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As many of you know I have talked about a blockage that I have when listening to Abraham Hicks. I have stated many times that I find conflicting comments made and that I dont take much stock in the channeling.

I have been watching and listening to many on this site and taking notes. I see so many frustrated, writing blogs of being STUCK, whining about not seeing INTENTIONS being MANIFESTED along with a long list of complaints and ending there blog with "Ester/Abraham Hicks" said this or that.

My thoughts while reading these blogs and discussions go to "If the Abraham Hicks thing is not benificial to you, why are you following it so closely".

I am trying to move past this blockage, and in my practice I have been trying to watch some of their videos on Youtube, to help me discover what it is that is so bothersome.

I ponder many of the things that are said and find some perplexing.



Subject, "Going with the flow". Abraham said everyones stream is different, however the source of the stream is the same. I am clear  about the source. I dont agree with the many streams  Abraham talks of. Abraham also said that the streams are all moving at a different speed.


I can only affirm that there is only one Source and one one stream. We are fragments of the Source(making us all one with the source) that ride the same stream. When we are in the flow we align with others that are also going with the flow.

Now let me paint a picture. That stream is going an a very fast rate of speed. It is coming from JOY/LOVE/GIVING at a very high speed. How do I know this? Because Source/God/Universe knows of nothing else.

To be in the flow you must be UP TO SPEED.

Imagine the river/stream being a FreeWAY in your home town. The speed  is 60 miles per hour. You would like to get on that FREEWAY. You take the ON RAMP and to merge into the flow of traffic you need to increase your speed to 60 (to go with the flow). That is your picture of the alignment.

Now imagine getting on the FREEWAY at a slower speed. WE all know what happens when this happens. TOTAL chaos ! You have cars zooming past you, horns beeping at you, along with other not so nice things that I won't mention. Do you see how you are not in alignment.

Now to address another part of this getting on to the FREEWAY.

Imagine your trying to get on to the FREEWAY heading up the OFF RAMP instead of the ON RAMP.  I dont think I have to paint that picture for you. Its pretty clear the outcome will not be a good one.


Would you like to talk about this?...Respectfully, Jilly


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Hurry back...I will miss your girlfriend !
OH no...GEE I almost missed this .
NO I disagree. When you are inactive that does not mean the receiving part.
You are active when you recieve not inactive.
YOU are inactive when you dont recieve.

This is duality:
Active equales both giving and recieving.
InActive equals NOT giving and NOT recieving.

So you might ask what part or side is Source on?
Source is on the Active side of giving and recieving. That is the connection I want to make and be active.
I am on the active side of the duality.
Thanks again Jill for the great topic! You have cause me to start doing some more researching, thanks!!!

I wanted to share more about your comment, "You can have your thoughts in escrow on a high vibration or a low vibration or somewhere in between. Either way your thoughts and how they were sent (level of vibration) are in ESCROW."

In addition, I believe that people are not always aware of thoughts, thus their vibrational escrow. It is also requires focus on that thought to build up ones vibrational escrow, and if we have been told all our childhood that we can't have, do or be what every it is our desired, we tend to stop focusing on it!

Here is an interesting video on this subject and the is more on you tube!

I couldn't agree more with Brandy. My life has totally changed because of the teachings of Abraham. For one, I do not understand how someone could NOT understand Abraham. but at the same time we should be allowers. Rather lets say that we will all benefit by being allowers-- let others do what they feel like doing. A good statement that I can tell anyone who has problems with allowing is -- you create what you want to create, let me create what i want to create...the juicy life is right here...lets both enjoy ok? LOL Trust me sometimes when I have a problem allowing I say this mentally.. And if it still doesnt drive the point home, I would say...look around. see something you like....ok now go get sure u'll feel better then. Now the 'it" could be anything. It could be something materialistic, could be peace of mind, could be knowledge, could be giving love, could be anything that you can define. It is not a disease to want more and more. It is the pleasure called life.

Abraham's teachings are lucid, clear and to the point and they explained the same things with numerous examples. For me, the biggest reason I like Abraham's teachings is because these helped me understand for the first time what is meant by the word God, and what is life and death all about. Before being exposed to Abraham, I was a bit curious but never came across an explanation that would make sense to me. I always believed I have my own power and I can create my own destiny because I always have. I like to approach this issue from the perspective of quantum physics as opposed to religious texts which never made any sense to me. So with that I accumulated profound wisdom and also great sense of enlightenment. Second, I think we dont need to align with other people, we need to align with our own desires which are products of our own calling. and lastly, everybody here is on a journey towards greatness.... I for one have received amazing manifestations even before I learnt about abraham. the teachings gave an explanation of a lot of concepts and led to many deja vu moments. or the feeling of "I knew that". ANd they have taught me many new things as well. And because of these teachings I truly feel invincible. I am sure anyone who has practised these teachings feels the same way...people who follow abraham's teachings do that because it feels good. it makes sense. period.
the teachings gave an explanation of a lot of concepts and led to many deja vu moments. or the feeling of "I knew that"

