The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Fav Songs - Inspiring, motivating, thought provoking or just plane funky :)

I luv Jason Mraz song - Im Yours. Lyrics are inspirational and the beat is really light and fun.
How bout everyone else?

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And this song gives me energy for the whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be careful:) do not overdose;)
lol, yeah, this one is great for doing the shuffle around my house, the kids luv it too. Nice choices Aleksandra!
Awesome...Just had a little MJ dance party in my bath robe to start the morning LOL !!
GREAT choice!
michael is aligned with the source of musical genius.
LOVE IT! and I have his song the "Remedy" on my profile :) good stuff check it out my friend :)
My sister in law dances to alot of Enya songs, I dont know the names of them, but one I love which has a realy powerful rise in tempo midway through. Love the titles of the songs you picked too Carol.
These are some of my favourite songs but what really makes them special are the videos that go with them -

If you've never seen the uplifting and hilarious video of the amateur dance troupe at the mall, you really must check this out - Spike Jonze directed it, every time I see it I laugh out loud. And the song is beautiful too.
praise you - fatboy slim

I loved this song, its infectious and makes me want to dance - the video makes my inner child happy :-D
get shakey - the Ian Carey project

Another Spike Jonze vid featuring Christopher Walken, pure comedy and amazing dance moves!
weapon of choice

And last of all, a great uplifting song with another laugh out loud video - who knew the 'running man' dance originated in Wales?
something good 08 - utah saints

Hope you all enjoy these as much as i do! Lots of love, Claudia
Those are great choices Claudia.
Yep, agree that some of them make you laugh out loud. This is great because I get to revisit alot of songs I have heard for awhile!
I couldn't believe that kid in Get shakey vid, wow, how does he DO that without breaking his back, fantastic stuff
Ha ha I have no idea how he does that. My dance moves are more like the ones on the 'praise you' vid.

Glad you liked them. The Jason mraz song is lovely, I've added it to my playlist!

The link was: Creed 'arms wide open' ;) kisses
Ohhh, yep, luv creed, went to their concert here in Melbourne Aus a couple of years ago, I luv his voice, rustic, raw, yummy.
I think someone told me that song was a dedication to his baby.
Thanks for that Aleksandra, thats another I forgot to add to my playlist


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