The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Since you have decided to take this challenge or started your journey have you mentioned this to people who may or may not being doing the samething? Have you told anyone else friendds, relatives, strangers about LOA, manifesting, etc.  Have you told anyone "the universe will provide" or anything like that. I have been telling my family about my experiences because they are used to me doing things that are not mainstream. I am asking for your thoughts because I was wondering if mentioning this new practise into regular conversations would seem odd or are you comfortable letting everyone know your practise. I mean Oprah, Deepak Chopra and like minded individuals have no trouble telling their stories. I was thinking about it, being open about it but I do not want to come across preachy. I mean there have been a couple of times I wanted to tell someone that they (we) are 100% responsible for our thoughts and choices but I didn't - because I did not know what the response would be. I also wanted to tell others that I manifested the job, circumstances, etc.

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I have only told one friend so far. The reason I told him is because he believes in the loa. At first he was very sceptical but as my intentions manifest on after another he is starting to get very intrigued by this community. Other than that though I have not so far as I have tested people and found them to not be open to something like this.
Hey, i've shared this with a few mates, coz you wanna share something good don't you? I'm happy i did, coz they're involved, now, which is ace. But i wouldn't tell my other friends, coz altho' they already see me as a Buddhist hippy, they'd pour scorn on this. I'd rather not open myself up to negativity if i can help it, and this feels like something i want to protect.
Ingebirds, i reckon trust your instinct on this one - do what feels right for yourself & others.
good advice, Shanti. You are right about not opening yourself up to negativity.
I have a friend who I told that I was doing this. She's very open and is also interested in doing the challenge. My husband knows. Other than that, I haven't told anyone partially because I don't know if I want to invite people to see what I write unless they are like-minded. I don't mind sharing this with you all even though you are all strangers. I know that we have a common interest. My mom's response to Tolle's "A New Earth" was "yeah, yeah...these ideas are recycled." I also don't want to have to explain myself. Maybe I'm just not ready. Oprah does talk about ideas, but she doesn't show people her journal, and I think it took her a long time to really talk about what she believes.

As far as just telling people that they are responsible for their thoughts and choices, I do think I tell my students that, and occasionally I'll bring in quotes with that idea for them to think about.

Putting my picture on here was the brave thing I did. Normally, I would want to be more anonimous (sp?) but I figure that if anyone is on here who knows me then we have something in common and that would be okay.

This is a good question and I often have it myself.
Why did he say not to tell anyone?
I agree about Oprah and Deepak, they have enough money and stature so they will not look kooky, but there are some videos on youtube that talk about Oprah being a devil woman because of her openess regarding her spiritual path. I guess you can't please everybody, but I agree to keep quiet about it around your employer if he/she is conservative.

Was this Dr. Dwayne Dyer? and did he say why to keep quiet?
My policy is to keep any incubating idea or process or new discipline SAFE under wraps and not expose it to anyone. The one exception to that rule is that I WOULD share this precious jewel with someone in my life IF that person has proven that he or she can VISION for me as high or higher than I can Vision for myself. That is to say, I would only share with a high energy person of Truth and nobility who GETS IT.

The reasons for this are many. Mainly, that sharing exposes your jewel to people living in a lower state of consciousness whose negative opinions can affect one negatively (on an unconscious level of which one might not be aware).

Secondly, life is energy and all new ventures require energy. My view is that I would rather funnel my energy into my new discipline rather than waste it by discussing it.

Then,once I have achieved my goal, as I bask in the glow of it's fulfillment, I then can share with others about WHAT I HAVE DONE and how I did it, allowing my success to be a teaching testament to others who might also want to do so.

This is what works for me and my experience.

Of course, each person must decide what works best for himself or best supports her Personal Path. Blessings!! */____/*
Have you heard about "the evil eye" ? I have known some people who do not share their life with people who are not close friends or family, for fear that the other person who is vibrating on a lower level may inadvertantly put a kabash on the friends good fortune or idea. Does that make sense. I think I confused myself. I found this definition that may explain better.

Definition of "Evil Eye
The superstition that the envious glance of any passer-by, attracted by an immodest show of wealth, achievement or beauty, can harm or bewitch"

I used to believe this myself but since I have joined this group and listened to Abraham, my belief has changed. What do you think?
thank you. I agree. That little voice in my head tried to convince me otherwise though. I will not listen to it. I believe we create our own reality and only if we believe someone can give us bad anything.. then it works.
Well i don't tell people because they do act very skeptical and that doesn't seem to bring me OR them further on their path. If the conversation gets there that i feel recognisition and so thati feel inclined to speak from my experience, i use very common and open words, this way seems to make nice conversation possible without hiding your true beliefs.
In the end for me it doesn't seem very necessary to really speak about it with words like vision board, affirmation, law of attraction, because you speak about it already through your way of living!

People who are 'closer' or open to this way of thinking can for sure be inspired by witnessing how you live, or talk about it in common words so i like to think?
Oh i forgot to add this: a lot of teachers speak with other words, although agree on the main outline, it is just words to make their thinking comprehensible for other people who are open for it. So the words are just an instrument, not the basis of the philosophy, not really necessary for the insights ad not necessarily thEse words also?
I hope to have like minded people around me, who understand and appreciate all this stuff. They already think I'm weird and that's because i try and avoid chemicals, synthetic drugs, microwaves and i am only into alternative therapy, Only natural things appeal to me and i would be very happy living in the amazon just to get away from the sheep. My home is mine to do as i please so I'm still happy. And i'm really glad to have found this place, full of amazing, beautiful people. thank you.


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