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I have been reading much on this site and in many books and online sources about “overcoming obstacles”.

Oh yes, being able to move past an obstacle without to much disturbance is the objective when meeting obstacles. However, isn’t it our goal to eliminate the obstacles altogether. Are we not meant to live an obstacle free life. I never hear of anyone talking about how there lives are obstacle free.

I have visited many sites for life coaching and read many personal page profiles here on co-creators. Those focused on helping others always read “getting past the obstacles” however none ever say “live an obstacle free life”. Maybe if they keep you skirting obstacles, instead of eliminating them, you will continute to come back for advice.


I am taking a stand to let you all know that I believe that this “obstacle free life” is possible.

I can not say that mine is completely free of obstacles however they seem to be showing up less and less. I cant remember when the last time I came face to face with an obstacle. They are foreign. It has been so long that it is gone from my memory and I have not entertained the though of them for quite some time. I was actually reluctant to write about this, hence giving them thought.  I would encourage you to not dwell on the thought of them.


So that being said, where do we go from here. Once I read, if you don’t like doing something stop and don’t do it. If it doesn't give you joy, stop and don’t do it.


Four life obstacles pop into my head and if you practice keeping them at bay you will see the effects.

Keeping the four life obstacles (fear, lust, debt and stress) out of your house.


The objective is to lead a peaceful, happy and joyous life with minimal stress. (as carla would say "Be Happy")

So you might ask what are some of the stress list subjects. I call it my elimination list.

Worry, Envy, fault finding, greed, jealousy, anger, failure, fear and judgment to name a few. I'm sure you can add to the list.

Maybe we can come together and eliminate some of these.


Does anyone what to talk about eliminating obstacles and becoming obstacle free. I mean really eliminate it, never to see them again.

What did you do today to avoid the obstacle? Could you have handled it differently and eliminated it completely to never see it again?

I'm interested...J

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Great topic Jilly! I never thought of living an obstacle free life...I love that thought! The one obstacle I face on a regular basis is fear, mostly at work and always about financial failure. For a long while I thought I had to handle this by myself. I read in a book somewhere about overcoming fears, the suggestion was to keep a reiteration close at hand. So now on my board at work I have written......."Just for today........." . When I feel afraid, anxious or worried I finish the reiteration with "just for today I am not alone. Or Just for today my life is perfect, and all is joyful. I've been using this method for a few months now and find that I seem to need it less all the time.
I love your elimination list. But please share how you have come to live a life where there are few obstacles. Can it be a simple as not giving them much attention?
I look forward to reading other replies. Thanks a bunch for starting this interesting topic.
Hi Deb, Good to have you here on this discussion. What you are doing is great. Addressing that which makes you anxious or worried face on is the best approach for me.
For example: You mentioned financial failure.
Taking an agressive aproach regarding our buget was a biggy for me.
Being able to pay my financial obligations/monthly,weekly, daily expenses on time was so liberating for both myself and my husband.
Many of our friends dont live within there income and the results bring worry, stress, fear and a gamut of other fear related effects. Not to mention the "D" word (divorce).
In our case, we own our own business so this buget of ours needs to be tweeked on a regular basis. We are commited to keeping it in check. We have two credit cards and they are for use on purchases that cant be paid by cash...(airline tickets and other items on the net). Otherwise those credit cards dont get used. And if we do use them, we have the funds to back them up. We never ever buy on traditional credit anymore(going on 15 yrs now). It is amazing how the Universe brings to us our manifested desires. In escence we turned our credit card purchases into Universal Purchases.
Living within our buget allows us to be free from worry.
So you see the buget eliminated the obstacle of fear that would creep in to our lives relentlessly every single month.
I dont have to think about it ever. Its taken care of. And I dont have to skirt/avoid/get past/or avoid this obstacle.
P.S. So what is it exactly that you FEAR at work or about your financial issues. Make what ever it is at work your friend. I would love to know what it is. Maybe a co-creator can help you take action to resolve the fear. Overcoming the fear is about eliminating the fear altogether.
Hi there Jilly! The fear at work is simply finances. When our economy went to pot a couple of years ago, business (we own our own business) slowed to a crawl. Alot of our customers could not pay there bills so everything had a down ward sliding effect. However the last few weeks, I have been expressing gratitude for "ALL" our customers, whether there accounts are in good standing or not, I have epressed gratitude for them and have been thankful for having them come into our lives.
This gratitude is what I believe is responsible for the major manifestation we had a couple of week ago. One of our long time customers who could not pay his bill. Signed over to us a truck, after much research we found out that we can resell this truck for $25,000.00. Yesterday we had a potential buyer call about it, and we have not even advertised it yet.
I have been visualising money flowing to us, this truck was a total surprise. We did not receive the cash on account but this truck is worth alot of cash. Sometimes what we want does not always appear in the form that we visualise. (Goodness I certainly hope this makes sense). Fortunately this transaction has not caused any hard feelings for anyone.
Very proactive. Very positive. You mention what we'd all call 'negative thought' but there is no sense of your feeling threatened by them at all. Your focus and intention is still positive with a firm "I can do this."

When we are in a math class and we talk about the math 'problems' we have to do it's not for pleasure. When we buy a book of Sudoku or logic problems these are math problems but we actually Pay money to get these to do on our own, in our free time. The difference being the amount of stress we feel having the problem. One relieves stress, the other causes stress. But it's still just math.

