The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Since you have decided to take this challenge or started your journey have you mentioned this to people who may or may not being doing the samething? Have you told anyone else friendds, relatives, strangers about LOA, manifesting, etc.  Have you told anyone "the universe will provide" or anything like that. I have been telling my family about my experiences because they are used to me doing things that are not mainstream. I am asking for your thoughts because I was wondering if mentioning this new practise into regular conversations would seem odd or are you comfortable letting everyone know your practise. I mean Oprah, Deepak Chopra and like minded individuals have no trouble telling their stories. I was thinking about it, being open about it but I do not want to come across preachy. I mean there have been a couple of times I wanted to tell someone that they (we) are 100% responsible for our thoughts and choices but I didn't - because I did not know what the response would be. I also wanted to tell others that I manifested the job, circumstances, etc.

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I live a similar lifestyle as you, but I do like my microwave. ha! ha! Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing. Inge
Yes I have been telling people, although a few give me the tongue in cheek look. I can't believe em because they too are "truth seekers" and manifestors... My story in the skinny: I was a month behind in ALL my bills, my household stuff incl: the mortgage, car, utilities, parking tickets, and my businessdebts: phones, office rents, payroll. I'd been meditating and praying daily, same time each day. On a Sunday..., 2 weeks ago, I went on my front porch to talk with God and asked: "What do I do today Lord to pay my bills"? and a voice said look in your bank account. Now remember its Sunday. Usually I ALWAYS have a hard time using my pin #, and need to call the bank to get access. I did not question Gods answer, and went to my computer, Googled my bank, enterend my pin # and to my suprise, there was $3331.00 in this account that was just yesterday with a balance of.12 (twelve cents)...After 5 months the IRS finally came through.
Oh..yes great story, glad i read this one Pam!
I've told some my best friends and my partner :) They are always supporting me :) I really need to feel healthy again.
Hi Inge,

a friend of mine told me for this challenge, but we both agreed it will remain between us, since it is a very personal thing and I told my husband about it. Luckily he believes in symilar things and he is excited about what I am doing and is supporting me 200%. I will not tell the rest, because I am sure, when they are ready, they will find this option on their own.
Wonderful stories! thanks!
Well, I told my husband and a close girlfriend about it, but for the others I don't really bother. I can already see that whenever I try to tell them something about LOA, or something similar that the eyebrows go up, they might roll their eyes. Once or twice I heard them comment that I was a very "New Agey weirdo. But I admit I do wish I had more friends that felt the same way I do.


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