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As many of you know I have talked about a blockage that I have when listening to Abraham Hicks. I have stated many times that I find conflicting comments made and that I dont take much stock in the channeling.

I have been watching and listening to many on this site and taking notes. I see so many frustrated, writing blogs of being STUCK, whining about not seeing INTENTIONS being MANIFESTED along with a long list of complaints and ending there blog with "Ester/Abraham Hicks" said this or that.

My thoughts while reading these blogs and discussions go to "If the Abraham Hicks thing is not benificial to you, why are you following it so closely".

I am trying to move past this blockage, and in my practice I have been trying to watch some of their videos on Youtube, to help me discover what it is that is so bothersome.

I ponder many of the things that are said and find some perplexing.



Subject, "Going with the flow". Abraham said everyones stream is different, however the source of the stream is the same. I am clear  about the source. I dont agree with the many streams  Abraham talks of. Abraham also said that the streams are all moving at a different speed.


I can only affirm that there is only one Source and one one stream. We are fragments of the Source(making us all one with the source) that ride the same stream. When we are in the flow we align with others that are also going with the flow.

Now let me paint a picture. That stream is going an a very fast rate of speed. It is coming from JOY/LOVE/GIVING at a very high speed. How do I know this? Because Source/God/Universe knows of nothing else.

To be in the flow you must be UP TO SPEED.

Imagine the river/stream being a FreeWAY in your home town. The speed  is 60 miles per hour. You would like to get on that FREEWAY. You take the ON RAMP and to merge into the flow of traffic you need to increase your speed to 60 (to go with the flow). That is your picture of the alignment.

Now imagine getting on the FREEWAY at a slower speed. WE all know what happens when this happens. TOTAL chaos ! You have cars zooming past you, horns beeping at you, along with other not so nice things that I won't mention. Do you see how you are not in alignment.

Now to address another part of this getting on to the FREEWAY.

Imagine your trying to get on to the FREEWAY heading up the OFF RAMP instead of the ON RAMP.  I dont think I have to paint that picture for you. Its pretty clear the outcome will not be a good one.


Would you like to talk about this?...Respectfully, Jilly


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hi jilly! oh you knew that I had to respond to this!!!

everyone's stream is different ~ just means that everyone wants different things. they call it 'escrow', the 'place' where all the stuff that you desire is... house, car, career, etc.

different speeds? ~ I have only heard them say that once you let go of the oars and stop paddling upstream (being resistant) you go faster downstream because it carries you

the rest you have exactly right. may I add that in their terms going upstream is like getting on the freeway and using your brake pedal - or, if you are extremely resistant - going the other way using your brake pedal!

I'm not sure where ppl seem to be misunderstanding. from the moment I heard abraham I GOT it. and my life has changed completely, especially how I feel about things, myself and my life, and how I see all things, ppl and the universe. the teachings just resonated with me so much. it was like coming home, you know, the same way you feel about eckhart tolle :) granted, there are a few other teachers that I love just as much, but I really get and embrace the message. for the first time in my life I am happy! and some things have come into my life and I know that bigger and better things are to follow. and most importantly, I feel that connexion with source that is so fantastic and indescribable. I do!

with that said, you are right when you say that if the teachings are not working for ppl then they should find smthg else. I have been through MANY self-help books and spiritual teachers, and have taken bits and pieces from each, but nothing has left me feeling so connected to myself and from that which we all came. I love abraham hicks!!! and I love you too, jilly :)
Hey there, Yes I knew you would not let me down by your
I invite you to read below what I responded to Carla also.
I disagree with the different streams thing and your explanation of ESCROW. You see Escrow means something that is held by a third party on your behalf for payment that might come due.
In the case of Abraham teachings about ESCROW, they are talking about your THOUGHTS. You see your thoughts all started the moment you were born, as Abraham put it. So where are these thoughts you might ask? Well if the thought has not been manifested is still in ESCROW. Get it. Abraham says that every thought goes out to the Universe. The Universe is the third party holding on to that thought.
Example: When you were eight years old and you thought "I desire a swing set"...and you are 25 now and you still have not seen that swing set...guess where that thought is...its in ESCROW. You see that Swing set is like an insurance payment that is not due not important to you at 25 years old. Some where along the line in your form lifetime that swing set became unimportant. But it doesnt mean you never thought of it. That thought is still out there in ESCROW.
Now how does this realate to that STREAM of yours that you mention. That swing set is not in the STREAM going down the river with you. I can only imagine it is still on the banks of the river just waiting for you to pick it up. But you see it will stay in escrow, because it is no longer important to you.
Which brings me to the "Going with the flow" in relation to the stream. Yes that is correct to example going with the flow to a stream in this way. It images exactly how trying to paddle up stream would lead to resistance. Going down stream would be much more EASY...KEYword EASE.
AS for the Stream itself. I believe there is only one stream.

I believe you did GET IT.
I believe your life did are now at EASE.
You are seeing everything in your life with EASE...or are simply at Peace with it all.

