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Hi everybody,


I know ! I know ! I know ! LOL.. i was gone for a while but you were all on my mind :) I have upped a notch in my spiritual journey I have to say and really enjoying the ride. I missed you Jilly, hope you are well :) & thank you for the birthday cake.... it was adorable :)


Of late a few questions have been nagging me and I want to find answers to my questions. So I thought of posting my questions here. I am sure some of you might be in a great position to shed some light on these topics. There are 3 main questions I will write about here :


1. I want to know - HOW CAN I BENEFIT THE UNIVERSE?  I heard in an Abraham video that the physical and the non physical go hand in hand and both parties benefit from each other. I understand that if I (or anybody else) wants a new house or a new relationship or anything else of that nature for myself, then by connecting to source, I will benefit because it will be easier for me to get it. I understand this process of deliberate creation completely. My question is about the converse. Abraham mentioned the words 'expand' and 'explore'. As in the universe benefits as I (or we) expand and explore contrast. But I don't understand fully what that means. I would love to know some specific examples. Abraham said that we are not here to save the world, the earth is just fine etc etc, so then is expanding and exploring only for selfish reasons? as long as it means something to me?


I am utterly confused here- I really feel a lot of love for the universe, may be this sounds strange but I do. And I want to express that love somehow. And I don't know how. The big reason I am confused is that I don't understand my role here in this world, if the world is ok anyway? Is medical science all crap? Is research all crap? Is exploring astronomy all crap? If the universe knows everything anyway, then what is the point of pursuing research scientifically? I am not understanding the system here. If we can't change people's lives, they are who they are based on their vibrations- when what is the point of trying to- by medical science or research or any profession that is non-money based? (Money based professions would be selling cars, real estate,etc). On some level I am feeling pretty useless if the verdict that "all is what is meant to  be" true. Can someone explain this?


2. The second question I had was about people not being is the vortex. WHY ARE THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION NOT IN THE VORTEX? One person in the vortex is far more powerful than many. and only a few are in the vortex and therefore able to create through inspired action. But then why did the other souls care to be born? what are they gaining?are they merely here to be 'used' bu ones who are to do the labor work?


3. last question. It's about how to deal with people on a regular basis. HOW DOES SOMEONE LIKE ME AND YOU, WHO UNDERSTAND THE VORTEX, DEAL WITH PEOPLE WITHOUT BECOMING LONERS?

 I understand allowing- my question is not about that. Although I have become quite deep into this spiritual stuff and really loving it- i have also become a loner and i want to change that. I am definitely trying to meet people who I can be social with- who are positive and like minded for the most part. I have told myself for the 100th time that i should give up trying to 'convert' someone into the LOA lifestyle. They are simply not ready. But it's just so incredibly hard for me to venture into a real conversation (beyond small talk) with someone when they start talking about their passions in life and/or their problems. I really want to help, but telling them about LOA is in my experience a very frustrating experience. I feel that my energy got sucked dry . What is a good attitude to have with regards to this? It seems to me that to gain someone's frienship you have to to some degree indulge in self pity or say how you too have  a problem. To be likable. !!! ANd i dont do that. I like to use the power of words to my advantage. SO whilst that works great in terms of having a good life etc, people wont like me, will they? By people I am referring to people in the outside world (not you guys!! :)) ...I love spiritual poeple who GET me. !! ANd i dont have to edit myself. Please help !!!!!!! The answer that i am getting right now , perhaps through spirit is that should follow my own path- speak the way I want- and "use" "people" I don't get along with naturally to practise speaking as if- to practise persuation- mind control, NLP etc. But I am keeping an open mind - I would absolutely love to hear your inputs on this and the above 2 questions.


Thank you & I am grateful to have this community :)


I am eagerly awaiting your responses :)

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Oh gosh Jenna, For some reason I missed this post of yours. You are welcome, and I am glad you enjoyed the cake.

I am sitting on my duff...after a walk (up hill the second half) and I needed to sit a moment before hopping into the shower.  You know me...when it comes to the AH thing. I cant seem to get a handle on what they say. I will however mull over your three questions and give an effort in voicing my opinion. Let me think about this some more before replying.

Good to see you back and lovely to hear about your spiritual growth.

Hugs J

et em...hmmm...lets try to tackle number one shall we.

Again, I'm not a Hicks expert and half the time I don't know what the be-gee-bers Esther says. When she talks it fall on my ears in riddles.

I will however give it a go and try to address your concerns regarding "Expansion", "Contrast" and "Explore".

First lets address "Explore" explore what it is you desire. You are aware of the process of this, its your alignment with the desire...bring forth the results of the desire then experience it. Now that the desire has produced results, those results have a vibration that draws to itself more of the same and "expands".

Hicks words:

This is how the Universe expands, and this is why you are on the Leading Edge of the expansion. The valuable contrast continues to provide the birthing of endless new desires, and as each desire is born, Source responds to the desire. It is a never-ending, always flowing, pure, positive Energy expansion.


Jilly saying now:

You see Jenna, this is a never ending story. We can never "NOT BE". We are eternal,... bringing forth our desires over and over again.

Hicks words:

Once you consciously observe, from your own creative perspective, how each new achievement leads to another new desire, you will begin to personally understand your part in this expansive Universe. And, in time, you will come to remember that you never get it done because you never cease your awareness of the contrast out of which is always born a new idea or desire. The entire Universe is established in that way. And as you begin to relax into the idea that you are an eternal Being, that your desires will never cease to flow, and that any desire that is born has the power within it to attract (by Law of Attraction) all that is necessary for the expansion and fulfillment of itself, then you may remember the immense Well-Being upon which this Universe is established. And, you may then relax into the eternal nature of your own Being. It is then that you will begin to enjoy your journey.

