The 100 Day Reality Challenge

"Getting Ready for Summer" 30 Day Weight loss Challenge!!!! Starting this Tuesday May 18,2010

  If you Seriously Want to Lose weight  this might be for you  "FOCUS & Support"   so for one month  from May 18/10-jun18/10    Serious weightloss goals  Mine is to lose 16 pounds   so i will weigh myself  may or may not post  weight  optional  share Videos/Vlogs/Blogs/ share your struggles, your Great ideas, your Progress  Post Pics  Recipes.. Help on another Lose weight   

We can  use this challenge to Achieve our Weight loss Goals

So share your Plan/Exercise, Healthy Foods Water/ Lifestyle Changes   Weight  /ideas ETC..,

so Please Tell Everyone  About this Group!!!!

By june 18th /10  The NEW Slimmer & Trimmer YOU!!!!

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Awsome just what the Doctor Ordered Be Happy & the healthy Balance is mine Be in alignment and Trust the Universe Do what's Right and Continue to be Happy is this what she is saying Healther
So our Thoughts/moods/Actions /Attitude
AWSOME AWSOME oh I'm Excited!! thank you so Much for this VIDEO To our New Healthiest Best SELF!!! do you have a plan? goal? diet/exercise? / blogs,Discussion/vision board.. whatever you like Make it your own also Reasons WHY you want to Lose weight Very Exciting Looking forwardto your Posts
Hey Kelly!
I am glad you liked it!!! This video is even better and talks more about how our stream and emotions relate!!! Enjoy!!! yoga was amazing!!! Girl I am really feeling your energy, thank you again!!
Love, Peace and co-creating ~Heather

This video is great!!! It really gets into the stream and the details of our emotions.............enjoy!

Hope you all had a wonderful Day!!! Yoga was amazing!!!
Thanks Heather Love these Positive Informative videos goingto Watch this one now!!!
Study it good Kelly!!! lol I know others are all working to close there gap and this video will help!! Have a wonderful night!!!
hi Everyone Enjoy your Day Just Had a Spinach/Egg Walnut Salad Sooo good!!! Going to the gym later for a Workout Have a Terrific Day
Thanks you too Kelly! I know our group can manifest great health. Have an amazing day group!!!
11days down and 19 left to go!! Yah, I can feel the momentum!!


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