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As many of you know I have talked about a blockage that I have when listening to Abraham Hicks. I have stated many times that I find conflicting comments made and that I dont take much stock in the channeling.

I have been watching and listening to many on this site and taking notes. I see so many frustrated, writing blogs of being STUCK, whining about not seeing INTENTIONS being MANIFESTED along with a long list of complaints and ending there blog with "Ester/Abraham Hicks" said this or that.

My thoughts while reading these blogs and discussions go to "If the Abraham Hicks thing is not benificial to you, why are you following it so closely".

I am trying to move past this blockage, and in my practice I have been trying to watch some of their videos on Youtube, to help me discover what it is that is so bothersome.

I ponder many of the things that are said and find some perplexing.



Subject, "Going with the flow". Abraham said everyones stream is different, however the source of the stream is the same. I am clear  about the source. I dont agree with the many streams  Abraham talks of. Abraham also said that the streams are all moving at a different speed.


I can only affirm that there is only one Source and one one stream. We are fragments of the Source(making us all one with the source) that ride the same stream. When we are in the flow we align with others that are also going with the flow.

Now let me paint a picture. That stream is going an a very fast rate of speed. It is coming from JOY/LOVE/GIVING at a very high speed. How do I know this? Because Source/God/Universe knows of nothing else.

To be in the flow you must be UP TO SPEED.

Imagine the river/stream being a FreeWAY in your home town. The speed  is 60 miles per hour. You would like to get on that FREEWAY. You take the ON RAMP and to merge into the flow of traffic you need to increase your speed to 60 (to go with the flow). That is your picture of the alignment.

Now imagine getting on the FREEWAY at a slower speed. WE all know what happens when this happens. TOTAL chaos ! You have cars zooming past you, horns beeping at you, along with other not so nice things that I won't mention. Do you see how you are not in alignment.

Now to address another part of this getting on to the FREEWAY.

Imagine your trying to get on to the FREEWAY heading up the OFF RAMP instead of the ON RAMP.  I dont think I have to paint that picture for you. Its pretty clear the outcome will not be a good one.


Would you like to talk about this?...Respectfully, Jilly


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Replies to This Discussion all the responses here I dont believe I saw the ego. I guess if I did, I ignored it.
Im interested in having you elaborate on your comment Michael.
As longs as there are people seeking there will be teachers. A.H. is one such teacher and though I like her message, sometimes I wonder about her methods. Thats ok because I always have you, or others to teach me if I dont find it In A.H.

I dont believe shes hurting so I wont judge her. She seems to have a lot of power because she is the topic of discussion. However, if one spends an inordinate amount of time and energy deep in pain or grief because we disagree with a teaching or an ideology then in my opinion we are not where we want to be unless we are governed by our ego.

the ego loves stimulation, the kind of stimulation you might find here. Anyway I know many will disagree, its just my view.

Well you might be surprised to know that I agree with you. Or maybe you won't be
During this discussion I have several times brought the conversation back to the point I was making in the first place and that was "what ever teaching you are following, if its not ringing your bell, move on".I just happen to pick A.H. as the example. Maybe by influence that they dont ring Jillys
Regarding Judging them. ( I say them as Abraham refers to themselves as them).
I would not venture to judge them either way. It is not my place to judge them or anyone else for that matter.
Regarding the Power: As I review the discussion, I think it was pretty balanced in nature and since we have found no wrong or right...the fulcrum (stick as carla callsi it)is still in balance. We all voiced our opinion, (including you) so that others caught in a cycle of going nowhere can read here and realize there is more to seek in the knowledge of Source.
Yes, and to let go of ego so we can move on. Sometimes it is our ego that keeps us in that cycle of nowhere and from moving on.
And yes the ego does love stimulation. However if those in this discussion are voicing their opinion from ego, this is something that that individual has to work true for themselves and that is a whole other discussion. Maybe this discussion is two fold. (Jilly taking a lesson from Michael the teacher now) Exposing the EGO for what it is.
Good to see you Michael...where have you been keeping yourself?
Blessings to you and your Family.
Ching Ching Cheers back at ya...Jilly
I wish I could tell you something exiting like backpacking europe or something ..but all I can come up with is work. Though Ive fractured my ankle I might be spending more time here since im couch bound for a few weeks!

