The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Okay ! so I am now a big fan of doing focus wheels as I am so convinced that they are so hugely beneficial- its unreal.


So I do at least 1 every day.


I have 2 questions.


When I do 1 every day, I feel comfortable. When I do more than one, I kinda feel I am not being able to follow whats happening on that front. How many can we do in a day?


2nd my question is regarding the progress on that goal. Say I wrote a statement in my focus wheel-


something like " the universe is helping me maintain all my credit cards at 0 $ balance gracefully"

So lets day on the following day something happens & because of that I see progress on that goal.


SO in order to completely close the gap , should I do moe focus wheels on other days with the same starting statement?


Sorry if these questions are too simple or sound obvious- I just thought it would be great to have clarity.



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As for question one; you may do as many focus wheels a day as you think are necessary. According to Abraham, Esther Hicks does a few every morning, and often a few more later in the day.
Question two; as long as something is a negative vibrition you can do more focuswheels on the same subject. On the other hand I would not recommend 'keeping track' of the results in the way you describe. In a cenario like that I would regard the signal of progress as a proof that the Universe is yielding toward your desire and rejoyce in that. Be blissfully happy with every sign you get that proofs that the Universe is working for you. That works far better than doing the same focus wheel over and over again.
Thanks Emha for your reply.

I think Abrahams' teachings are quite simple but there is a twist to them, a catch that you have to have to get to get results.

For example- you mentioned that I shouldn't keep track of the results- but I should be happy when I get proofs that the universe is working for you. To me, when I see that the universe is working towards getting me my goal- that is progress and i am grateful and happy for every single little and big progress. I understand that what you are suggesting is not to sit and think when is it coming, etc. But the conscious mind knows what is going on. It knows that say I am making progress and it knows that it hasn't happened yet. I'm talking about goals that don't happen overnight- most of the time- like say saving 10,000$, or finishing a degree, etc etc. Its like if a woman gets pregnant she doesnt deliver the baby the next week- it takes nine months and it should because the baby needs to develop perfectly.

So my point is- that when I do a single focus wheel, I can SEE and definitely NOTICE something positive happening on that front which makes me ECSTATIC. But I am not sitting and worrying at all. But I am EXPECTING SUBCONSCIOUSLY. So when it happens, its easy to catch and notice.

But if I do say 2 focus wheels or 5, then I dont remember the topic of all of them- and its then a bit harder to "CATCH" or "NOTICE" all the new positive things that happened on all five topics.

So my question was is it okay to do 5 and then just let go and really its ok if i dont notice the developments? Meaning, once i do a focus wheel, means that the process of manifestation has started when I am noticing or not, is that right?

Then the last crazy question is that hypothetically if on a saturday like today , if I decide to go crazy and do a 100 or 200 focus wheels. will my life seriously explode (in a positive way soon) ? I really want to know your experiences with this aspect- because I seriously think this works like majick or magic !!

Do let me know what you think:)
The purpose of 'doing a focuswheel' is to shift your vibration to a higher level. That's all. After that it is not necessary to keep focussing on the subject at hand, all you need to do is keep your general vibration as high as possible.

If you have 100 things going on in your life, 99 of them negative and 1 positive, if you focus on the one that is positive the 99 other things will eventually change for the better.
If you have 100 things going on in your life, 99 of them positive and 1 negative, if you focus on the one that is negative the 99 other things will eventually change and become negative as well.

So it's a good thing to get all exited about evidence of the Universe yielding your way, but there is no need to keep track of the different subjects that you did focus wheels on. Focus on the good things in general, that's enough!
Thanks Emha...
This discussion has helped me a lot, as I'm just beginning to do FW.
hi jenna!
I don't do them very often, but when I do them they are very effective. I have to feel quite off about smthg in order to do one. and then I might do 3-4 of them on different subjects that still have a nagging feeling about them. for ie., I would do one on weather, one on finding a new home, one on work, etc.

I just can't imagine doing them every day because what else do you have to say on the same subject? I feel like I am just writing all the same stuff down as last time (more or less). I like the book of positive aspects better, where you have a myriad of topics with many points of appreciation that I can add to and look back on whenever I want. but I find them very good for, say, a disappointing event, like losing a contest or not getting smthg particualr you want

I say just do the amount that makes you feel good, no more. abraham says that as well - a process is only effective as long as you are enjoying it and feel comfortable doing it. I agree with emha on point 2. if you get too involved in the intellectualism of the processes you will lose what you are supposed to be focusing on.... how you feel. I agree with her second bit of advice too... fw's are a process to shift your vibration, they are not smthg magical that will bring you all you want if you do hundreds of them :)

just use them to help you focus and stay in that happy, positive state of allowing. much love jenna!
thanks Brandy. I really appreciate any input from you :)

I feel best when i do one focus wheel everyday. they could pertain to a mini aspect of a goal of mine. and then i see somehow the energy shifts toward it very soon, sometimes immediately.

I guess I will stick to what feels best to me & one a day is good enough for me I think. I kinda like how that feels.
& yes writing points of appreciation is fantastic too.

thanks again :)


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