The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi.  My name is Vanessa and I'm a 33 year old single mother of a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.   Their father  lives nearby and they get to spend lots of time with him, which is a great blessing.   Not only for the important reasons, but also because right now the kids and I are living in my boyfriend's 1 bedroom apartment with him.  We aren't "living together" in a financial sense - and won't be until I am making some kind of financial contribution.  He's a great guy, though, and very patient and has a lot of faith in me and my ability to overcome this downtime.

So technically, that makes the kids and I kinda homeless - and I'm on unemployment, but barely making ends meet on that even without housing expenses. 

I started a publishing company and am trying to get it on its feet - but I have no money for marketing or production, so it's kinda at a standstill right now. I know publishing isn't generally very lucrative, but I know it would help so many people if I could just get it going.  (if you wanna see what it is:

I'm here to break loose the barriers in my way, to help focus my energies and efforts towards the major goals of Financial Stability, a Suitable Home for my family and the Right Connections and Resources for my business to take off. 

I have so much ambition - but it's just sitting inside me, stressing me out right now - I want to apply it, so I am here.

I have so many business and product ideas I'd love to implement, sell or see come to reality in some wonderful way.  I would LOVE some day to have a think tank group where we all come together & share ideas & resources for bringing those ideas to market. 

Also - I belive at some point I'd like to be a personal coach or motivational speaker.  I love showing the people I love that they have the power to change their experiences.  I just gotta model it, too.  lol

I've even considered teaching pilates or something along those lines.  Kind of a rogue fantasy just floating around among the ricocheting ambitions I have in here.

I outline in my video my methods for manifestation.  I didn't mention Flowdreaming, which I enjoy every now and then - I really need to get more consistent with it.  

And also, I'd like to form a mastermind group and hire a coach at some point - but I really wanted to get started right away - which is why video #1 is of me in my PJs - that's when I had time last night - at 1:30am.  lol

So I'm excited and scared - though I don't know what I'm scared of... but I'm jumping in and maybe I'll figure it out.

Thanks for reading.



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Hope this helps!

welcome ~ happy manifesting:)

Thank you,

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