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Hola CoCreators!

Lately I have felt that I have to clean the energy of my home. Sometimes I feel the energy doesn't flows, some nights my family and I cannot sleep well, or sometimes me or a member of my family feels depressed or without energy...another thing is that plants doesn't grow in this home!

I know everybody has ups and downs and we have had great moments here and thank to the Universe we are a close family,healthy and happy, but yesterday I woke up with that "cleaning plan" in mind and I would like to know what could I do to clean my place of low energy, to let energies to flow and bring positives energies to my sweet sweet home :)

Feel free to post!

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You can experience a life where there are no UPs and Downs. Only Ups. This is how :
1. write gratitude in a journal every day. say 5 items of general gratitude. you can also write gratitude specifically for a goal you have in mind
2. open windows often or every day to let nature in.
3. meditate and visualise right after meditation every day.

with only these 3 steps you will see there are only UPS.

most importantly have faith in yourself and the universe.
Here is a great video:

To make the sage water. I boiled a cup of hot water and poured in over about 1/4 cup of dried sage that was in a coffer filter on top of a glass. You can also make it it the coffee pot or put the sage in a tea strainer. Then I put the water in a spray bottle an filled it with cool water. Made 24oz. You can also buy the sprays.

Let me know if it helps.

i'm interested in sage water, how can i use it?
I visualize white purifying light coming through me and into the room. This almost always helps me
I open the windows in the morning and imagine a white shiny light cleans and purifies every single thing it touches, visualizing it as it goes through your home, and feeling how the rooms and things inside of them release and forgive any kind of negative energy or bad influence. Go into detail and imagine big and little things going from dark or grey to a vital shiny. Dead plants go back to a healthy green and happy colours. And while you and your family enjoy this purifying light you feel good, serene and happy.
I also imagine like an enlightened bubble around the place, and around me and my family, preventing any negative energies from entering and disturbing the peace and happiness.
After this visualization you'll feel different, with a renewed happiness and strength, and things will feel differently, you'll see. With light and positiveness inside your home only good will come into your house.
Thank you very much for your replies!!!
I have heard about the white light and the sage water. I read recently about juniper, parsley, rosemary, mugwort, rue, sea salt and thin salt to do a deep deep energy clean, the combination of them.
I found others names that works but I don't know the translation!
First I'm doing I full physical cleanliness and reading about feng shui to let energies to flow! :)
You can buy small bagua mirrors for each window and point them outward reflecting the negative energy back out as well as using crystals and hang them in each window to reflect positive energy sparkles into each room. Placing wind chimes inside the room can also help. Also using moving water like in a small fountain for each of the negative rooms also helps. This gets the energy moving again. You may also want to download and print out higher vibrational photos and place them on each wall as well as keeping some soft higher vibrational music such as the singer Snatam Kaur's lovely healing music. As far as the plants go be certain to purchase easy to care for tropical plants and follow the directions on the labels (sometimes placing a shady plant into the sun will make it wilt and not necessarily mean your home is negative.)
We are working on cleaning out the energy in our house too. The first step for us has been to clean. We are getting rid of stuff we don't need, and clearning out the spaces in our house. Our intention for this new year has been to work on the inside as well as the outside of our house to make it a beautiful space to live in. Our bedroom has a lot of stagnant energy, and so we are going to tackle that soon. We are also going to repaint a few rooms in our house. I also think looking into Feng Shui is a great thing to do. When we are finished with the clearing out, I'm going to resage our house. I love the ideas of hanging up crystals. We have recently started a crystal collection.

This is a great topic. Thanks for starting the discussion/ sharing. It looks like this post is a few weeks old. How is the cleansing going?
I also have had the same feeling, that i needed to stir up some energy around my home as i accumulate clutter, and there are also some issues concering the shower, etc.

So i found a meditation on youtube, basically it was getting yourself relaxed, quiet, centered, and you visualize a white disc as large as a particular room in your house, or the size of your property, heck you could even go as big as the earth or whatever you would like to imagine! This disc is one of purity and harmony. Imagine it starting from the ground and moving upward through your home and taking with it all negative and stagnant energy like a filter, leaving only that which is positive and pure. It moves up into the sky, so far away that it disappears and is taken by the universe.

I did this process like one maybe two times, and ever since I have been taking all the steps (with the flow, not forced at all) organizing, re arranging, removing, fixing, getting hired help for reno's, etc, and my home is actually a NICE place to come back to now, rather than an energy sucking vortex!

Hope this helps you!
I've done the sage and will try the white disc - the house I live in has stored memories from the past, as well as books and things - decisions on what to keep, what to throw out, what books to sell. This visualization will help, I am sure.


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