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As many of you know I have talked about a blockage that I have when listening to Abraham Hicks. I have stated many times that I find conflicting comments made and that I dont take much stock in the channeling.

I have been watching and listening to many on this site and taking notes. I see so many frustrated, writing blogs of being STUCK, whining about not seeing INTENTIONS being MANIFESTED along with a long list of complaints and ending there blog with "Ester/Abraham Hicks" said this or that.

My thoughts while reading these blogs and discussions go to "If the Abraham Hicks thing is not benificial to you, why are you following it so closely".

I am trying to move past this blockage, and in my practice I have been trying to watch some of their videos on Youtube, to help me discover what it is that is so bothersome.

I ponder many of the things that are said and find some perplexing.



Subject, "Going with the flow". Abraham said everyones stream is different, however the source of the stream is the same. I am clear  about the source. I dont agree with the many streams  Abraham talks of. Abraham also said that the streams are all moving at a different speed.


I can only affirm that there is only one Source and one one stream. We are fragments of the Source(making us all one with the source) that ride the same stream. When we are in the flow we align with others that are also going with the flow.

Now let me paint a picture. That stream is going an a very fast rate of speed. It is coming from JOY/LOVE/GIVING at a very high speed. How do I know this? Because Source/God/Universe knows of nothing else.

To be in the flow you must be UP TO SPEED.

Imagine the river/stream being a FreeWAY in your home town. The speed  is 60 miles per hour. You would like to get on that FREEWAY. You take the ON RAMP and to merge into the flow of traffic you need to increase your speed to 60 (to go with the flow). That is your picture of the alignment.

Now imagine getting on the FREEWAY at a slower speed. WE all know what happens when this happens. TOTAL chaos ! You have cars zooming past you, horns beeping at you, along with other not so nice things that I won't mention. Do you see how you are not in alignment.

Now to address another part of this getting on to the FREEWAY.

Imagine your trying to get on to the FREEWAY heading up the OFF RAMP instead of the ON RAMP.  I dont think I have to paint that picture for you. Its pretty clear the outcome will not be a good one.


Would you like to talk about this?...Respectfully, Jilly


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Hi Brandy, Interesting that you should say this regarding the spiritual side of this.
My girlfriend said what is missing is the "Christ Consciousness" ,"Buddah Consciousness" or "One of the Spiritual Master Consciousness"...what ever resinates with that person.
So I might there something missing in the Abraham Hicks's teachings called Spiritual Consciousness that doesnt come thru in there teachings? Interesting?

Also, Yes I agree, there videos are all over the place. On several occasions I was on one that was a continued series and I could not find the continued part.
Thanks Brandy for this comment.
Incedentally I believe the spiritual part is missing.
Love J
hi J! no the spirit part is not missing in abraham, in fact it is all they talk about!! being happy, getting happy is the same thing as being connected to source (and yourself). all they talk about is being connected to the stream of well-being (source) from which all flows, including evrthg material you could ever want. they say that if ppl would just forget about doing this or that to manifest and just stay connected, then all that is wanted would flow into your life effortlessly. some ppl may miss this if they watch a segment where someone is asking the hows and why's of a specific situation. trust me, I wouldn't be so drawn to it if the spiritual part is missing :) and oh, what are we saying anyway!? everthg here and everywhere IS spirit, so it really doesn't matter. the point is that ppl are trying to manifest a representation of spirit when they are not spiritually connected. I am going to watch carla's video which I am sure is abraham spouting all about source ")

Hi KM,
For myself I have a pretty healthy understanding of this Awakening process, medaphysical, spiritual, quantum physic's and alike.
I was not refering to myself regarding being stuck. I was pointing out that I read here often co-creator blogs referencing being stuck and requests for help to move past this.
I agree with you and brandy both, that if you are not resinating with the teaching...move on.
So my question is. If someone says"I have been reading/listening/watching Abraham Hicks and following their teaching for 2 years and I seem to be stuck all the time and I need help and advise"...
Would it be ok to Advise them to MOVE ON from the teachings and try something different?

This was the point of the discussion to begin with and it took some unsuspected right and left turns along the way. That was ok with me, however I would like to bring it back to the point.
Well some would say the alternative answer would be to try to help them understand Abraham teachings and stick with the teachings for another zillion years.
While others like me would be inclined to tell them to move on. Only because of my experience with them and how I have a hard time with their teachings.

Did I hear you say you are moving or is the leaving over the weekend just a visit/holiday/temp thing?
"So my question is. If someone says"I have been reading/listening/watching Abraham Hicks and following their teaching for 2 years and I seem to be stuck all the time and I need help and advise"...
Would it be ok to Advise them to MOVE ON from the teachings and try something different?

This was the point of the discussion to begin with and it took some unsuspected right and left turns along the way. That was ok with me, however I would like to bring it back to the point."

Hi Jilly, I found with Abraham Hicks teachings a few months back I used the excuse of being stuck but it wasnt because the teachings didnt work it was because I was kidding myself I was applying the teachings. I got frustrated and angry at all the do-gooder Abe fans suggesting processes and stuff what I could do. However, I didnt need to move on, what I personally needed to do was get to the point of complete frustration where I gave my ass a good kick and I was damn honest with myself that I was not applying the processes that they recommend and I was not choosing better feeling thoughts, I was not appreciating my life I was repeating my old story/drama even if it felt like I was doing it mildy.

