The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I wanted to create a vision board and was unsure of what to put on it? I can think of material things I want, but I would like my vision board to be more an aid in manifesting a fufilling life, and less a wish list. So, how do I start in this process of trying to understand what it is that I really would like in life when I have no idea where to begin?.

(The more detailed version of this question is in my blog titled "005".)

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For my vision board I started with a list of everything that I really wanted to focus on and accomplish during my 100 day challenge. I drew a calendar with 100 days in the centre and then on the right hand side put all of my goals. On the left hand side things that I wanted to focus on, recycling, taking time for myself, yoga ect. Things that I found to be inspirational, or quotes that I really wanted to keep in mind I put in the middle over the 100 Day Calendar. Then I went really on a magazine mission and found pictures that went along with what I wanted. It was alot of fun to make.

I hope that this at least gives you some ideas. Alot of the pictures that I ended up using were just pictures that helped me remember how I wanted my life to look like.

It helped me in the beginning to write what I was already greatful for and then it was easier for me to see where I wanted to be not only 100 days from now but for all days from now on.

Take care.
Remember there is no wrong way to make the vision board.
Thank you Kaybee and Melissa for your help.

I really like the idea of framing the vision board. When I read "The Secret" the first time a few years ago I painted a picture of what I wanted my life to be like as my interpertation of the vision board. It ended up geting thrown in the closet amongst other things. I think that keeping it in a frame would give it more value to me. Thanks.
I posted a few pictures of my own vision board if you want to see it, it's in the photos section of my page. Make the vision board personal to you. Don't forget it is yours and yours alone, you can put whatever you want on it. Make it a reflection of yourself, your hopes and your dreams. I chose not to use many pictures out of magazines so that it didn't feel so materialistic and I included personal captions of my own empowering and positive words.There is nothing stopping you adding a little to your board each day, it can be a work in progress if you like and it can always be changed. You have come here for a reason, you are searching for something and I think that journey starts with yourself. Take time to listen to your inner voice, the one that says what is right for you and which leads you in the direction that is meant for YOU. Make the vision board a true reflection of that, you may not specifically know what you want at the moment but this site is brilliant for sharing ideas and inspiration with others. I hope this helps !!!
With Blessings


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