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I read the Joe Vitale book about this (I think the name in English is "Zero limits"). A friend recommended it to me and it is interesting even when t

It is a Hawaian practice that is about repeating once and again "I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you" and we clean our vibration or our thoughts about something (like a summary only jeje)

I would like to know have heard, read or practiced it. And if it is practiced how it has worked out?

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Nope sounds interesting though - I read a book about repeating "I love myself" over and over, the title was something like Love Yourself Or Die...hmmmm. Wasn't a life changer for me but did have some interesting stories in there. Only cost 3 euros too!

Hello Jacqueline! Very interesting name for a book jeje I think I've seen that but I haven´t read it.

About Ho'oponopono, actually yes it is interesting. To be honest I found it a little boring in some parts because it is repeating the same explanation only with other examples the hole book but I liked the fact that it is a very simple practice and I think it kind of works but you have to be very constant with it. 

If you read it please let me know your thoughts ;)

Actually it was Love Yourself - I kinda invented the title, woops! 

Isn't "Love youself like your life depends on it" ?

That's it! Thx.

You're Welcome! =)



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