Any Aber, as we are often called that says they are stuck are in a place where they are not ready to accept full responsibility and begin the changes in thinking, acceptance and appreciation. And this is not to diss anybody feeling stuck because I knew no amount of advice (well - meaning or not) would get me out of my stuckness accept me. Not even suggestions to move to some other teachings,because I felt deep down what Abraham speaks of is true for me to the core of my being I just needed to reach a place in myself and in my life where I was able off my own back (no help or support from others) to say "ENOUGH! somethings gotta change here".

When anybody is stuck they find there way out of being stuck eventually and it is only by the desire I put out to the universe to feel back in the flow again that I heard the answers and the solutions for myself. In a stuck place I was not aligned with being unstuck so I had to go through anger, frustrating, moaning, whining, crying, stamping my feet, going into pretty crappy feelings to come through back into the flow and eventually dropping the oars and saying "I give up!".

So in answer to your question, in all honesty when I was in the stuck place, ANY ANY and all advise would not have been heard, it would have felt like finger nails down a blackboard. I needed to make that shift myself.

Abraham often talks about moving up the emotional scale and that when your all the way down in frustration or anger or feeling stuck people who are higher up the scale in joy, or peace, or basically feeling good, the sunshine and lollipops is not heard, whatsoever.

We hear what we are vibrating closest too. So if I am feeling depressed if I get a whiff of anger I follow that call and I scream and grunt and shout and after that I feel so much better, my energies moving and im nearer my personal vortex. Its like what Abraham says about radio channels if I was radio signal at say 12.1 in my stuckness anybody wanting to offer me advice or suggestions may well and most probably are on a complete different signal, I wouldnt hear the programme or radio show.

This is very supportive video for me when I am feeling any kind of feeling that no amount of well meaning friends wanting me to change or be more at peace with makes me feel relief. And feeling relief is what its all about:

Kelly xxxx
Very Interesting. Thank you Kelly for sharing your personal story. So If you were whining about being stuck and I suggested to you to Read Wayne Dyers book "Power of Intentions" would definately offend you and make you hear finger nails on a chalk board?
I appreciate you kindness in your replying to this discussion.
Respectfully, Jilly
Oh yes LOL! my thoughts would be "who the heck does she think she is telling me what to do?"even if you were not telling me what to do but offering a suggestion AND I would be feeling misunderstood as often when people suggest things, I have already read, saw, done those things anyway lol!! im at the edge of a shift taking place.

I also find for myself in the past I would ask for advice or guidance from that stuck place and I certainly did not want advice or guidance, sounds crazy I know, but when you are really stuck you dont want to be unstuck you just think you do. AND you go through the motions until you get that AHA! moment. It has been far annoying and also supportive at the same time when people have said to me "Im not in your shoes but I hear you and hope you discover what you need right now" That plain annoyed me because they did not give me what I asked for but give me a few hours and I accept the responsibility for my life.

Many a time in the past people recommended "you really must read the power of now by Eckhart Tolle" not knowing (and how could they know they are not living in my shoes and I dont wear a badge to display my life experiences) I had read the power of now, the practising the power of now, been to Power of now groups etc etc lol!!

Sometimes we just surf over teachers and teachings until a teaching knocks out socks off (like Abraham for me) that answers EVERYTHING for me I have ever wanted to know. And totally supports me in taking full responsibility for my choices in life.

However, I have to say, this is me, and I am only speaking from my point of attraction, other people may experience stuckness differently Jilly, so I would say do whatever feels most empowering for the person that is stuck. How would source energy view this person? and what would source do?

Kelly x
Can you explain then why you would ask for advise if you didnt want it? And why would you think ill of someone that was replying to your request?
Also "who does she think she is"?
I guess I can't relate to this being stuck thing as you all call it, in such casual terms. I'm glad I never had to go thru it. Hmmm? You all talk of it in such a casual way as if all ABERS have to experience this.
EEE Gawd! Banging a Drum !
I thing that is a term for Whining/ I right?

Keeping the LAW in focus...would not BANGing the Drum bring about more of the same?
Thinking "who does she thing she is" bring more of the same "who she is people into your life".
EEE Gawd! what a why to live...NO Thank YOU.

Have a great joyful business trip. You will finish as expected and family time will be in the cards.
Whos Birthday...YOU? KIDS? HUBBY?
Enjoy and my best for that togetherness you talk of...Love J
Ok I guess I had the meaning of BANGING WRONG.
And sure I have had times that things "SEEMED" to not work out for me. I dont believe I BANGED about it.
I dont take much personally. If I'm late...I would just say OH is what it is...IM late and I cant do a thing about it.
If someone insulted me I would always think "thats their problem".
If someone said to me "who does she think she is" I would tell them I was a helpful kind hearted person just trying to help and if they didnt want my help they should have not asked for it in the first place. If they wanted to hear my advise as finger nails on a chaulk board, again that is there choice. Again, I would not take it personally.
I am still scratching my head about some of this. Not all but some.
New word in Jilly vocabulary..."Banging" the drum.
You see, when I hear the term Banging the means to me that someone whats to get my attention otherwise they would not be banging their dam drum.

I just have to LOL about all this...J
I agree with this post.
Regarding:" There are many blogs that I gloss over simply because I'm nowhere near that feeling place " this is spot on the mark, this is my practice..
Regarding "Lastly"
Are we not all part of that Universe the drummer is attempting to get the attention of.

Hugs Jilly
Hi Jilly yes I totally got what you meant! and I know for sure you were not referring to yourself as being stuck!. I may have worded what I said differently to waht I meant or you may have read it differentally to what I meant.:)Anyway I do think people should just move on too, if something does'nt work how they want then find what does.



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