The 100 Day Reality Challenge

well i am applying LOA ..i have been reciting affirmations n all...but theres one thing going on in my mind that what about the previously strengthened believes... they should be overwriten first...
can u guys tell me any exercise or practice to do this?

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Well my own personal viewpoint on this is that I think you just start "believing" and have faith. Say your new affirmations and paste them in different rooms of your home. Try to even make a vision board and let yourself believe all these things will happen. This is exactly what happened to me btw. I had some negative beliefs about a situation and it was not helping me at all. I turned those beliefs around completely by stating my new affirmations every day. Once you start to hear or see something over and over, the brain starts to make a "switch" and will start believing what you've said. Then in time you just have to wait for it to manifest itself.
thanks for ur reply tat...yes i am regularly chanting my affirmations now ..what i 'll do now is that i 'll create affirmations opposite to those negative believes n will regularly chant them as well....
how about ur journey..i wish u very best of luck for ur manifestations
hey nicole..that was a good suggestion..i was reading about EFT the other day...m new to that concept...kindly guide me a lil that how do u practice that
with love n good wishes
The new affirmations replace the previous beliefs.
thank u trish...
My obsessive thoughts have been always negative but since I discovered this group and have connected to other helpful sites like, Louise Hay and EFT, I now have the tools to turn these thoughts into positive ones. If I am going to live with ocd, I might as well think positive affirming thoughts!
this is only necessary if you believe it is. as one of my favorite teachers says, 'when you think of yourself as a new thing, you become that thing now. now! Now!!!! just practise your new belief until it gets stronger. your new self already is. it is done. it is done. it is done. just catch up :)



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