Regarding Mr. Tolle: Most times when I recommend his book, it is when co-creators are struggling with their thoughts. I believe his writings helps one realize why they think the way they do. Once they get a handle on that they can move forward. As our thoughts are key component to this equation, understand all aspects of thought would be relevant to understanding the manifestation process.

You see Brandy...You have that KNOWING. Example you said "I KNOW bigger and better things are to follow".

The advice I recommend, you said so lovely at the end of your reply. You explored and found what was right for Brandy. "You took bits and pieces from each" and found your connection with Abraham Hicks.
The key here is finding your connection. If Abraham is not the connection, move on.
I love you too...Jilly
Sure lets talk. Yes I have read how Abraham does not align themselves with channeling. How ever I have read how they call a baseball player and a doctor a channeler...but we just dont call them a channeler. So what the heck is the difference. If they are a channeler, as Abraham stated, just because we dont call them one, doesnt change the fact that they are one. OK so, Abraham doesnt want to be labeled "Channeled by Ester". So I will stick with my statement and view of them as a group of spiritual teachers channeling thru Ester. AS they put it and I read it on their site. Ester raises her frequences to match Abrahams frequency and then channels their messages.
Enough said on that...Mainly because that was not my point. I didnt question the source of the energy Ester is taping into.

Regarding Source in the Sky. I agree with you that Source/God/Universe is Omnipresent, meaning everywhere at the same time. I'm being careful here to embrace the difinition here and not the religious content.

Regarding Vortex: heck if that is what you think VORTEX is aluding to I disagree. I would like to think that the Source of all that is would not want us to be in a VORTEX (meaning a swirling often turbulent flow of fluid when referenced to a stream as you alude).
However the VORTEX that I can only imagine Abraham referencing is a SPIRIAL. (ANOTHER difinition: Any spiral motion with closed streamlines is vortex flow). This VORTEX would be similar to our DNA. Yes and the spirial talked of when we spirial up in our awakening to embrace other dimensions. Yes and the spirial toward our connection with Source/God/Universe.
But to enter into turbulent waters and let go of our paddles...heck NO.
Sorry I read and listen to Abrahams advice and get a different message than you do Carla.
But this wouldn't be the first time we disagree on something do love talking with you about this stuff.

Regarding the GIVING: We are a fragment of Source/God/Universe. The nature of Source/God/Universe is GIVING. Wayne Dyer said it better than I can. "When you are in the active side of infinity, giving is your nature". The nature of Source is Giving and when you embrace are in that alignment that you seek. When you GIVE, you are GIVING to Source.
Regarding PREREQUISITE: Your correct...there is no prerequisite of getting. I just dont think you will be fulfilled in the recieving. You will continue to want for more. I want this I want that...sounds like a disease to me.

We all sit back and throw out our intentions...And Source is the creative force that GIVES and fulfills our intentions.

I too agree with Brandy...if it does not resonate with you...move on. Regarding the whining. Let me point out that I made an instant connection to Brandy and have I heard her whine...NOPE. She embraces everything as good (or at least tries to). She see conflict and dismisses it as conflict and moves on.
I observe many others on this site that embrace the Abrahams teachings and they are totally on the mark. However I have observed many that are frustrated saying "I did what Abraham advises and I get nothing in return".
I didnt come here to bash Abraham and the teachings. I was mearly trying to point out that if you are stuck(as many put it) and you are looking for information to release you, why keep reading and listening to the same old information. Find something else as a Source of information that will resinate for you and send you on that VORTEX (spirial of life and good living).

Love, Jilly
awww!! I am not a whiner!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!
I just wanted to share a few quick thoughts then I am of to live my dream life!!! lol

I think we all come the same stream; however to me the different streams our are different lives. In each of our lives, we all have different gifts, we all have a different (spirit) and share them in different ways.

You said, "When we are in the flow we align with others that are also going with the flow."

However, I believe that going with the flow happens inside of us. When a person is vibrational pointed down stream they are going with the flow of what makes them happy. They are integrated! There non-physical self (feeling, spirit) is in alignment with the physical self (flesh, body). I my intention were to send a clear point. I love discussing intersting tops with you Jill!
I love talking with you also Heather. You are so correct. This does happen inside of us. When we are in alignment within ourselves we can get into that stream and go with the flow of that collective with ease.

Yes your spirit is in alignment with your physical self or visa versa. When we make that connection is the key.

Thank you so much for you reply Heather.
Love J
Ok you said we disagree...Now I have to say that we do agree on this point to an extent. Yes everything is a vibration. I was simply using a simply example to set the stage if you will.
I thought heck if I start talking quantum physics that tends to boggle the mind a bit.

However the disagree part:
You said..."Thoughts set on feelings and feelings send off a vibration."
I say..."We feel an emotion...what ever emotion we are in while having a thought is how that vibrational thought travels." Yes they are linked.
When Abraham talks about Escrow...they talk in terms of Vibrational Escrow. You can have your thoughts in escrow on a high vibration or a low vibration or somewhere in between. Either way your thoughts and how they were sent (level of vibration) are in ESCROW. Lets remember that desires dont always come from a feeling of JOY as you put it. Lets also remember that all thoughts are sent off thru the manifesting process regardless of the vibration that set it in motion.

