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I have curly hair its short and kinky I am planning on getting it straight to try out a new look.

This is also a Discussion for Curly hair products. I have kinky dark brown almost black hair it`s short.
I`d like to find products that make the curls more elongated, the hair shiny, and the curls curly and bouncy. does anyone who has Curly or Wavy hair know of any straitening relaxer,perm, product that can permanently straighten hair for up to 3 months?

It would be great if you post your experience about the product how much it cost and if it`s available around the nation like at CVS,RITE AID, and what not

Thanks! xxoxoo

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Thanks Nicole.
My grandma,aunts,and mom all say I should keep my hair curly I love my curls it`s just it`s soo hard to manage them and I can never find the right products . since I have kinky hair it grows up and then falls down when it grows long enough. I look like a cactus or that Cramer guy from SEINFIELD lolol. Yes I have heard of the Japaneses Straightener But I hear you need a license to even buy it! I`ll probably look at more websites and ask around for more hair straightening advice.All of my aunts and girl cousin have straight hair because they relax.

Thank you for your reply! =)
I don't have curly hair, but wanted to recommend a friendly online forum where you can find great info: Long Hair Community
Don't be fooled by the name, not all have long hair- some are just interested in growing long hair.
My hair is slightly wavy, so I'm not sure how helpful my experience will be for you. I have heard of a book called "Curly Girl" or something like that on various web communities, which you might want to look up. Personnally I've steered well clear of mainstream commercial products for the past year and a half, and I have never looked back! My hair is healthier and happier than it has been in a long time, and my hair care routine is simple and efficient.
I would check health food stores, or similar shops for shampoo and conditioner brands that use as few chemicals as possible, and I think curly hair tends to be more fragile than wavy or straight hair, so choose accordingly. I've also given up on brushes and fallen in love with my hardwood large toothed comb, it's so gentle on my hair, and it's almost like a massage for my scalp! lol
I also love to leave in coconut oil overnight before I wash my hair, and sometimes a tiny bit after I've washed it, when it's still wet, but more on the length and the ends than at the roots. My hair seems to thrive on coconut oil, but everyone is different, so you might find a different oil suits you best.

Hope this helps!
thanks! I actually have the curly girl book it`s a wonderful book and it`s for wavy and curly hair you might like it. Coconut oil might be more hydrating for m e then olive and maybe Sesame oil might be even more penetrating. I`ll see with the coconut. I haven`t used a brush in the last month I just comb my hair and braid it.
Hi Nadia, Sorry my hair is as straight as it come, so I cant help. Jilly
thanks any way Jilly =) have a great day
if you use a shine syrum. like paul mitchelle or the cheap brands it'll help your hair to get shiny! I`ve tried it before and you only need a little bit it can be used on wet or dried hair. just google hair syrum and you`ll get alot of brand you can try. hope this helped!
Also maybe it`s the products your using on your hair that might be causing the frizz!!! There`s this book called Curly Girl Handbook I use it and modify the routine to my liking =. it`s worth looking at. and hot oil treatments are amazing but mayo homemade or store bought works really well too I suggest doing that once every 2 weeks. t
Have you tried Morrocan oil? I like it! you can look it up on Youtube.My bottle cost about £30. Which sounds alot but you only need to use a small amount.
Hi Nadia! I have shoulder length crazy curly multi-textured, multi-racial hair. Here's what works for me. After washing and conditioning my hair, I'll leave some of the conditioner in and apply a bit of herbal oil mix. You have to apply it to your hair while it's extremely wet. (I'm not sure why, it just doesn't work nearly as well otherwise) Through trial and error you'll figure out how much you need. If you use too little your hair, well at least my hair, is dry and frizzy and if you use to much it'll be oily. I mixed sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, carrot oil, soy bean oil, castor oil, olive oil, and a bunch of other stuff to make the mix. All the oils are moderately priced and they're things that you can find in grocery stores, health food stores and GNC like places. I apologize, I don't remember the prices. When I do this my hair comes out soft, shiny-er (I have reddish brown hair that never seems to have much sheen), and elongated. But I find that a strong hair care regimen is far more important than any product. That includes proper diet, getting enough water, taking vitamins if necessary, conditioning and moisturizing regularly, etc.

Also, I would suggest joining a curly hair forum. The ladies at are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about naturally curly hair maintenance (hence the name) and can give you TONS of advice. Probably much better advice than my own. (Actually, I'm positive that they'll have much better advice.) They'll most likely ask you a ton of questions and will better be able to assess what will work best for your particular hair type or at least point you in the right direction.
My hair is curly....but I got it cut short! =D
LoL Teejay :)


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