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Going somewhere for the experience whilst connecting more to the Inner me

Hey guys I am not 100% how to explain this but I want to experience the world. I would like to go abroad some time, for a certain length of time, maybe 6 months, maybe 8 months, maybe a year. Who knows yet. About a month a go I was speaking to a guy that went to china for 9 months and did martial arts and mediation. He said it was the best thing he has ever done, and wouldn't change it for the world. Him telling me his story did in fact inspire me at the time, also speaking to his Irish girlfriend that he met there! There story was amazing. Way before this I was thinking of traveling and it was in fact on my mind movie and on my goals, which was to do a trek across America. Then I happened to go to a party of a friend of a friend, where I met them that I mentioned above. Majority of the night was speaking with them. And yes inside I felt it was no coincidence.

Now latley I have been thinking what is my purpose, what do I want to do..etc. And I watched The Shift last night my Wayne Dyer. Which is awesome by the way, if you have not watch it, please do.
Anyway, the whole thing of getting the EGO out of the way and the social condition out of the way, that says that I should aim to earn lots of money and fit in like everyone else around me, and follow everyone else is doing, even my parents kind of forcing me to get to that 'place'. Where instead I am learning about my inner self and connecting to my inner self. Finding my true calling to sort of speak.

Today I have been thinking to my self, the EGO would want me to fit in, and just get much money as I can to buy material things to fit in, so people see me as having some sort of higher value. That is what the EGO does, makes everything outside of the self have true value. When really we know that the true high value is the core of our inner being, it is in the inside. 

So today I was thinking what do I want, I tried to set a side the EGO. And I feel that I want to expericne the world, whilst connecting to my inner self on a much deeper level then I do now.  And them places like going to china and experience learning martial arts and mediation, do appeal to me. I just would love to do that, I can feel my inner self having a smile just thinking about it.

So my question is; Does anyone know or know of anyone that has been, done thing likes this. I know there are things like this that relate to Buddhism. I know China like I mention above. I know some practise the martial arts only but I am sure out there, there is some that go more internal aswell.

I know I don't need this to get my 'needs' met, but I want to experience the world, you know and I would rather do someting that is something spirtual in nature.

Any ideas, advice, opinions, wisdom. Welcome.

Thank You :)

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Oh Teejay I don't have any advice for you but it sound's like you have found a great goal for yourself!. I am sure someone here will have some good advice for you.
Ahhh and the shift starts Teejay.
I loved that movie and had rewatched it again recently actualy and it helped me to re-ignite the flame inside of me and move me closer to my own purpose.

I don't have any advise other than to wait and watch. I feel that just as the guy who was talking about china was manifested into your life, there is more of these types of things on their way and that you will find a very beautiful way to do this.

I was talking to someone close to me recently about all sorts of things. We ended up talking about travel. We went from doing a trip togther for 3 months around the world to taking our kids out of school for 6 months and taking them around the world and raising money for the places we were planning on visiting.

So in 3yrs we have a plan to do something very different with them hehehe, its sooooo exciting, and its a serect but its going to make such a difference to their lives and ours and hopefully many many others. Its already starting to fit into place, bits and pieces are starting to come forward and its just a matter of following up each blessing the universe is sending me.

Cant wait to see how this all unfolds for you Teejay!
The best martial art I would recomend to study on East its shaolin kung fu. Its very ancient combination of spiritual wisdom of priests- monachs and incredible fighting technic from chinese wariors protectors of king. Its meeting point of Zen Budism and Kung fu( called different at the past). I am dreaming to found the teacher of Shaolin kung fu here in Croatia then to travel there to China for a few month every year or something. Its on my visual board also. But how to found good center in China for living & learning that technic? Let me know please, if you found out!!! :D
I will not say its hard, probably isnt hard. Just this choices to me seems are like lifelong determination of this practicioners, so, I dont know if there is a way for " west turist" to come there and practice just for a while... I think should be started here then with recomandations get posebility to stay there in the right circumstances.
Please let me know if you found the way.
If you want you can watch my collected material shaolin kung fu in my facebook page. Photos of incredible positions, videos of some exercise and even I think I have seminars about there wisdom. Or you can add Hendra Bujang. He its full of details about martial arts, maybe if you will explore you going to found something. I collect a lot of materials but not the adress of any center or contact number to actualy make conversation. If you can do it, GRATE! Please share the results.!/profile.php?id=651468045&v=info&ref=ts
Hey Sanela may!

I have found an awesome place! Siping City Shao Lin Martial Arts Academy, North China. :-)
I have read alot into it, I have also read bloggs that people have written, staying there. Here is the site

My plan is to go there next year, summer time :-)

Much love,

hi teejay :)
I hardly know you but I think this suits you perfectly. I can see you doing it. you will do it! I guarantee you will never regret the experience. I know quite a few ppl that have went trekking for 6 months to a year in many different places, not just across america, but across europe and the world. most would work as they went, staying in hostels, ppl's homes, camping, etc. I don't think the place really matters, because you can find yourself anywhere, even right where you are. what place(s) are you drawn to? what culture, language, way of life? go there. about earning money, acquiring things, you can do that at any point in your life. you have so much time. you have already sent the idea out into the universe, maybe ask for signs from it/your higher self about places to go. I have such a good feeling about this!!
Thanks guys, I appreciate it :)

This is something I have been thinking of a lot lately over the past few days. This is something I am going to do. It will be a continues journey, I will never actual get to my 'destination'. This what I mentioned above, will be just one small part of it. I feel that I am having a shift, specially after my little 'moan' on my other discussion Lol. And me watching The Shift. And pondering thoughts about the EGO. The clouds have cleared some what and I have been thinking more of purpose and meaning. What means the most to me. What would I like to do, instead of what I think I should do. There is a big difference me thinks.

In certain areas, things are clicking into place. I appreciate that. I am looking forward to what other kinds of 'clicks' the future will bring for me. This is fun. :)



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