The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So, I am brainstorming the best way to acheive my goals.  How do you plan your 100 days?  Do you schedule goals for everyday, like in University, each week you know your assignments, and classes, and each month you know when your papers and exams are, then the final end goal Final exam etc.  I think that this season, I will try to plan something like that.  It's way more structured than I normally do things, but I really want to see big results this time around.  Let me know your successes and failures, and I would love suggestions!]

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I'm new to the 100 Day Challenge. I prefer to set intentions, rather than goals, because goals feel so  difficult for me - it feels like I need to be *doing* something all the time in order to get it done. And that just tends to block me up and I end up not accomplishing anything. But when I was setting goals (because I used to do that, before using the teachings of Abraham), I would start with a Big Goal. And then I would ask myself, "What do I need to be, do or have before I can accomplish this?" And I would write that down. And then I'd ask it again, with the the thing I just wrote down. Like, backwards goal-setting or something. As an example:

Big Goal: I want to live in a clutter-less environment.

Before that happens, I need to: get rid of the clutter.

Before that happens, I need to: decide what to let go.

Before that happens, I need to: decide what is important to keep.

Before that happens, I need to: gather up all of my clutter.

So it becomes a step-by-step process from bottom to top. Then underneath them, I'd write two or three strategies to accomplish them. So a strategy for gathering up all of my clutter would be to start in the bedroom, then move to the living room, dining room, spare room, kitchen and bathroom - one room per day, putting all of the clutter in a couple of boxes and stacking them in the dining room for later sorting. A strategy for deciding what is important to keep would be to go through all of the boxes I'd gathered and see how I felt about each item. If it was too sentimental, I'd put it in a box labeled "keep." If it was not important to me, I'd put it in the "let go" box. And then for the last step, getting rid of stuff, I'd say a strategy would be to try first selling it on eBay or something. If that didn't work, I'd try giving it away. If no one wanted it, it'd either go to a Goodwill or it'd get chucked. Once the strategies were written, I'd try to assign "due dates" for them.

This was a fun exercise for me, by the way. I haven't done "backwards goal setting" in a long, long time. It felt good just to type it all out. I don't know what your Big Goal is, but I hope this helps with breaking it down into do-able chunks.



I don't schedule...I let the Universe do that for me. I just pay attention. ..keen attention to whats going on around me, so not to miss an opportunity that the Universe has lined up for me.

When I do this I find that one greatness leads to another greatness.

Blessings, J


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