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Does anyone think it is possible to manifest winning the mega millions?

I just had to bring this topic up because now that the mega millions jackpot has reached half a billion dollars, it seems like there are plenty of people out there hoping to manifest winning but haven't been able to (hence, why the jackpot keeps increasing every week). So the question is, if the universe doesn't see a difference between us asking for a dollar or asking for 500 million dollars, why is it that we still struggle with allowing ourselves to receive large sums of money? Also, has anyone ever had success with manifesting a large amount of money (i.e. at least $1000). I was able to manifest over $1000, but it wasn't until a year had passed that I realized that I had been receiving increments of the amount that I envisioned over the past year. So how do you unblock yourself from the stingy kind of thinking that says "There's not enough to go around"? Just food for thought :-)

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Practise.  Keep visualizing and being grateful.  And don't limit the source. Concentrate on manifesting plenty of money, not on winning the mega lottery.  Don't limit the universe to how or where the money will come. 

That is a very interesting point because I think I tend to get too caught up in the details of what I desire. It doesn't matter if it is winning the lottery or getting a job, I am guilty of limiting myself. So, I did try something to break my habit a bit....especially with my thoughts about money. I read somewhere (I forgot where exactly but I'm pretty sure it was on one of the law of attraction websites) about how a woman ripped up a $100 to work on her negative thoughts about money. I didn't quite get to $100 yet, but I did rip up a $1 and the feeling that I felt when I ripped that dollar was pure terror. It was ONE dollar and yet that feeling of terror was so consuming that it directly pointed out my thoughts about money. There is a major part of me that doesn't believe that there is enough money to go around and/or I have to work hard to get money so now that I ripped up that dollar bill, I'm working on addressing my negative thoughts about money and being overly concerned with how to get it. Next up....ripping a $5 bill and I'm going to keep going until I finally rip up $100 proudly :-)

Theres more than enough in the Universe for everyone, the only limits are our own imagination.

Everything is possible, and we are ALL magical manifestor.


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