The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have been thinking long and hard and my brain hurts…no not really. But let me tell you trying to fine one self is a wild and crazy journey. But let me tell you one thing…the end of the road keeps coming back to me. Yes ME.
I have contemplated much in these last months since I started my second season.
I have read more than I have read in a while. I have to say that the internet sure gives one a great lake to go fishing. Some of that fish has been thrown back. So you might ask, how I determine what to throw back and what to keep?
Here are a couple of rules I enforce.
1. If it involves inflicting FEAR in anyway on myself or anyone else…back it goes.
2. If it doesn’t embody LOVE in every way…back it goes.
3. If it doesn’t allow me to be in oneness with the source …back it goes.

So that being said we can move on.
I have learned in my readings much about FEAR and LOVE and their effect on ME and my connection with the source.
I would like to put each of these three on a separate runways if I may.
Me on one runway.
Fear on another runway.
Love on anther runway.
Some may call these runways , dimensions. Call them what you will. In any case I have learned for myself that the three are separate.
Let’s talk about FEAR for a moment and examine it.
What is fear? In my own words it is a feeling that invokes one to be frightened. It is clear that many happenings across the world make people afraid.
I have asked myself about some of the world wide happenings that have invoked fear. One might say that some religions have invoked fear. Some might say that world conflict invokes fear.
One might even go so far as to say that the entire world in in fear.
Could we then ask ourselves "are we in prison on this runway of fear"?
So were do we go from here folk, is the question I asked myself.
How do we overcome this FEAR and get out of prison.
Well I don’t know about you, but I want out.
Let’s talk about LOVE for a moment and examine it.
First let me be clear. I am not talking about the "I love you to hubby", or friend love. Or the "I just love that dress" love.
I’m talking about the Ultimate Power that speaks its truth and walks its talk and does what it believes to be right no matter what the consequences to itself.
I read this once and I will repeat it to you all…it said it best.

“Because LOVE has no fear, the emotion that actually takes our power away, so love without fear must be the ULTIMATE POWER.”

Now lets examine these two runways a bit more.
We all want to be in the right frequency, at least I can say this for myself, I do.
Research has shown that the frequency of FEAR is low and moves slow.
Research has revealed that the frequency of LOVE is high and moves fast.
This explains why some manifestations come to us slow and some come fast. We all know its coming no matter what. The understanding of WHEN has bewildered many. Well this explains it.
If you were in a high frequency (LOVE)…rest assure it is coming fast.
If you were in a low frequency (FEAR)…rest assure it is coming slooooowwww.
So the hugh, enormous, question here is …HOW does one stay in that high frequency? Well for many of us it means a hugh change.
I am so ready for this change. I find myself everyday embracing LOVE. Not just the convenient love, but the all the time love.
I stay away from FEAR. I advise others every chance I get to stay away from FEAR. If I’m having a conversation with someone and they take a left turn toward FEAR, I turn them around to face the other direction….that other runway called LOVE. Check yourself and take inventory about how you feel. How you feel about something effects the frequency. It is so amazing.
That one called FEAR invokes negative emotions, so don’t go there. Go out there and conquer that one called FEAR. It makes you feel bad and the consequences will come non the less.
I am…Love to you all, JILLY

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I believe this will help alot of people to try really know and feel The Ultimate LOVE. Everyone has something in their lives that they need to work threw. I believe that fear will stop you from growing into your true self. I will work on being and feeling LOVE.
Yes Theresa, Its an AWARENESS...isnt it. Thanks for the reply. I love you girlfriend...JILLY
Hi Jilly, I wonder if you are familiar with Katie Byron? some of her work is dealing with fear and she approaches it in a very unique way.I am currently reading her book "loving what is".
Oh Thanks Kelli, I have never hear of her work. I will look it up. Ok if my face is already blue from reading about this stuff, I suppose a darker tone of blue will be I go. Love JILLY
This is great! It is also something that I recently come to realize as well. I also realize that if fear or the lower level energies shows up for me, I let it be ok (I acknowledge it) and from there I work on moving myself up the vibrational scale. Thanks Jilly!
Yes Stacy, I am reading a lot about that lower level. You are good to let it be and move on. Perfect, I could not have said it better. :) JIlly
Hi fate There is so much information out there about this and sifting thru it all is a real bear. I will look something up for you soon. JILLY
What a great discussion Jilly, well done!

To Fate: I believe that the best list I've seen of the emotions and where they stand in relation to each other is from Abraham's Emotional Guidance Scale

I like to think of these frequencies as vibrations just like musical instruments use different vibrations to create different pitches. The higher the vibration the faster it is moving which therefore means that it changes more frequently than the lower vibrations. When it comes to the emotions and their vibrations this is directly related to how these make us feel. The less something changes the more comforting it can be but the less change occurs, causing us to feel stagnant and "out of sync" with the universe as the universe changes constantly. The reason that these emotions can be comforting is because we know what to expect. Nothing is going to change so we don't have to use energy to adapt to anything. Conversely we loose energy from the universe when we are not vibrating close to it and we attract more of these low vibrations to us.

Now the higher vibrations feel good because they allow us to be in the realm of creation and in line with the universe. It is my belief that we are here to experience this world and learn more and more about how we can consciously create so it's only natural to want to be in the vibration all the time. Love is creation and change and fear is the lack of this.

This discussion touches beautiful on the duality that I wish to convey in a book that I'm putting together which will most likely be based on Desires and Contrasts.

This is really exciting stuff. Nice job Jilly! Maybe we should start a discussion on giving too. Every day I see more and more power in this.
OH MY GOSH...Chris ! Last night as I was heading to bed I was thinking ....I need to email Chris. I think he needs to start a discussion on GIVING. After all it was mentioned in FATES discussion and we never elaborated on the subject. Maybe tomorrow I will send off a note. I guess you heard me thinking. I did also think about it a day ago and it went out of my head. But it came back to me again last night.
Well I guess I don't have to send the note after all.
I plan on commenting on your reply Chris, but I dont have the time right now. I will come back to it soon. I have a full day...busy busy busy butterfly today Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ...JILLY
It was meant to be then. I'll start writing it up and get it going tomorrow at some point. It will be a nice spring board to including it in my book. This is an important topic in manifesting anything and everything so I can't wait to see how it goes.
I think I manifested this LOL *big smile*

Ever since I discovered the book "The seceret" I have been seeking out more & more information. I've read books, took a keen liking to Abraham-Hicks' teachings.

And I enjoy learning AND UNDERSTANDING all of this more & more. But recently I've been coming across alot of information that dissucsses fear. And I think I'm getting it more & more. Although it seems obvious but if we pay attention to love more we'll be basking in much more happiness.

I think I'm getting to that point were it'll finally just CLICK & be a natural thing for me.

Fear - NO
Love - YES

Also recently I've been making much more of a concious effort to stay in the NOW, remind myself, that only NOW matters. Negitive can not live in the NOW unless you let it.

Thankyou for sharing this Jilly, it just continues to reaffirm what I've been (taking in)learning.

Greetings, Yes Kay, I to get it. Yes it CLICKED wtih me also. I think it is clicking with the masses. A hugh awakening of sorts. It is phenomenal, an extraordinary phenomenon. The process pushes us into knowledge that carries us along this journey swiftly. I have been reading more and more how our personal journey in this iprocess is having a global effect. Its exciting to me. Love to you my friend...JILLY


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