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Hello co-creators,

I would appreciate your help. I'm stuck in a bad circle of worry/fear that's preventing a broken bone from healing, and I'm not far enough in my journey to know how to get myself out of this bad spiral.

Please read my blog and see if you have any wisdom to offer. I'd be so grateful for a push in the right direction!

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hi vicki :)
are you familiar with abraham hicks? an easy place to start... go to youtube, type in 'abraham hicks, illness, healing' or some variation of that. (s)he talks about the fact that there is really no such thing as healing, there is only allowing wellness. also - and I think you know! - the more attention you give to smthg, the longer it lingers. also look up focus wheels; they are great for diverting your attention and leaning your vibration toward wellness. cheers!
Hi Brandy,

Thank you so much for your reply. That was very helpful indeed. I've been learning about Abraham-Hicks recently, but I hadn't seen the videos you referred to, so thank you for recommending those.
The toe is actually much better. I have put a lot of effort into focusing on other things, and that really has helped. But I wanted to try out the focus wheel, so I tried it on another matter that was bothering me, and it worked really well. Granted, I did attract all manner of phonecalls and distractions while I was making it, but that didn't really matter, because every time I got interrupted, I would just go back to the wheel and re-read what I had written, and then continue. So it worked brilliantly, because had I attempted to do this in my mind, I would have lost my train of thought.

Thanks again, that was exactly what I needed!
you're welcome! focus wheels and rampages of appreciation work wonders for me.... I can go from pretty miserable to feeling pretty good after about 15 mins of either. glad you're feeling better!


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