The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm on Season 1, Day 2.

Today I went to Lilou’s website and did the 4 minute meditation – dropping right into relaxation is not an issue for me, in fact I pretty much jump in feet first, and go into a dreamlike state. However, when I’m there I cannot control the direction of my thoughts and many times I don’t even remember them. I stayed in the state for probably 5 minutes after the video and I don’t know where I went, and suddenly I woke up. So almost 10 minutes, that was a good start I thought. I then decided to try the 9 minute meditation, by about minute 2 I had lost the video and occasionally heard Lilou’s voice but was pretty much asleep. When I awoke afterwards I felt so tired, I went to my bed and promptly passed out for 20 minutes until my sister called and woke me up. So, yay for being successful and meditating for about 20 minutes today, but not too sure on why it caused me to nap – don’t have any idea what I dreamed in my nap either.

I guess I’m wondering, if I can’t control my meditations, or even remember my meditations, are they still effective? What’s a good way to ‘organize’ meditation to make it a useful tool instead of random dreaming? How can I remember the things that I thought about while meditating? I feel like I need a Meditating 101 class, but not sure where to go for this. Anyone have suggestions, guidance, things for me to try?


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Thank you very much Carla! I really appreciate your suggestion on the Master Key System, I've been looking into that today and there is great material there. =)
See the thing is when I meditate, it's like I'm asleep, I generally can reach this state in only about 1 minute. I don't remember anything of what I'm thinking, let alone being able to control my thoughts. Even though I am sitting, it's like I'm sleeping. I guess I am looking for a way to meditate and still be observant of my thoughts - to remember them. When I stop meditating - only 10 minutes it is like waking up from a nap and I really don't remember any of the dreams. Hope that makes sense.
Thanks again for the wonderful feedback!
Yeah, I am totally unaware of myself, just gone completely. I'm wanting to be able to remember where it is that I'm going. I set a timer on my cell phone to bring me out, when I wake up I feel as though I am brought out of sleep. And other times I just naturally come out of it feeling wide awake and very rested. But again, I'm really new at this, probably only meditated about 12 times now... I guess I'm not doing it too incorrectly though! :) I'll keep working at it and I found some guided YouTube videos that are helping me stay concious of myself during the meditation. Thank you very much for all your comments Carla, it is so nice being able to connect with others and talk about my experiences.
There is a meditation by Kelly Howell that is called The Secret Mind Meditation it encourages you to go to sleep so it can talk directly to your subconscious. See that's the thing you may not be listening consciously but your subconscious is always listening. In any meditation you do. Don't worry about the random thoughts because it is listening and remembers for you. Carla is right you are a natural. I have been meditating for 2 years now and can't drop in that quick. I think I am jealous LOL.


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