Nice to read your posts again its always interesting, I mention the ego and discussions which bring out the ego because part of the reason I stopped posting was over stimulation of my ego self. I was trying to define myself through my beliefs and posts, a preoccupation rather than a natural flow....

this topic reminded me of that. Just being devils advocate, I do like to read your post jilly, you have wisdom.

Family is good, kids are taking good care of me and my hobbled foot.
Work is good. So many that are out of work would be elated at the idea of work.
Sorry to hear about your ankle though...wishing you a speed recovery.
So what you are saying here is that we have to put up with your EGO for a few on the floor laughing.
Be careful with the devils advocate thing...I have had that blow up in my face more times than not.
Maybe you were here to realize and become more aware of of the many lessons we are taught.
The lesson for me is that Life must proceed and we just cant let EGO stop us from our many lifes purposes.
You might of thought you had to stop posting because you were stimulating your EGO. But remember, EGO loves the power it has over you. It stopped you from huh. Oh the insanity of it all.
My friend this is what it is all about. Being conscious. Proceed with what makes you joyful and is fulfilling. Dont let the EGO tell you lies.
Be mindful of the is very cunning indeed. Ego even tries to use other people.
Like all the many compliments we get from eachother on this site. Heck that can go to ones head you know. After all EGO can blow your head out of the water. Practice instead to keep it in check instead of running away.
Blessings, J
On point of the discussion. So what you are saying is...when a teaching doesnt resanate with you, you move on. Thank you Andy for your comment...J
I've said it before but it is amazing to me how ppl can be so different. for me, ignoring reality is what makes me feel bliss every day. looking at everything and knowing it is a result of my past thinking makes me feel fully my creative power and inspires me to more. it keeps me looking ahead and not dwelling on where I'm at. of course I look around often and find all to appreciate that I can and I am mostly happy every day, but I am more concerned with the new. and yes I am able to feel and live in the moment without being stuck in it, if that makes any sense
The ego does seem to have a fragile hold on reality in my mind. Truth is I am less "exited" and less animated in the moment. I feel relaxed and content when look at something new, perhaps for the first time. This is an evolution of an earlier me who loved ego stimulation, being animated, being righteous, and continually bolstering my ego to this end. It was exiting and tumultuous. Learning from everyone is wonderful and my beliefs have changed including my egos need to be right. Jilly you have an intersting point about the balance and keeping ego in check because I have always been a bit of a black and white thinker. If I can acheive this I would get more out of sharing, I guess.
Brandy, its refreshing when their are so much variety in thought and perception, its what keeps me coming back, though its also nice to find common ground, too.


OH OH OH....dang if you didnt just say its nice to see GRAY....not just black and white.
You see EGO sees black and white...and you just said to Brandy..."its also nice to find common ground".
You see "Common Ground" is the gray, between the BLACK and WHITE.
You see GRAY is not having to be right or wrong.
Did I just see Michael change his black and white thinking?
Let me just share with you for a moment my view of black, white and gray. The combination of all three are the reality we should be seeing. Example: Your icon picture. You see, it is what we would commonly call black and white....but in reality...the shading is gray that makes it come to life and makes it stand out and be so real huh....J
it's like the saying that it is the silence between the notes that makes the music. I like that!
hi michael! I have never been a black and white thinker. I can't even identify with that type of thinking. I am curious on a few points and is kind of getting off topic, sorry jilly! michael, do you thrive on structure? do you think rules are necessary? do you appreciate authority? do you like the thought of working in an office? do you like routine? I am so curious to know what you have to say!
I better clarify, Im a lazy thinker, perhaps less black and white and maybe more comfort in one thought stream over another. For example I will start something with guns a blazing and stop just like that because I get bored (ENFP, MBTI). But this is also a problem because it isnt a healthy way of thinking. To answer your questions Brandy you might be surprised (because of the B/W thing) no, no, definately no, absolutely no, and no.

if Black or white means I tend to rest more comfortably on one ideology over another than yes,

if the gray scale means that I am eclectic in the way I think about personal growth I might have to say no. I guess I should be though since like Jilly says a bw picture is actually shades of grey.......



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