The 100 Day Reality Challenge

when you try to get rid the darkness it some times casts it black cloak of darkness around you untill you smoother. The only real truth is the exceptance of what is. The mind can be controlled i know that for sure, my only fear was that if I controlled my own thoughts I would become numb and cold. So I allow by self to make mistakes and I have learned form these. My mistakes have been a blessing. Theres been someone helping me up there. When you except that you are not perfact and that other people are not it brings a sense of release we dont always get it right.nobodys perfact. Theres something inspiring about an honest person. a pearson that does not hide from there dreams, that dares to go out into the world and use their talents. This person does not hide from from the world. They treat everything, in life with love and grace.

They take the good with the bad and they treat them as if they were the same thing, your enemy can become your bestfriend and I know from experience. There is a fine line between love and hate. There is no big lesson to learn. There is no need to find yourself, You close your eyes and you ask , what do I really want ??? what is it that i REALLY REALLY want. If i wasn,t afraid to do do it. to wish it, of what other people think of it and would say.

When you come to the end of this life, what will you have done, how will you have treated people, will your family know you love them, did you celebrate the days of your life, did you dance in the thunder and rain, as well as the sun dance. How many times did you fall down and get back up. How many times to you call out for help. Did you set your soul free, trust your heart. Did you get up off your ass and stop lying to yourself that you can,t do it, its not possible,

The only thing that I,am sure of is that we are all here to learn a lesson, if you do not learn the lesson you keep coming back untill you do, if you live your life treating people with love and you do your best, that is enough. we make mistakes , its okey to do that but you try your best to learn form it.

you can be happy, happyness comes from real love, inconditional love and peace. Thoughts are blow away like dust, you can cry out in a burst of anger and turn it into a heap of laughter. Do not be afraid to shine, do not be afraid to cry. Try not to hold on to things , Its like the sea and the waves.You can do anything that you want to do, when you think your ready sometimes your not, if you ask for guidance it is there. its  funny how bad things happen, and when you look back you realise that they made you and they saved you, they made you stronger and if they broke you , they broke you to try to teach you how to build yourself back up, if you want to feel sad, feel sad, if you want to enjoy your own misery ,enjoy it. Be Honest with yourself,

I have hit that point of realisation my own foggy classes are polished and i,am ready to be honest and it feels so so good, to be released from my own self pity, to smell the fresh air and when I was walking to work today, on a day that was so cold and windy, I saw the waves so beautiful smashing against the rocks, and the light flashing through cracks in the clouds, and the wind singing. I felt like someone was telling me look around look at the beauty of this dark day that you would usually complain about. look how the wind blows against your hair and makes your cheeks blush. Look how a life your body had become. I saw these tiny baby birds in the sea, they were afraid to do in the water they were not used to the cold, but they still tryed to go in because they new that one day soon they would adapt to the changes and that they would learn to love the water.

Thanks for reading, I,am not making and resoultions this year, I made alot of small changes last year and it turned out now that i look back to be a changing year for the better, good luck

with love ciara

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I truly enjoyed reading this and I feel as you do.

Thank you for sharing.

with love xxx

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for the nice comment, Happy New yeat celiene lov c :) xx


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