EEE GAWD...I cant wait for part 2 :)
1.) I dont agree with Abraham then if that is what they really said.(or is that how Carla interpeted the teachings.) I'm guessing the later.
Because you are now saying that once Source recieved the thought it is hanging on to the thought. Or that if Source is not hanging on to send it on a slow boat back to you. Impossible. Source is not slow. There is nothing Slow about Source.
The vibration that is slow that sets up the delay is that vibration you set on that thought.
2.) Escrow is a steam of Vibration that holds your thoughts. That is why they (Abraham) says your own personal escrow. Its all your thoughts. Abraham even gives reference to your thoughts from the begining of your being/or when you were born.

When you say " feeling of joy and thus coming into our 'escrow' of that better feeling place".
When you come into a joyful feeling raising your vibration, those thoughts that are in escrow move out of escrow in to a higher vibration matching up with Source/God/Vibration. Speeding up the manifesting process.

Regarding that Spinach story.
You said:"My brain would take that into account and would develope a dislike for spinach."
I disagree. Example: I get bloated and mildly sick when eating Ice Cream. My brain does not tell me that I dislike Ice Cream. I love Ice Cream. Yum
My brain has nothing to do with the fact that Spinach or Ice Cream makes me sick. I love both and my brain knows it.
When I think about either I dont get sick. I think "I would like some" I eat it and then my body gets sick. The only thing my brain can do is tell me not to eat it, because it might cause me to be sick.
Regarding what you said in your last statement:
You said"and how Source feels about what you are feeling/thinking."
Source/God/Universe can only feel/think (for lack of a better word to address this)one way and that is in a High Vibration of Love, Joy, and Giving. That is its nature. Source can not think or feel the way you do. It has no capacity to thing or feel in a low vibration.

I dont disagree with the Teachings of Abraham Hicks. I just wanted to point out that sometimes the method of the delivery can be confusing to some. That being said, as I did when first listening /reading and watching them...I moved on to read and open my heart to other teachings.

Love and Light ...J
I laughed so hard at your first statement "being dead set". Remember I'm the story teller and I like hearing em too. I need to see the entire picture. The end result will not do.
Thank you for all your efforts to explain this. I will continue to ponder your thoughts.
Love you too Carla!
OH heck I dont really care about the Channel business. AS I see it is... A channel is a avenue in which something is moved. Be it a person to person in the form of information. Or being to being in the form of information. Or be it water between two bodies of land or this information you are sending me by channeling it thru the internet. It really is not important to me. AS I said before that was not my point of the discussion and discussing it further takes one away from the my point.

I agree what you are saying here in this reply regarding Vortex. How ever in a past reply you said, "The Vortex (this is the stream that is aluded to) is an analogy for a stream of desires that Source has allready manifested and is calling you to."This stream which you alude to,... Abraham equates to a stream you are in by way of a boat that has paddles. This stream that Abraham aludes to a fluid that can be very confusing to the reader.

Regarding Personal NOTE:
I agree, everyone is on a different path.
I just made reference to "being stuck". However I would like to point out that I have read many times here about the "Stuck" dis-ease and reference saying I've been Watching/reading/listening to Abraham Hicks for 3 years and I'm still stuck and I need help. I have read the frustration of being Stuck. Not always using the word "stuck" but something of the same nature. I have absolutely no desire to fix anyone.
WE are all here to help each other. If someone asks me how to get UNSTUCK..I will do my best to help them see it for themselves. Sometimes I will suggest a book. Some times I will suggest they answer a question for themselves.I have even suggested joining one of the many groups here that address the situation to help them along. I dont believe I have ever told someone what to do.
Most times when I read these blogs that make reference to being stuck and frustrated...I will ignore it. Most times I will not comment or leave reply.
In no way would I want anyone on here to take anything I say as personal or a personal attact on their path.
If at a time of unawareness I did such a thing...I publicly here and now appoligize.
Respectfully, with love and kindness, Jilly
Well I guess I will agree to disagree regarding the stream and vortex thing.
Also good point regarding the direction of the response when watching Abraham on youtube, ie answering someones question versus addressing "all of you". Excellent point!
Many may overlook that.

Regarding the "HELP eachother thing. I'm on the fence about this. When someones says to me "I have a speck in my eye" and asks me "can you help to remove the speck out of there eye, it is painful". Should I just stand there and say no, suffer with that speck in you eye or give assistance? I do what feels right to me.

Why apoligize? Asking forgiveness to make a mends is clearing and cleansing. If I feel/think or surmise that there might be a possibility of doing wrong...yes I will ask for that forgiveness.

Your right what others is none of my business...but I dont see how that has anything to do with apologizing?
I was refering to what a co-creators say....

I'm stuck does anyone have any suggestions, please help?

After hearing their story...I will make a suggestion based on their story.
So yes, when the word "Stuck" presents its self as "a speck in ones eye", yes I will help or make a suggestion.

YOU too Carla, I always enjoy you and the Light you shed. Blessings J


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