If your goal is to, finally, once and for all, achieve all that you desire, you will find yourself unable to ever fulfill that goal, for the expanding nature of this Universe defies that idea. You cannot ever get it done because you cannot ever cease to be, and neither can you ever halt your awareness. Yet, out of your awareness will always be born another asking, and each asking always summons another answering.

Jilly about the "contrast".

See what hicks says about never get it done because you never cease your awareness of the contrast out of which is always born a new idea or desire


Jilly saying:

I am unclear what you mean by:

If we can't change people's lives, they are who they are based on their vibrations- when what is the point of trying to- by medical science or research or any profession that is non-money based? (Money based professions would be selling cars, real estate,etc). On some level I am feeling pretty useless if the verdict that "all is what is meant to  be" true. Can someone explain this?

Jillys reply: We cant change other peoples lives. We can only control ourselves.

I'm not sure what you mean by saying that medical science or research is non-money based.

They are indeed money based, as is the realestate and car sales you mentioned.

What do you mean by "all is what is meant to be"?


Lets get past this question number 1 before we move on to 2 and 4 OK.

If a teaching (AH) is confusing...why stick with it? I am baffled by this.


Good morning Jenna,

I am back to address number 2 on your question list. Reminder this is my opinion as I am still learning all this stuff also. Pointing out that we are all on this journey (self included) and where we are on this journey offers different opinions.

We are all waking up to this VORTEX thing. We are all waking up and realizing the creative power we possess.  Some sooner than others. Some slower than others. Some still with fists clenched rubbing the sand out of there eyes. I just recently wrote a blog about this called...Spiritual Growth ~ Something to Consider "With every moment a Box"

We all wanted to be here on Earth plane to participate in Earths school as it were. We all came here knowing about the Vortex (knowing about our creative power)...but over the centuries our consciousness was suppressed by the the forces of the physical 3 dimensional (dense) reality we live in. This reality is changing. The question of what is making the change and causing us to wake up and realize it, is in question. Some think that it is a change that the earth is going through. I am leaning toward this explanation. The earths polarity is changing causing us to evolve with the change.

You asked why the other souls wanted to be born?

Again ...we all wanted to be born. For what purpose each individual motive was, one could no for sure.

I have come to realize that for many it was to clear Karmic debt and for others to help those with Karmic debt complete there task. Remembering that each one of us arrived at a different time/season. Those that have just arrived are here to bring us and guide us through this awakening period. These are only opinions I have concluded in my evolution. There were moments that I questioned myself about these conclusions.

I have had guides come to me in dreams that let me know that I am on the correct path in my thinking.

I giggles a bit when you said "Are they merely here to be 'used' by ones who are to do the labor work?"

I don't believe that anyone is here to deliberately take advantage of another or be taken advantaged of.

You see if you take advantage of are creating Karmic debt for yourself. (What goes around, comes around). This is certainly a lesson to be learned. When it comes most likely when you will learn that lesson hopefully and realize what is happening. Most that are asleep to the awakening process don't learn the lesson and the same will keep coming around till they do. Again this is my current opinion. This is the box I am in at the moment (read the blog I wrote and you will understand this box analogy). I know as I grow spiritually I will find myself in a larger box, giving me more room to grow.

Ok, so that is my opinion on your number 2.

Love ya, J

HI Jilly


thanks for your response and the explanations. I am going to have to reflect on what you said. But for sure, you explained to me the meaning of the word "expansion". I did not really understand this concept but now afer reading your perspective it is quite evident and I see examples of "expansion" in my own life. But overall, what you said about benefiting the universe is to focus on our own expansion. This is what I thought it was- we only have to sense what we desire, and allow it and then the same cycle continues.

about medical science, etc- I have this whole new awakening that happened to me recently. Most research is done by non-profit organisations/institutions. and the motivation is not to make more and more money but on contributing something worthwhile. this is where I think it's pretty different from how a sales person thinks. But if the body is so wise as to know how to heal itself, and raw food is there to help the body to heal, and a person can heal himself energetically by aligning to source, then what is the point of medical science? I should probably write a whole new post on this very topic separately.


still i am going to think about everything. AH does make profound sense to me- in fact more than other resources. But I think ultimately its all the same, all teachers teach the same thing. I guess you and me are on opposite sides of the stick on AH> it makes sense and then i have questions, and then i get answers and i expand ..:) thanks to you.



Oh Good, I am glad I was able to shed some light ...even if it was a small amount of light.

Regarding the Non-profit medical research thing.

Weather the funding is non-profit or profit the trickle down effect is that someone is going to profit in the end. Where ever the funding comes from...that funder will want a kickback for their investment.

If a miracle cure for what ever disease happens...the end result is that the individual that needs the treatment will have to pay for it. Funny how money works its way out of one pocket into another. If the drug is free do to non-profit research...some how they will have to pay they will say that there is a cost in the processing of the drug or in the distributing or administration of the drug. Either way that drug will have a price tag.

You are absolutely correct Jenna. We were programed into thinking that research and drugs was and is the only way. No one every funds how to prevent the disease. OH , no, there is no profit in preventative medicine. That has already been proven. This is why the pharmaceutical lobbyist will back the rights for the Tobacco company. As long as there are people dieing of lung cancer the pharmaceutical company will make money. Its pretty sick huh.

So why did the pharmaceutical company's grow so powerful? Survival of the fittest. It started with one individual who was in fear that he or she would not survive. Fear steered them in the direction of money and lots of it.

I dont know where you got your facts about medical science and its funding.

Most research funding comes from two major sources, corporations (through research and development departments) and government (primarily carried out through universities and specialised government agencies). Some small amounts of scientific research are carried out (or funded) by charitable foundations, especially in relation to developing cures for diseases such as cancer, malaria and aids.        


I would love to hear about your awakening  in regards to medical science.



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