The 100 Day Reality Challenge

When you wake up, its like a large, blank canvas, upon which you can create whatEVER you like! -which can be intimidating. getting direction and starting to get the ball rolling can be the hardest part. How do you start the day?

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...Start my day
Laughing my butt off at my response to this...
First nature calls...Ok so I take care of that.
Then Coffee. I gotta have my coffee.

While drinking my coffee I am conjuring up what I'm going to do next. It all starts there with that relaxing time and that hot Cup a JOE!

How about you...blessings J
i brush my teeth and get dressed and then rush out the door . but I am trying to get better by giving time for meditation, etc. while getting ready i try to say some affirmations and things i am grateful for and oh,, once in a while i do this...I say aloud lol..." I get up every morning, I clap my hands and say today is going to be a great day"- I heard this in the movie Jerry Macguire and copied it..lolol
hi haley! depends on the season. I always get up quite early, like 5am. now that it is getting to be summer I usually run early morning to avoid the heat. then I might do some quigong outside, then check in here, really depends. the other seasons the first thing I do is make some flavored coffee (well it's likely closer to cappucino!) and turn on my laptop. most mornings I meditate for a short time also (just breathe and clear the mind) helps to get me grounded and centered. I also make a point of connecting with spirit. smtms I'll do mental lists of appreciation or I love.. and I often visualise about 10 mins, my dream house, career, life etc. I do that because it brings me so much joy! warmer days I go for a walk or bike in the mornng and play the wouldn't it be nice if game. then 9-10 if I feel like working I start that (I write music). actually, morning is by far my favorite time of day!!
Awesome! thanks for the replys! I think that starting off by relaxing, and taking time to visualize, meditate or the eft are great ideas. Its easy for my mind to start off running off with all the things i 'should' be doing. @ brandy, i admire your day!!! getting up early and doing all that sounds really great, and then writing music sounds fun. Havin a cup of coffee sounds very nice too :) I think I'll make one right now! haha

I'd really like to start my day without pressing the snooze button way too many times, gettin up with the birds and the sun rise. and meditate so that later i can think clearly about what i really want to do with my day, and then get on with creating that in my life!
My cat starts my day, between 5-7 am, when she wakes me by pounding on my chest for her breakfast. She is better than any alarm call, except for that one major fault, she sometimes brings me a dead mouse!

With the cats breakfast sorted, I sometimes make a no-caff coffee (I get the quakes when I drink the real stuff) whilst still in my jimjams and straight to my favourite spot to write morning pages (thanks to The Artists Way writer Julia Cameron).

Or, in the corner of the same room is my yoga mat all rolled up, and sometimes I forgo the no-caff and go straight into some easy yoga stretches (still in jim jams). Occasionally the cat seeks me out laying down doing some deep breathing and settles on my chest for a snooze... I then try to meditate before starting the day. Its not a faultless plan and doesnt always get done in that order ... especially if Ive had a couple of glasses of wine the night before... I do the best I can with these odd restrictions.
Hear my baby safe in her cot chatting away in her own language
Get up ..go and see her smiling up at me full of excitement for the moment
Hear her laugh as I sing along to her toy which sings 'I am a pig just watch me wallow,climb on my back and you can follow,i'm not as dirty as people think...under all this mud i'm pretty and pink' I love those happy morning's!.What a lovely discussion:)
Right now, I have no morning plan! I'm not really much of a morning person anyway, but right now, I'm coming out of a stressful time in my life where it felt like it was all I could do to keep my head above water (very sick parent). Just getting out of bed some mornings was an accomplishment once things started to return to normal for me. One thing I do most mornings is appreciations and Wouldn't It Be Nice If's for a few minutes before my feet even hit the floor. I also do a few minutes of that once I'm snuggled in bed comfortably. I think that practice is the only thing that's kept me sane through this ordeal.

Brandy, I really admire you for your approach to mornings. I'm hoping, during my Season Three (beginning June 27) to establish consistent bedtimes and awakening times. I think once I do that, it will be easier to approach mornings constructively. Mornings are not my favorite time -- I'm really much more of a night owl -- but I do find myself enjoying them on days when I've had enough sleep and when I remember that I'm purposefully setting the tone of my day. Actually, that's pretty exciting to think about!


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