The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Since you have decided to take this challenge or started your journey have you mentioned this to people who may or may not being doing the samething? Have you told anyone else friendds, relatives, strangers about LOA, manifesting, etc.  Have you told anyone "the universe will provide" or anything like that. I have been telling my family about my experiences because they are used to me doing things that are not mainstream. I am asking for your thoughts because I was wondering if mentioning this new practise into regular conversations would seem odd or are you comfortable letting everyone know your practise. I mean Oprah, Deepak Chopra and like minded individuals have no trouble telling their stories. I was thinking about it, being open about it but I do not want to come across preachy. I mean there have been a couple of times I wanted to tell someone that they (we) are 100% responsible for our thoughts and choices but I didn't - because I did not know what the response would be. I also wanted to tell others that I manifested the job, circumstances, etc.

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Heck, I tell everyone ! IF Source opens a door, dang if I dont walk thru. Jilly never misses an opportunity.
giggle, Im a gardener at heart...oh boy did I say that...a pun! a pun! Any opportunity to plant a seed is my middle name.
...Love J
hi Inge! well, I haven't told anyone about this challenge. or the fact that I listen to channeled entities from other dimensions. ok... they already think I am some hippie-yuppie-vegetarian-esoteric weirdo. which I take as quite the compliment, thankyou!! even though my boyfriend is awesome, non-judgmental, and completely open-minded, I haven't told him either. although he suspects when I ask him how much tax there would be on a $100,000 audi hybrid! but he knows in general what my beliefs are and I guess that's sort of the same thing. I would tell my one sister, because she's kind of weird and into neal donald walsch. but that's about it. I have put myself in a place where I am not really surrounded by the type of ppl that I wish to be (yet!!), but that will come. but if anyone were to say to me 'wow, you're so different, happy, and things just flow to you!'.... I would certainly tell them why. but I am so grateful that I can share this with you all! :)
Yeah, I tell very few people about Abraham, if that is who you are talking about. Some of my friends would think I'd lost it!
Thanks for your thoughts. Jilly you area a brave woman and are going full steam ahead. I want to do the same when the situation allows. I do not want to sound preachy to others though, I won't be knocking on doors to tell strangers about LOA, but there have been people in my life who told me certain things (planted a seed like Jilly) that really made me think about things. I guess it depends on the situation. For now I too will relish the taste of my "candy", and meditate on it some more.
Oh I love that expression "Peachy"....At first I thought it meant fuzzy or confused. Im still a bit confused to the meaning. Could it mean (know it allish)?
...Hugs J
Imeant to type preachy. I guess I didn't check for mis-spellings. oops :D
OHHHHHHHHH, NOPE YOU GOT IT RIGHT. Jilly got it wrong. I wear glasses and saw peachy. I get it
Too funny for words.
Regarding sounding PrEACHY....I choose my words wisely. Instead of using YOU, I replace with WE.
Example: We need to watch what we think, Instead of , YOU need to watch watch what you think.
Somehow when you include yourself in the mix it doent come across
Love ya, J
You are correct. We sounds MUCH better!
Hi Inge
Well, ive actualy plasted the site all over the place, face book, twitter, even did a little bit of an article on it in Squidoo lol.

Ive told my partner, my kids, my sister in law who is starting her second season with me today. Ive told my step mum who has been in and out of here but not quite ready to start yet. Ive written it up in my blog.

I guess the reason why I did it all like that is because I feel that so so sooooo many people can benefit in their lives through this awsum group. The people, the practices the advise, preachy and all, hehehe. Many others can make such a difference in their lives and in turn in the environment around them.

Like Jilly, if someone opens the door to a conversation that centres around anything to do with LOA or any of the universal laws, I am right in there telling them all about the 100 day reality challenge.

Honestly, the people who know me understand me, I tell them they are 100% responsible for their lives, if they don't like it they either don't talk to me much, or, some of them will actualy open up and ask questions, discuss it with open minds and thats where I see myself in life. Being able to help guide others into a more responsible life. More empowering.

sorry about that, I think i went off track, lol
You are absolutely right! I will start doing that too... at least the 100% responsibility part. Lilou wrote a book about it and started this site. I can do it too and talk about it. I think I was comparing myself to some religious groups that have hammered me in the past and pretty much told me if I did not think their way then I was eternally screwed which only turned me off more. This challenge is different.
nice! well, Its my day 26. and told to sisters, their boyfriend, girlfriends, some friends and everyone at facebook. Even there posted a link to this CCOR site. :) Some people get also exciting with me about it. I cant wait to match real moment to explaine my parents.. bliss
My sister. She is my best friend and we share most of the same beliefs. I knew she would enjoy and benefit from this.


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