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I'm looking for ideas on how and where to fit affirmations into my day.

Some say you should say them out loud in a firm and decisive tone of voice in front of the mirror, while others think it's okay to say or even sing them in the shower or car where it's sort of universally accepted that you get to act like a total ninny.

I've been trying both for the past week, and while I have some trouble doing it the correct way, I have had some good results doing them in the car with endless repetitions in a sing-song manner. While it is, of course, completely silly, it has managed to make me feel calm and happy and get me psyched up for challenging situations.

So I'd love to hear if you have any ideas on how to do affirmations, and whether you find one approach more effective or doable than others.

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Your cartoon cracked me up! Great way to start the day... laughing!! Affirmations. Great question. I say my affirmations throughout the day, when I have some down time or sitting at a stop light. I even wrote down an affirmation that I feel connected to and keep it in my purse or pocket. I pull it out a few times during the day and read it. There is something powerful for me to see it in writing. I don't think there is any set time or way to say affirmations, just whatever works for you. It's perfectly fine to sing your affirmations, after all they are for you. Don't get caught up in rules and worry that your aren't doing it right. The universe gets it. Remember Life is to important to be taken so seriously!
Have a fun day! Inge
Anywhere, everywhere, out loud, under you breath, in your mind. However you do it put lots of emotion behind it so it feels really good.:-)))))) and do it often.
and if you tend to forget to "do" them - post different affirmations around the house in areas, where you are frequently. At first I posted them on the microwave, the fridge, my coffeemaschine (I drink alot of coffee lol), the bathroom mirror, the corner of my TV - until it became a routine to say them often, and at random times. Might look a little silly, but after a few weeks you can take those "reminders" down, and it will be a habit. Good luck!

Blessed Be Peace

I have a list of affirmations and I repeat them to myself 5 times each before I go to sleep because I feel this kinda records it in your head, and when you sleep it goes into your subconscious mind. It works. Sometimes I forget and I notice the days I don't forget the next day i wake up I feel happier and have more energy.
:) yvette is right. there really is no right way to do them, or no law that says you have to. the thing the universe responds to is your vibration, so the more emotion you put behind them the better. you also really have to believe what you're saying. it's better to say 'I'm ok where I am' rather than saying 'I love myself and I am super-confident.' (this is just an example)

do your best to increase positive feelings in any way, whether through affirmations or no affirmations. but words are empty - it's the meaning and feeling you put behind them. you must do that!! if they make you feel calm and happy, then they work. cheers!
Yes, I have found that to be true. Because if I reach for something too far from where I am right now, I just can´t summon the emotion to go with it. It just doesn´t ring true. For instance, when I tell my daughter that she is beautiful, I can feel the truth in that statement. But if I try to say it about myself, it sounds forced. But I can say "people tell me I have beautiful eyes", and that works.

Also, I have come up with a special trick that works for me. When I feel really happy about something, in that moment I describe my feeling out loud. If someone is with me, they´ll just think I´m talking to them. I´ll word it in a slightly unusual way, so that it is a unique and recognizable phrase to me. For instance, feeling happy around my kids one day I said, "We have it so good". Now, when I want to summon that same emotion from memory, I say those exact words, and the feeling from that day comes back to me. I hope this makes sense.

But I also have a phrase that I use whenever I hear my inner voice criticizing myself or others. It just basically says that I,m good enough and so are other people. And I can think or say it in a stressful situation without making an effort to put emotion behind it, and the sheer repetition calms me down and allows me to shift my focus. And that´s big for me because I used to give up on affirmations because I couldn´t feel them, but sheer repetition does have an effect for me when I can´t do it the "right" way. I guess that´s how brainwashing works.
I am laughing so hard at that cartoon. Laugh so that I cant even think of a reply for this. I will be back soon. J
I am all for WHATEVER WORKS BEST for an individual.

I believe that each of us must find our own rhythm and pace.

Investing in learning affirmations is, for me, a practice that continues to pay me dividends.

I went through a phase years ago when I was collecting affirmations that held a certain spark for me.

After a while, I had at least one affirmation for every area of my life. I toyed with reciting certain affs on each particular day of the week, and at other times worked with the same affirmation for days on end. I struck gold with a book by Stuart Wilde which contained a series of the post empowering affirmations I've ever found. I learned them exactly as they were published.. I believe there are about 16. I used to say them out loud as I drove to work and believe me, I was amped up and ready for my 8 hours upon arrival.

These days, I don't even consciously work with them.

What I find is that when I need some bolstering or support, one of my foundationa affirmations will just spring to mind and I will find myself reciting it silently, often for hours before I even become conscious that i'm doing so.

Ever hear of Sleep Learning? There is a book and a web site. Well, I lately have taken to writing scripts or affirmational dialogues and burning these to a cd which plays while I sleep. It's been an experiment since October, but I have actually been able to affect behavioral change and shift many attitudes while I sleep. Even manifested a thousand dollars within 3 days after slipping a money affirmation into my nightly program for ten days.

There are endless ways in which to work with affirmations.

One might even say, as many ways as there are stars in the sky.

I hope you've taken inspiration from some of my ideas

Thank you for your reply, LifeDesigner. Do you happen to know the title of the book by Stuart Wilde that you used? My local library has some of his books listed, but I'm not sure which one to get.

Sleep learning sounds like a great idea too. I've been toying with the same idea recently, so now that you also mention it, I think I should give it a try.
I have affirmations everywhere! I write them on post its as well as reiterate them on vision boards and various journals. Certain affirmations I use almost like a mantra where I say them several times (10) in one setting. I do this periodically throughout the day or whenever I remember.


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