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Hi co creators; I learned that it is very important to control your subconscious mind in order to achieve your goals; can anyone guide me in how to control your sub consists mind successfully. There are zillions of websites and iam kinda on how to start ?

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Hi Princess !

                       I can send you some link about my favorite spiritual teacher and she's just ... Awesome ! 

For me , I would prefer saying :( imbued our subconscious instead of ( control )    cause most of the time the imagination win !   About achieve our goals , I think that the best way is visualize our goals with the more details as possible and one of the most important is to feel  all the emotions that the accomplishment of our golds will bring to us like : ( joy , energy ,hear peoples congratulate us ... and the more reality you add , the better it is !   

So , I'm gonna give you some link about Teal Swan and If you like her you'll be able to choose your favorite subject cause she have more than hundred video on youtube !


                                      I hope that my message will help you and one of the most important thing about the attraction law is : 


                         Have a wonderful day !  

Thank you so much ; nature lover

The best way to control your subconscious mind is positive  self talk! These are often referred to as affirmations however people often repeat  affirmations as though it is some mundane recital and don't get emotionally involved with what they  are repeating!

Your  subconscious mind responds as much to the emotion mixed in with your affirmation as much as the affirmation itself!

So a basic but possibly the most effective  exercise you can do to control and influence your subconscious mind is  the following:

1. Relax and create an image of what you want and how you want to live. It is important that what you develop in your mind excites you and gets you enthusiastic.

2. Write down a description of your image. Don't  worry how you are going to accomplish, just write down your image and your feelings.

3. Repeat this statement aloud , to yourself with purpose and conviction when you wake up and before you go to bed...ponder over it throughout the day with expectation!

Outside of this keep talking to yourself and telling yourself how great the potential is within you to  accomplish whatever you want!

i think this article my be useful for you


Here I suggest tips control subconscious mind:

Prepare to meditate. Meditation will help you focus and harness your subconscious mind.
Establish your posture. Find a stable seat.
Focus on your breathing and your passing thoughts. Close your eyes and begin to follow your breath.

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