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Hi all, I have a bit of a predicament to share with you all.

I asked for a laptop and a new pc on my page a couple of days ago, and I tell you no lies here, but I received some unexpected funds in my bank account the very next day.

It is more than enough to buy a new PC and Lap top however I am having a bit of dilemma. Itss Xmas and seeing as I am not receiving an income my hubby has taken on the extra burden of getting all the pressies this year. Add to that our living expenses etc and I just want to use the money for those sorts of things.

However, it feels like I am slapping the universe in the face really. I ask, it is provided for then what do I do, I turn around and use what was given for something else. Not something selfish but something that I feel is more important to us such as putting all our utilities into credit and getting the kids something decent for xmas.

Would love to know what everyone thinks. I guess theres a fear here that if I don't buy the things I asked for, am I being greedy to ask for them again even though the means to get them was already given too me.

Thanks everyone

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You are fearing and you are experienceing lack. Both of which are not from the Universe/sourse. I cant tell you what to do, but let me tell you, what ever choice you make, that laptop is still on the way. You are going to get it regardless of your NOW choice.
Thanks ladies. Spot on about the fear and the limits. I will need to look at this with a different mindset.
Thanks again
Quick suggestion. first be grateful that you receieved the money and really be grateful and thankful. then you are in a state to receive more. next, use your wisdom and your power about how to use the money. I think you should take care of your needs first and then your wants. That way you eliminate some of the negative emotions you now feel about not having money for this or that. It takes some practice to put needs before wants but that it the wise thing to do. For example.. I would first make sure i have paper towels, dog food , groceries, have my bills paid, etc before going shopping to buy something impulsively. Sure I would love to buy some things but I am 200% sure about the priority. 1st priority for me is to make sure my house runs smoooooth, as in no resistance . Once that is accomplished then I would think about saving and investing and shopping/indulging. You can use your discretion but that's what I would do. And as far as buying your kids a present, I think it would be nice to buy them something meaningful that they would enjoy but that is not superexpensive, if possible. My wisdom tells me that with a little thinking you can buy something great at a small price. Also chant "shreem" for abundance. Hope this helps..
1 more idea... Why don't you teach your kids about the LOA and say buy them a book by ABraham Hicks. It would be great to start being able to manifest things at an early age.. So that would be a great thing to do.. I think....Then they can manifest what they want themselves...makes your job even easier...LOL
hahaha, ur so right Jenna
I am a fully for getting them to manifest what they want.
Yep, there is that fear that this may not be enough of this money to go around and also that once its gone there wont be anything to replace it.
Funny thing is that durring realy hard times money manifests in our lives, however, its getting from the when we need it to having it constantly generating in our lives that I seem to stuck on.
I now have a better understanding of gratitude thats for sure, however my problem lies in the "im not worthy" syndrome that I have yet to get over.
Def a work in progress and grateful as well as excited by the results that are yet to come, not just for myself but for everyone.
Practicing the law of attraction consciously is a work in progress for me but the main factor is always gratitude!!!!
Just a quick update. In the end the money I received went mainly towards home stuff and clothes and shoes for the kids. We payed their school fees for next year and got their books. After all that, i was still able to get a secondhand laptop.

I am so grateful today that I am sitting in bed writing this post on my lappy. It means I now have one place where I can ensure all my work will be when I need it. And I will also be able to work when I need to or even when I get inspired to and dont have to wait on someone to hop off the PC.

Jilly, I did feel some lack when I started using the money, but because of your insight I was able to realy be concious about it and that helped me so very much. My kids asked "so what happens when the money runs out" I automaticaly said "well, it wont". And left it at that. They are wrapped with the new attitude, I use to always say "we cant afford it" now I say "sure we can get that" and leave it at that.

lots of luv and strobelights all
I am so excited over my new money mindset!!
Just wanted to add to all the wonderful comments and say that all this situation did was create contrast for you. You asked the Universe for something and it said "You mean this is what you want?" This will happen forever so it's important to remember that the creation process will always create more desires and contrasts for you. Because your desire expanded about desiring to create other things such as clothes, school and xmas present it created contrast to what you had been asking for. It's important to turn this around, give gratitude and say "Thanks for bringing me my desires and giving me more desires. YOU ROCK!!!"

Whatever you did with the money was the right thing to do. There would never be a wrong answer to that question and when you keep your trust and gratitude in the Universe you will see that it will forever create desires out of desires being fulfilled. It wouldn't want you to get bored now would it? :-)

Peace, light and love!
lol Chris, your so right, we cant get bored now.

It was definately a lesson in not only gratitude but in self wofth as well, something that is a work in progress for me but which I am truely learning to enjoy. And yes, Gratitude, for the blessing I recieved and the blessings I continue to recieve throughout my existance.

I thank you for you kind and wise words Chris
I wish you furefulment with all your desires!!!
And a big thanks again to everyone
Much luv and pretty strobelights


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