experience, I realized that this is the only way to freedom, to finally get to know the being that we really are and to start flowing easily and with joy in the 3D life.

I also came to realize that this process cannot be forced or imposed by sharing your experience or your knowledge to others. Of course, you can share, you can teach, but that will serve those who are ready to receive new information in this manner... Yet merely by being who you are and by vibrating at this new frequency, this creates what I would call an 'entrainment' vibration and anyone that is ready for it will get it! So I feel that it is more important to focus on ourselves, being our own project,, becoming authentic and who we really are, and by doing so, we provide a space for others to do the same...

In these time of changes where every one will soon be placed in front of a choice (the new earth or the old earth/ the new system or the old system), whether you are conscious of it or not doesn't make a difference, the ultimate choice will be based on your vibration - which is your signature!

The ghost as you call the lower frequencies of our personnality has to leave! The old you cannot stay... and it will be replaced by a 'new you', the real YOU, they simply cannot be together at the same time. As long as you keep vibrating at these lower frequencies, you keep yourself limited, you keep the old you alive... you are not the infinite self with infinite possibilities that you really are! And as you are saying cleverly the 'acceptance' of what is, or going with the flow, is crucial. Yet it is not to be confused with 'resignation' which is also keeping you in a low vibration place. For if you are not satisfied with what is (even if you have to accept it), it can always be changed! One simply needs to go back to the drawing board, it is only a belief that it cannot be changed... Of course, Jill, I am using the 'you' here but not talking about you...

The above has been described and experienced by many and I myself have tried and used lots of different teachings and techniques...What made a major difference for me in the above process was to find how to quickly and truly Connect to Source as this has allowed me to immediately vibrate at a higher level and has provided the clarity needed to overcome the blocks and the negative beliefs and gave me toolsto easily and effortlessly create beliefs that are serving me based on my true heart's desires... therefore integrating more and more each day into my physical being my divine higher self, my spirit self or my true essence...all this leading to the ability to keep a high vibration most of the time and hence create the life that I want...

Hi Domi, This is a perfect example of one that really gets it. I agree with all that you have said here and as I realize we all have the communication to articulate this differently, I plan on bookmarking this discussion to easily reference it to others.

Re: "Choice"

I agree with you about making choices unconsciously. I would like to clarify that the unconscious choice is a limited version of conscious choice. Making unconscious choices almost like not really having a real unlimited choice.

You are right on the mark here Domi. I am glad to be walking this walk with you by my side.

Hugs Jilly


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