Perhaps our goals should not be to eliminate these baddies but to adjust how we feel about being afraid, stressed, in debt, etc. I still believe it's about letting these feelings go once they've delivered their messages. I don't mind them being in my life as long as they don't build up because I won't let something go. A proactive approach is good because it gives focus to the solution as opposed to the initial emotion or problem. And then comes the pride at having overcome. How can that be bad?

You asked what did I do today to avoid an obstacle. I cooked lunch for my sister who is sick with the flu. I am trying to become raw vegan. I had a perfect day yesterday. My sister wanted turkey and dressing with gravy and cranberry sauce. One of my favorite meals since childhood. I knew it would be challenging to not eat it. I've done well today. I think the most important step I took is asking my son to come talk to me. We talked about music videos. It helped a lot. That he would stop what he was doing and come to spend time with me in support made me feel loved and was exactly what I needed to love myself enough to do what was right for me. I feel stronger now for having come face to face with a childhood comfort food that emotionally meant love and family but it's not healthy and I didn't eat it. Though I understand my sister wanting it because she doesn't feel good. I was glad I could do something to make her feel better. She doesn't want to be raw vegan anyway. Each to her own path.

Obstacles themselves are not necessarily bad. It's how we feel about them that determines their affect on our lives. And I always, always, let it go. When Thanksgiving comes (and it will) I know I will enjoy myself without feeling tempted to eat what I know is not good for me. I've already passed that test.
You did indeed answer the question "What did you do today to avoid the obstacle?"
However you avoided answering the next question in context to the first.
Could you have handled it differently and eliminated it completely to never see it again?

In this case in point of being there for your sister, I think you could have eliminated the obstacle, you just opted to not avoided it. You chose instead to face the obstacle and skirt it instead by serving her turkey and gravy. So in doing so you had to skirt/get past/ or avoid the obstacle. The obstacle was there and you chose to leave it there.
My point in writing this discussion is to show that you can eliminate the obstacle. You have that power, and it has always been there.
Yes, Very proactive indeed. You see I wanted to point out that God/Universe/source doesn't put the obstacles there. We attract them and then we have to deal with them. Then we are frustrated that we have to deal with them. We are ment to live an obstacle free life. So why dont we? Why do we attract obstacles?
I guess my feelings toward the 'obstacle' were loving. My sister has a bad case of the flu. Out of love I gave her the meal she requested. I value the obstacle because it gave me another opportunity to feel the pride of my conviction. I allowed myself to be tested. I loved my sister by being nurturing for her while she was sick and I love myself for being strong in my self determination. As I said above, I don't necessarily believe all the obstacles we have are bad. I could have told my sister that as she was ill she should be eating like I do then she would be giving her body the anti-oxidants that she needs to get better. But I'm a strong believer in not judging. The judgement would have been all the more cruel because she feels bad already. She did let me make her a green smoothie eventually and I hope it helps.

I did not skirt/get past/or avoid the obstacle. I forged right through it and I'm proud to say I'm still 100% raw vegan. My sister feels loved and cared for. She knows I'm there for her. I'm confident that when our family gets together, as we do, I won't buckle under pressure. I wasn't just around the food. I was the cook!

I could have felt resentment, frustration or anger but I really don't believe these feelings have any value. I'm enjoying my pride and self nurturing. I'm glad my sister knows I love her and won't judge her. Given what I received from my 'obstacle' why would I want to eliminate it?

Having said that, there are past obstacles I've attracted in my life that I would never want to face or think about again. I focus on self love and nurture in order to avoid these very unpleasant and not at all valueable experiences. It's why I've taken up serious meditation to help me cleanse my thought patterns of harmful debris. Through that I've learned to face life's smaller challenges without fear, resentment or anger. Those feelings only hurt the one who feels them. They keep you from exploring and reaping the benefits of any given challenge.

The only way to avoid real and painful 'obstacles' is to monitor your thoughts and feelings to be mindful of what you are creating. With practice, and I think today was a good day, perhaps we'll all be living obstacle free.

Short answer: Meditation has been everything to me. I wouldn't have made it out of the darkness without it. It is the only thing I can point to that has made any difference. If I accomplish an obstacle free life, it will be because I learned to meditate. It gave me the blank slate I needed to create a safer, happier life.
Yes, Yes, Yes, that it.
They are obstacles if you see them as so.
I am not at all complacent, nor do I see myself as weak (ref. statement strengh and complacent). And I progress magnificently, better than every before. Living this process has illuminated all that comes with my journey. I see thing so brilliantly. I will be writing a blog soon on illumination and how I have experienced it just recently.
This is within your crasp R. I just know you get this.
Thank you so much for the reply IC.
Sending you Love and Light, J
Is it Love or Lust you have for your husband?

I would think Love.

Are you grinning like a cat ready to
I guess it is all about the meaning for you.
Lust meaning for me has always been that lust comes from a place of greed and not love. Wanting it for yourself with out the attachment of being grateful for what ever you receive lustfully.
I guess this is just another discussion open to debate in one of the forums.
Why do you write about it and I will be there to discuss
Thinking back I dont remember anything that I have done lustfully.
Jilly has just wrapped her arm around your shoulders and is thinking...gosh its good to see you Carla.


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