The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I think we can all say that we have heard of the law of attraction but have never tapped into it's unlimited potential. On day 1 of my experience I set my specific intentions, and I am trying to come up with a plan that works for me ( vision board, journaling etc.). I want to ask, what has worked for you? Are you seeing tangible results? I would love your input! I guess I want to hear some other experiences with the 110 day challenge. Thank you so much!!!

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**100 Day Challenge :)

Hello Elizabeth and welcome to the challenge. I just returned from being away from this site but have still tried to be focused on the Law of Attraction.  I like to use the Gratitude group to list what I am grateful for each day in my life. Showing gratitude brings positive things to you in your life, I feel when I make an effort to do this I feel good things in my life even if it is just small things.  I also try to release things out that are hard for me to handle alone I release my worries and stress to the Divine to take and help me and I see things somehow work out.


Peace ~ Karen

Hey Elizabeth, I just joined too and have not set a date to begin the challenge yet.  I'm just discovering this site too!  I'm really glad that I found a site like this, with nothing but like-minded people.  I don't know what I could say about the challenge itself, but as far as planning goes, and manifesting, I've found a good ole' fashioned pen and paper really work.  There is just something about making your thoughts real as you are taking them out of your mind and on to paper.  I write down my limitations, mental, emotional, physical, etc.  I did that on one page, and then on the other I wrote out my talents and desires.  This gave me a lot of clarity and direction toward achieving some of the goals on my vision board.  Maybe this can be something you could use for your 100 day challenge planning.  Take care. :)
Thanks so much. I appreciate the input! I have been putting off journaling soley because in the past I would be consistant for about a week and then...stop. I have done this more than a few times, but what you suggested sounds like a simple start. It doesn't have to be a time consuming, in depth thing, but I have a little of a perfectionist side...making mountains out of mole hills :) thanks again!

Congratulations Elizabeth on making such a wonderful decision & welcome to this community. I have been away for a while but I am back now. I have been practising LOA stuff for a while now- today is my season 5 Day 57. And all the things I wanted are in the process are coming to fruition ...:)

Guess I can give you my 2 cents on this. Ultimately this is a spiritual journey for you - and one good thing will lead to another. Just follow your instincts- do what you feel like doing . As in if the vision board concept is attractive try that, or try whatever else is calling you. There are some many to choose from and of course you can do multiple exercises. I think the most important advice I can give you, is that apart from all the visualising, journaling, vision board, etc, - use the pen and paper to write down a blueprint on how you will make it happen- give it an hour- and write a solid plan. And take action. Often I think poeple forget the importance of action. Only thoughts and feelings wont bring you what you want. I made that mistake and finally I have woken from m y slumber ..LOL.. Now I take action every day or almost everyday. Writing gratitude is good, but nothing beats combining thoughts feelings and action 0 and remove negative emotion regarding the issue. Hope this helps :)

Thank you so much Jenna! I am really glad that I can (no offense) learn from your experience lol! Your so right though about the action part of it. It is one thing knowing all these concepts and tools but a whole other thing becoming that which you know. I have had another person suggest writing too...and I don't believe in coincidence :) Have a fantastic day, or night wherever you are!
Hello day 1 for me today...although I'm familiar with LOA I need more methods to unleash my potential, today I meditate in the morning and the day went great, I got a call that was a bit of fresh air, I love to get more involved in this page to learn from people who have the same desire and determination to achieve dreams just like me.


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