I had the same feelings over and over again with the Abe teachings as well as others... when you get this sense of recognition, wouldn't it mean you're on the right track and that there are many truths to the teachings? ;o)

People might get 'stuck' because of their own past experiences and 'baggage', I don't think it means that the methods they are trying to adopt are wrong for them... it just takes time to develop new habits... and so does a totally new way of living. Someone once told me we are like onions, shedding one skin at a time (sometimes slowly, sometimes faster) and moving closer and closer towards the core of who we truly are. If I choose to use a knife to assist me in this and cut myself in the process, it doesn't mean I chose the wrong tool... only that I need to learn how to use the knife! ;oP
Jenna, I could have said every word you just wrote! you're so smart!! tee hee :) and I want to say, it is so wonderful that you met someone wonderful. have a grand time getting to know each other!! and yeah! quantum physics! that's why I like bashar as well, 'it's physics.' shifting into other realities, dimensions, perceptions.. I love it! to me the main draw of abraham is the fun and simplicity. I LOVE simplicity. funny thing is, I used to like to have long drawn out conversations, analyse everthg to death - including my past and why I did this or that, write long exhaustive papers on the philosophy of this or that. but over time I have completely changed, or more accurately, come into my own true being more. the inner me likes it simple. in one word, get happy! (that's 2..) lol. jenna what you said about feeling truly invincible... exactly. exactly!! I can never go back :)
I would like to bring you back to the point of the Discussion. . . .and that is , If the teaching does not resanate with you ...move on.
The discussion was not about AH or if they are right or wrong.
It was mainly about individuals that are following a teaching (not necessaraly AH) for a number of years and are not getting the jist of the teachings...advise is to move on. Find other knowledge. Dont stay with a teaching just to follow the crowd. Get it.
Well I don't think you're crazy. I do have to say I don't put too much stock in channeling either but some times the message (not the how it's delivered) is the point. I have to say with the Abraham Hicks stuff you have to go with the big picture not the details. I also know this is how some of us get our feet in the door of awakening. If the message in Abraham hicks doesn't jive for you then don't force it.
This might help the debate!
I find that many of the messages of Abraham is in alignment with psychology today!
I also think why not just move on from Abraham's teaching's if that method does'nt work for the individual Jilly.We all understand in many different way's.For me understanding or getting my head around quantum physic's help's me get what I am capable of.What we are capable of.Perhap's some people hear the word's and they think 'Yes Abraham is right' but they may not really have the information of how it work's and so don't 100% know that they really are able to create.So they get 'stuck' on there interpretation of what they hear.There is so much information out there now that I think there is something that suit's most of us.I just do what I feel is right I think Brandy also said that.Just to add that I really love the discussion's and that we have a place to talk and learn and read without having to hold back. So much love to you all
you know, I think maybe the reason ppl get 'stuck' on abraham or any philosophy having to do with loa is because they are missing the spirit part. maybe some ppl strictly want this and that, so they visualise and practise the principles of loa without ever being fully connected to who they really are, without having the experience of feeling and using their own creative power. of course there are ppl who have manifested fabulous things and not even been aware that this is what is really happening when they create and receive their stuff, but they more than likely had smthg in their thoughts that was already working, or they were already aligned with themselves much of the time, or they have incredible focusing skills, good 'thinking' models, or any combination of those. and hurray!! for them :) but the average person I don't think, can go from misalignment and negative thoughts to just practising the basic principles of loa and have everything they want fall in their lap. when you are missing that connexion to your self and source you are trying to create to fill a void, by sheer willpower and intense focus. that's why they are not getting anything! and if they do, it is after much hardship and struggle. I don't know, did I explain that right?!

also... specifically with regard to abraham, there may be 2 other things going on here. first, some ppl might see what they say as a one-size-fits-all model, with 'do specifically this or that, this is the formula.' when really, they say 'do this only if you can still feel happy, if not, do this other thing. what is a positive statement for some may be negative for others, this thing applies to you but not to you because you are in different states vibrationally...' also along that point is this - if you are watching all or most of the abraham material from youtube (as I do!), I can see how one could get confused. they are really spread out alll over the place, hundreds of them, in no sort of 'order.' for a person that is not willing to commit to watching EVERY single one (like me!) and putting all the pieces together to see the big picture, it can be daunting!


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