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Does anyone know a good law of attraction book, that is ''different'' to Abram-hicks material. One that covers Law of attraction & manifestations, but not in the same way Abraham-hicks material does. That...of course you have had success with :)


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I am particularly fond of the work of Mike Dooley - both at his amazingly upbeat website:

and in his books.

A current fave is "Infinite Possibilities".

I think you'll find many great similarities - but new harmonics applied. Have fun!
I was just going to recommend this 'infinite possibilities'. it's in my top 5 faves. he really is an amazing writer that gets you so attracted to what he is saying and gets you excited when you read it.
'power of intention' by wayne dyer is good too, although it's a quite spiritual.
the 'science of getting rich' by wallace wattles is one you might like also.
Thanks Marti,
I will look into it :-)
I would recommend mine!!!! I lost my job and I liked it. It is a day to day diary of how i practiced daily th law of attraction. It works! I also give lots and lots of references to different other books and practices I use daily such as The power of emotions from Ester Hicks that i think is great.
Thanks guys, I appreciate it :)

Lilou, I will start with your book first :)
You've listed so many great one! I have a couple more to add: Cathryn Ponder - 2 books, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Dynamic Laws of Healing. Also the Abraham Hicks series (any book - try Amazon) are great! Love Mike Dooley and he has a daily email he sends out that is also inspiring. And last but not least anything by Wayne Dyer!

Best of success on your journey!
HI ,
I think all the books by Abraham Hicks are just amazing. To me, I feel that the abraham hicks teachings are by far the most powerful I have ever come across. But in addition to those, I really enjoyed reading Harmonic Wealth by James Arthur Ray. Its not exactly LOA , but it does talk about it to a large extent. The take home message from James' book is that if you do thoughts, feelings, and action you are unstoppable in terms of getting what you want. However I will go a step further and say that what I like to do is mix up james & abraham hicks... and say Thoughts, feelings in 1st Be, meditate , do creative visualistion , think about what would be the smartest action... then take action. Bingo you got it. In other words, align and then take action. That is the smartest way to go about it.

Let's see. I love books so I will tell you a onemore that I am wanting to read.
I just bought this book today thats called change your handwriting, change your life... i write so many affirmations I thought might as well check this out. It says that by changing the way you write some letters you improve your prosperity, chances of getting a job etc etc

let me know how your reading went and which books worked the best for you. & be resistance free LOL
The secret is a good basic start. Then, The Law of Attraction. Then, you should definitely download a free and legal version oof the Kabalion, it explains the origins of LOA and the OTHER laws that got left out of the secret. I am now practicing visualization from a book-cd combo called Creative Visualization by Gawain. is a great source. You don't have to spend a fortune all in one place though. Also, start asking yourself what you want, ask yourself why and why until you discover what you really want. Believe me I have gotten some of what I want and realize I really wanted something else. Research spiritual enlightenment. Intentions are very important.
Check out Noah St. John on you tube. I think his teachings are superpowerful. He suggests using afformations along with affirmations. Afformations are questions you ask yourself, basically rephrasing your affirmation into a question. For example, I can say..Wow How did I get that job so easily? How come I always have peace of mind? How come I am getting so rich? How come I am able to save so much money? etc. When you do that, your subconscious mind starts searching for answers to these questions, and meaning it has already accepted the statement. That is why it is more powerful. These afformations work great for me and I say them constantly when I am out and about- when I feel like it.

I havent read any books by Npah St John, but those may be good.
Another book is the Power of your Subconscious Mind- by Joseph Murphy. This a bit similar to Abraham I have to say. Another one I really liked is Your infinite power to be rich- also by Joseph Murphy. 1 book I want to read is " Write it down, Make it happen". You can check it out on

Hope this is helpful, Teejay !
Yep Noah St John and
also check out
Julia Rogers Hamrick's book on "Easy World"
Louise Hay is a wonderful teacher. and for starters. Enjoy!
You may think this to be a little weird at first, but read, look and listen: the message is profound!


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