The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have been thinking long and hard and my brain hurts…no not really. But let me tell you trying to fine one self is a wild and crazy journey. But let me tell you one thing…the end of the road keeps coming back to me. Yes ME.
I have contemplated much in these last months since I started my second season.
I have read more than I have read in a while. I have to say that the internet sure gives one a great lake to go fishing. Some of that fish has been thrown back. So you might ask, how I determine what to throw back and what to keep?
Here are a couple of rules I enforce.
1. If it involves inflicting FEAR in anyway on myself or anyone else…back it goes.
2. If it doesn’t embody LOVE in every way…back it goes.
3. If it doesn’t allow me to be in oneness with the source …back it goes.

So that being said we can move on.
I have learned in my readings much about FEAR and LOVE and their effect on ME and my connection with the source.
I would like to put each of these three on a separate runways if I may.
Me on one runway.
Fear on another runway.
Love on anther runway.
Some may call these runways , dimensions. Call them what you will. In any case I have learned for myself that the three are separate.
Let’s talk about FEAR for a moment and examine it.
What is fear? In my own words it is a feeling that invokes one to be frightened. It is clear that many happenings across the world make people afraid.
I have asked myself about some of the world wide happenings that have invoked fear. One might say that some religions have invoked fear. Some might say that world conflict invokes fear.
One might even go so far as to say that the entire world in in fear.
Could we then ask ourselves "are we in prison on this runway of fear"?
So were do we go from here folk, is the question I asked myself.
How do we overcome this FEAR and get out of prison.
Well I don’t know about you, but I want out.
Let’s talk about LOVE for a moment and examine it.
First let me be clear. I am not talking about the "I love you to hubby", or friend love. Or the "I just love that dress" love.
I’m talking about the Ultimate Power that speaks its truth and walks its talk and does what it believes to be right no matter what the consequences to itself.
I read this once and I will repeat it to you all…it said it best.

“Because LOVE has no fear, the emotion that actually takes our power away, so love without fear must be the ULTIMATE POWER.”

Now lets examine these two runways a bit more.
We all want to be in the right frequency, at least I can say this for myself, I do.
Research has shown that the frequency of FEAR is low and moves slow.
Research has revealed that the frequency of LOVE is high and moves fast.
This explains why some manifestations come to us slow and some come fast. We all know its coming no matter what. The understanding of WHEN has bewildered many. Well this explains it.
If you were in a high frequency (LOVE)…rest assure it is coming fast.
If you were in a low frequency (FEAR)…rest assure it is coming slooooowwww.
So the hugh, enormous, question here is …HOW does one stay in that high frequency? Well for many of us it means a hugh change.
I am so ready for this change. I find myself everyday embracing LOVE. Not just the convenient love, but the all the time love.
I stay away from FEAR. I advise others every chance I get to stay away from FEAR. If I’m having a conversation with someone and they take a left turn toward FEAR, I turn them around to face the other direction….that other runway called LOVE. Check yourself and take inventory about how you feel. How you feel about something effects the frequency. It is so amazing.
That one called FEAR invokes negative emotions, so don’t go there. Go out there and conquer that one called FEAR. It makes you feel bad and the consequences will come non the less.
I am…Love to you all, JILLY

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Hey Trish, Maybe if we love this Pharm person they will go away.
up up
Hey I was reviewing some of the discussion to make sure I didnt forget to reply to any and saw you here. I haven't seen you in a long time my friend. Where are you keeping yourself? I will be starting my next season on 11/11/11 and would love for you to join me and some others on that date. Cant wait to hear from you. Hugs always, Jilly
So I'm struggling with trying to find this love to over come fear? How do I change my thoughts to be more like love? Sometimes I feel as though I just go through the motions but never actually feel or maybe I'm not connecting! Please help? Thank u to everyone ur ideas and thoughts move me in may ways! Xoxo
Hi Heather, There is a discussion or blog, I cant remember which. But it addresses this. I will try to find it for you to read. I think it might have been started by chris but Im not sure. I will look for it and then we can talk further about this.
It has a lot to do with gratitude, giving and most of all discovering how to open your heart like you have never experienced before.
Love J
Thank u so much ur an amazing teacher

I hope you find this David and have a chance to read the comments. Amazing.

Love and Light, Jilly

“Because LOVE has no fear, the emotion that actually takes our power away, so love without fear must be the ULTIMATE POWER.”


This says so much......

Its now September 11, 2014 and as I scroll thru the responses of this post I found yours three years later. My thought was..."You've come a long way Baby"
Maybe this was the day a light bulb turned on. Loven this.

Good evening everyone, I have been pondering where I should comment on all this manifesting business. I remembered the discussion (manifesting a feather) and realize that this forum would would be a good start. I plan on posting this in the discussion Manifesting a Feather as well.

I have been reading gads and gads of stuff on manifesting and well as we have done here we have established that we all can indeed manifest anything.

However as I read....It is pointed out over and over that with out spirit intervention...all manifestations are not for the highest good. This is what we are all here to journey towards right...the highest good.

Let me repeat...anyone by virtue of their thoughts can manifest...ANYONE and EVERYONE. As a co-creator we should be speaking out about this power. Not in an obnoxious way...but rather in our actions and examples. We are to share the light that illuminates within us.  Light is Information. We should do this with the guidance of our Soul. Our Soul is Spirit. When Soul (spirit) guides the light (information) it is for the greatest good. The more information we discern the more we are illuminated. We are all connected and if we bring this light (information) to the forefront of all our person at a time we turn the chaos of the world...into Love Manifested for the greatest good. All needs will be met.

I urge you all...continue to manifest the Light (information).

Love and Light, J

I often find I create my own fears. Of course, I don't want to feel afraid, but I have this deep seated belief that there's something wrong with me and that if I become happy something truly horrible will happen. I grew up with a belief that I deserved to be punished and punished I was. If a person believes they deserve bad things, but they don't want bad things, that creates fear of the bad thing(s) happening. 

I'm now having a "hmm" moment based on what you've written here, Jilly, about fear making things move slowly and love creating things Now. Hmm as in...hmm...that's why things work the way they do in my life.

I'm just taking this in. I am so grateful to you for this post and the information you've shared here. I believe it will change everything for me! I am going to share why this is so synchronistic for me on the synchronicity group here on CCOR (I don't think this is the place to post it?) I feel so empowered with this knowledge right now, I feel like I can manifest my heart's desire right away. Thank you Jilly <3 Namaste!



Good Morning Luna Bella,

I understand what you are saying and I am grateful that you have found this information useful.

Remember that INFORMATION is LIGHT. Trust in who you are and continue learning the truth of LOVE. With Love all is possible. You are a CREATOR. What you THINK creates your reality. When ever the "horrible,bad and unhappy beliefs try to convince you that you are not deserving...shove it out of your mind and replace it with what is the real truth. You are deserving, of living life abundantly, in good health and with all your needs met. Remembering also that everyone that you know and don't know also are connected to you and deserve the same. So when ever the Universe/God/Creator Source gives you the opportunity to share your love of so knowing that it will be returned back to you in good measure.

Remember also that as you CONTINUE to LEARN and you consume the LIGHT (information)...the undeserving beliefs will visit you less and will diminish and melt away. The LIGHT will consume the darkness that tells you that you don't deserve. Fear lives in the darkness. Darkness can not overcome LIGHT but LIGHT can indeed overcome the dark.

Blessings and abundance, Jilly


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