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How can you tell the difference between divine inspiration and trying to force your manifestation?

Hello all,

I am in the midst of my season 5 and my primary focus for this season isn't really about money and career but I am finding that my finances and current career are coming up as areas of my life to be addressed. I know I technically "need" an extra $1500 a month in income and/or a large lump sum of money to help me alleviate my financial stressors. I also have recently realized that I "need" a new job In order to earn the experience hours that I need to get licensed in my field. I just sat down today and wrote out my monthly expenses and that is where I figured out how much extra I need a month to be good financially.

But after I finished my budget, I started concocting all of these plans on how to get that extra $1500 (my ideas were getting another job, loans? Etc). But I found myself questioning if these ideas I came up with is the universe supplying me with the answers to my problems OR am I falling back into the habit of trying to solve the problems myself (instead of trusting the universe to provide)?

How can you tell the difference? How do I increase my trust in the universe to give me what I want?

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Hi Nikki,

When your brain is working like crazy struggling to find solutions to get the extra money you need it sounds to me like you are falling back into the habit :) But hey, you are aware of it and THAT awareness is the voice of the Universe gently waking you up ;) The Universe will speak via intuition or just by manifesting what you "ordered". So let it go and yes trust that you will receive and be provided for. Visualize, create a vision board, be very specific about your wish list, be grateful for what you already manifested, and every time you see something passing by you want say to yourself: I already have it, it is coming my way...

All you ask for will manifest, don't worry about how and/or when, it just will come your way. In an amazing way! Many blessings to you!

What you want and need, sometimes we have unfinished business on what we want and what is needed. There is subtle difference between the 2 sometimes. Your ignorant to your destiny in self ignorance as Anja has related to using your intuition, sometimes less is more. less maintenance. The answer could be right in front of you, or pass in front of you each and every day. Realizing a habit is the hardest thing. Trusting intuition is apart of listening, listening is also an art form of the universe it can materialize into the most simplest form of communication.


Hi, I'm not the best person to offer help but I hope my years of experience with the LoA can help you. Really re-examine your post. I see a lot of fear and stress.

Trusting the universe and really connecting to your heart is everything! If you fail to do this you will feel like a cat chasing its tail, again and again and again.

Really ask yourself, is your desire a need out of fear? Or is it coming from the heart?


I "messed" up about two years.

I  had just moved out of my parents place (which was awesome)! Moving out was my season one. I had only enough money to support myself for exactly two months.  Weeks go by and all of my interviews were a flop. I had one week left to get a job.

I was using the LoA, so what was I doing wrong? Then I had this euphoric realization. I was trying so hard to force a job to bring me happiness. Of course it wasn't working because it was complete bull. There isn't a "job" in the whole world that my heart could ever desire, please! I desire NO JOB, I desire absolute freedom from wage-slavery and financial burdens!

But having realized this didn't change the reality of my financial situation. So I changed the focus of my LoA. I accepted that happiness is completely within. That my happiness is completely independent of whatever job I get. Knowing that I am happy regardless of what job I get, I was suddenly FREE to apply to ANY and every job I saw on craigslist.

Liberated, I swore I would literally apply to the first job on craigslist I saw! The first job I clicked on seemed like a dream come true.

They were looking for an artist like me!. I applied. They call me up that same day. The next day was the interview. Two days later I was hired. I got my job at the end of two months - just like I intended to!!

At this point, this was a huge success in terms of the LoA. I was able to get a job nearly instantaneously when I stopped being so stressed out about what job to get. I surrendered, I trusted the universe, I focused on my inner happiness.

But.........heres where the story gets complicated. I manifested that job out of need to pay rent. That's fine and all except I also have the desire to be a full time artist!!!! And this new "artsy" job, sure it sounds great, but its NOT a replacement for my art.

I can't be a FULL time artist and work full time at this other job, there just aren't enough hours in the day! Its one or the other. Two years ago, I choose need - the job to pay rent. I put off my hearts desire of being an artist out of fear.

Within two months, that dream job became a NIGHTMARE. The "artsy" aspect of it fell through. I was transferred to the office instead doing soul-sucking customer service. Two years late and I've never felt so miserable. My art has gone nowhere because I'm so emotionally exhausted when I get home.

I'd like to reverse time now. I'm quitting this job. And like last time, I only have two months of income left. But I REFUSE to take up another full time job again! This time, I will heed the lessons I've learned. Matters of the heart come first in the LoA!!

Is that what you are doing?



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