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I've been struggling with this subject for quite a while. I have a good friend who's a 40-year mum of two young kids and she was diagnosed with breast cancer last May. She had a breast amputation, but unfortunately the cancer had already spread to her liver and two other parts. She's currently receiving chemo therapy, will have surgery on her liver next week and after that 7 weeks of radiation therapy.
I'm saying a prayer for her every day and wish her lots and lots of love, strength and positivity in those prayers to overcome this period in her life and to survive. She has her ups and downs although she told me she had the feeling that she could go on for at least another 15 years, so that's good.
But what do you all think: can our thoughts matter in the manifestations of other people's lives?

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Yes I think so. We can make or break them. I understand that we should not talk about our health to anyone other than our health professional. It goes like this. Say I tell my friend I have cancer today. Tomorrow she is with one of her friends and I see her and her friend in the super market. WE say a casual hello and be on our way. Then my friend has a conversation with her friend (who I dont know) and she says to her " that is my friend Jilly she has cancer". So there you go...She has just implanted in the mind of a stranger that I have cancer and that friend will only now see me as the gal who has cancer. This happens over and over. Soon I am pointed out as the gal with cancer. I now cant escape the "C" word. If you are a close friend...let the news stop there and only think good thought of your friend. You dont want to paint a picture of here in your mind or others that she has cancer. Dont think of her as the friend who has cancer. Think of her as someone you know who is healthy. Tell everyone you know that she is healthy and fit. Never tell anyone "That is my friend who has cancer". By writing this you have only put a vision of a sorry sick cancerous women on the page and put the Universe in motion. I am saying this will a happy heart and I believer with all my heart that your friend is healthy, fit and is the same today as she was yesterday in well health. Hugs JILLY
Interesting point of view, although I still have trouble with it. She's my friend and fortunately our friendship isn't all about her disease. We talk about other things as well and have fun. I picture her as a healthy and happy person in my head, but that doesn't mean that I never mention it anymore.
To me it feels egocentric not to ask about her feelings and how she's managing the treatments. Like I only want to have the fun stuff in a friendship and for the rest: see for yourself, I don't want to be bothered with it!
I understand your point of view, but right now I'm not able yet to live like that.
Greetz, Daphne
This is possibly one of the trickiest aspects to this work. Yes, it's entirely possible to affect others through spiritual means. Depending on the method will determine the potency and numbers, as Nicole states, is can increase power or energy. But, there are so many factors; that which may be hiding in the person's subconscious, their Will or purpose which they may not be entirely aware of as well as what can be called the Primal Will.

Jilly makes a good point too when expressing to others. If we are to entertain the thought that we can pass energy through mental means, we have to be open to telepathic suggestion. Whether conscious or not, we are giving and receiving so many messages. If a person is in a weak point and/or filled with doubt and/or negativity, they can be more susceptible to suggestions from any source, physically audible or not.

In short, yes our thoughts can and do influence others. Their receptivity needs to be taken into consideration.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest reading Seth's books, The Nature of Personal Reality and Seth Speaks. Having lost my father in an unusually horrible way, these books helped me greatly by reminding me of the everlastingness of our true selves.
I do not know how spiritual your friend is but your friend would be feeling better if she can shift her thoughts to a better feeling thought often. I was in Esther and Jerry Hicks talk in DC last weekend and someone who was there shared that she has manifested wellness after being diagnosed with cancer. Abraham said that the reason for this illness is because her desires and what she has been wanting are not up to speed to what her vibration is.

If Abraham would answer your question, I think they would say, look forward (go to the vortex) instead of beating the drum of what is appearing now.



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