The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have been thinking long and hard and my brain hurts…no not really. But let me tell you trying to fine one self is a wild and crazy journey. But let me tell you one thing…the end of the road keeps coming back to me. Yes ME.
I have contemplated much in these last months since I started my second season.
I have read more than I have read in a while. I have to say that the internet sure gives one a great lake to go fishing. Some of that fish has been thrown back. So you might ask, how I determine what to throw back and what to keep?
Here are a couple of rules I enforce.
1. If it involves inflicting FEAR in anyway on myself or anyone else…back it goes.
2. If it doesn’t embody LOVE in every way…back it goes.
3. If it doesn’t allow me to be in oneness with the source …back it goes.

So that being said we can move on.
I have learned in my readings much about FEAR and LOVE and their effect on ME and my connection with the source.
I would like to put each of these three on a separate runways if I may.
Me on one runway.
Fear on another runway.
Love on anther runway.
Some may call these runways , dimensions. Call them what you will. In any case I have learned for myself that the three are separate.
Let’s talk about FEAR for a moment and examine it.
What is fear? In my own words it is a feeling that invokes one to be frightened. It is clear that many happenings across the world make people afraid.
I have asked myself about some of the world wide happenings that have invoked fear. One might say that some religions have invoked fear. Some might say that world conflict invokes fear.
One might even go so far as to say that the entire world in in fear.
Could we then ask ourselves "are we in prison on this runway of fear"?
So were do we go from here folk, is the question I asked myself.
How do we overcome this FEAR and get out of prison.
Well I don’t know about you, but I want out.
Let’s talk about LOVE for a moment and examine it.
First let me be clear. I am not talking about the "I love you to hubby", or friend love. Or the "I just love that dress" love.
I’m talking about the Ultimate Power that speaks its truth and walks its talk and does what it believes to be right no matter what the consequences to itself.
I read this once and I will repeat it to you all…it said it best.

“Because LOVE has no fear, the emotion that actually takes our power away, so love without fear must be the ULTIMATE POWER.”

Now lets examine these two runways a bit more.
We all want to be in the right frequency, at least I can say this for myself, I do.
Research has shown that the frequency of FEAR is low and moves slow.
Research has revealed that the frequency of LOVE is high and moves fast.
This explains why some manifestations come to us slow and some come fast. We all know its coming no matter what. The understanding of WHEN has bewildered many. Well this explains it.
If you were in a high frequency (LOVE)…rest assure it is coming fast.
If you were in a low frequency (FEAR)…rest assure it is coming slooooowwww.
So the hugh, enormous, question here is …HOW does one stay in that high frequency? Well for many of us it means a hugh change.
I am so ready for this change. I find myself everyday embracing LOVE. Not just the convenient love, but the all the time love.
I stay away from FEAR. I advise others every chance I get to stay away from FEAR. If I’m having a conversation with someone and they take a left turn toward FEAR, I turn them around to face the other direction….that other runway called LOVE. Check yourself and take inventory about how you feel. How you feel about something effects the frequency. It is so amazing.
That one called FEAR invokes negative emotions, so don’t go there. Go out there and conquer that one called FEAR. It makes you feel bad and the consequences will come non the less.
I am…Love to you all, JILLY

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GREAT post!! And thank you for sharing it. It just condenses everything out there and simplifies it so well. Why have a million emotional markers along the way? Is it love? Or is it fear? SO simple!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Dear Carrie, I am so glad you took something away from this. I helped me also to simplify. Hugs JILLY
Right on Sister!!

thank you for sharing ... perfect timing.
divine timing to be exact :)
Hey Joanne, I was thinking about you this morning and here I am
I was just reviewing some of my discussions and came across this one from almost a month ago. I was just posting a discussion about BELIEF AND STRESS. This discussion reminded me that FEAR plays a hugh part in this Belief/Stress thing. When we are faced with a hurdle or roadblock that our old beliefs tell us is unsurmountable, we look that dreaded FEAR in the face and our frequency is effected. It reminded me how important it is for us to overcome our old beliefs. Thanks for letting me get that out there. Hugs my friend, JILLY
I once came across this phrase: 'Call your fears ADVENTURES', this makes my life more adventurous and mre interesting, I really recommend using this phrase on a daily basis, love, Alex
Hi Alek, I was just wondering? I'm afraid of Heights. Should I call this fear of Heights an Adventure? Hmmm?
Wow. I just saw a program last night about the Brain and how to heal our Brain. First the Doctor pointed out the things that damage the brain. I am posting this here because it seem to fit in with the Love V Fear thing.
He showed scans of the brain. The same persons brain was scanned. First while thinking only things associated with LOVE. Then the second scan was taked while the person was thinking only of things associated with Hate.
The pictures of both scans were shown side by side and the difference was astounding. The Love Scan was very healthy looking and the Hate scan looked very diseased. It was so amazing. He stressed in his presentation that we need to take care of our brain. Im going to read more about this and share more at a later time. JILLY
Sounds cool Jilly. Where did you see it?
Hi Chris, Here is Dr. Amen site. This is the link directly associated to the do's and dont's for the Brain. The site is very interesting. He did a public broadcast show here in washington trying to raise money for public channel 9. Very interesting. On the show he posted scans of the brain in many situations. You can find some on the site...just look around. I found some under the tab image gallery. The ones I saw was on the show broadcasted.
Dear Jilly,

You have reminded me of how I have for such a long vibrated in FEAR, and how I covered this FEAR in LOVE. Which made the LOVE I shared false. True LOVE is to completely abandon FEAR.

So, I have taken the blanket of LOVE, and removed my FEAR, and placed the blanket of LOVE close to my heart.

I pray that your power of LOVE and being of LOVE grows stronger each day, until it touches each and every single being in our world.

Thank you!
Dear Ross, Thank you for your reply. Welcome to Co-Creators, Blessing Jilly
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