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As many of you know I have talked about a blockage that I have when listening to Abraham Hicks. I have stated many times that I find conflicting comments made and that I dont take much stock in the channeling.

I have been watching and listening to many on this site and taking notes. I see so many frustrated, writing blogs of being STUCK, whining about not seeing INTENTIONS being MANIFESTED along with a long list of complaints and ending there blog with "Ester/Abraham Hicks" said this or that.

My thoughts while reading these blogs and discussions go to "If the Abraham Hicks thing is not benificial to you, why are you following it so closely".

I am trying to move past this blockage, and in my practice I have been trying to watch some of their videos on Youtube, to help me discover what it is that is so bothersome.

I ponder many of the things that are said and find some perplexing.



Subject, "Going with the flow". Abraham said everyones stream is different, however the source of the stream is the same. I am clear  about the source. I dont agree with the many streams  Abraham talks of. Abraham also said that the streams are all moving at a different speed.


I can only affirm that there is only one Source and one one stream. We are fragments of the Source(making us all one with the source) that ride the same stream. When we are in the flow we align with others that are also going with the flow.

Now let me paint a picture. That stream is going an a very fast rate of speed. It is coming from JOY/LOVE/GIVING at a very high speed. How do I know this? Because Source/God/Universe knows of nothing else.

To be in the flow you must be UP TO SPEED.

Imagine the river/stream being a FreeWAY in your home town. The speed  is 60 miles per hour. You would like to get on that FREEWAY. You take the ON RAMP and to merge into the flow of traffic you need to increase your speed to 60 (to go with the flow). That is your picture of the alignment.

Now imagine getting on the FREEWAY at a slower speed. WE all know what happens when this happens. TOTAL chaos ! You have cars zooming past you, horns beeping at you, along with other not so nice things that I won't mention. Do you see how you are not in alignment.

Now to address another part of this getting on to the FREEWAY.

Imagine your trying to get on to the FREEWAY heading up the OFF RAMP instead of the ON RAMP.  I dont think I have to paint that picture for you. Its pretty clear the outcome will not be a good one.


Would you like to talk about this?...Respectfully, Jilly


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you mean from this box you can't reply? I'm confused
now I am just filling up space to get to 100 replies, lol :)
Hey Jilly,

Pardon me if I can suggest a different course of action.

My opinion is, there are so many teachers out there with so many insights and so many ways of explaining things and so many beliefs we can choose...why bang your head against this particular wall?

My suggestion is, put this book/cd/dvd/message on the back burner. Let things percolate in the back of your mind while you think of and do other things. Maybe read something else instead? Either something else will click with you, or this will click with you later or it won't.

Hi Dale, I have done just what you said. My point of this discussion was to others who feel the same way...My advise is the same as your...many teachers...move on. Thank you so much for responding Dale. I appreciate you so much...Love J
this video explains that there is one stream that we created ourselves and the stream is a stream of well being!!!

This video explains it!! This is what Abraham teaches. Enjoy!

Thanks Heather, I know that Carla disagreed on this point. I agree that there is only one stream. Maybe when carla gets back she will see this post. Hugs and Thank you for posting this. J
Let me clarify Abraham teaches that there is only ONE stream for each of us; therefore, everyone has their Own stream. Replaying the other video might help.......this video will too!!! Listen closely.

I dont agree...sorry...that is why I dont listen to them. I have moved on.
In my opinion if we are in all our own stream as proposed we can not all be connected. I am connect to all that is and hence one stream of connection. We are all facets of that stream of light. The light being Source. We are all one. If we are all one how can we all have seperateness. We are not seperate.
Jilly you stated, "In my opinion if we are in all our own stream as proposed we can not all be connected. I am connect to all that is and hence one stream of connection. We are all facets of that stream of light. The light being Source. We are all one. If we are all one how can we all have separateness. We are not separate."

I see why you needed clarification; I did as well! lol

I will quote Abraham, "source extended itself to that which is you." Abraham believes that we are an expanded version of Source. Abraham never said that our stream was actually us.They are saying we are actually the extension of Source. They don't believe that there is Separateness either just many difference extensions of source; we are those extensions! LOL Source is everywhere; we are everywhere here on earth.

The stream is created by us because we are asking and source is calling us to what we are asking for.

I hope this helps; I sure help me as well! Jilly you are amazing and a real thinker!! You go girl!!!

Who do you listen too?

The beginning of this video explains this; the others didn't have it Seems like it skipped that part which made it more confusing. It took some study of all the video's to gain insight about our Stream. - Abraham Hicks ~ THE STREAM ~ Go With the Flow Video
Maybe I am the 100 post!!! Yay me!!! Do I get a prize? lol

Love, peace, and co-creating
Heather, I know you really want me to get this and accept the AH concept. However that upstream that they talk of is not in my reality.
You see there is only one stream for Jilly and that same stream is that of the collective and Source. You see Source can not be a part of a stream that goes up stream as they describe.
All dissatifaction that the "not going with the flow" can not be part of the nature of the GOD/Source/Universe that I know.
I understand you have your own opinion and I do too, but I as explaining to you the opinion of Abraham, and it seems like to don't understand Abraham's opinion. However, it's Abraham's opinion so it's important to clearly understand it before you chose not to accept it as your truth; otherwise, you opinion will continue to be bias.

So for the sake of clarity................

Jill you said, "You see Source can not be a part of a stream that goes up stream as they describe."

According to Abraham your statement is true! Yay

However, Abraham never said that Source is part of a stream. What Abraham did say was that WE (us/ people) are an extension of Source (source energy) and Source is pure love and light. Do you understand and accept this concept so far?

The way I (Heather) logically is with the belief of free will. We all have free will meaning the power to create. This is what makes us different and when we don't go with the flow that makes us happy or another way to say it is source within us happy will create resistance; hence we go upstream. Then we feel negative emotion; this negative emotion is how there so we know that we are going away from Source, upstream.

P.S. Abraham doesn't call it free will but Abraham tell us that we are creator which means the same thing; we have a choice.

Hope this helps ! I love taking with you Jilly!!!
I know this is way off the point of this discussion in the first place. The point of the discussion is that if a teaching does not resanate with you move on. This is what I did. And this was the message that I wanted to send to other that are struggeling with their teachings.

However I see you are going to great lengths to help me understand the thinking and logic of A.H.
If AH would just call it was it is "An individuals Creative Stream" then this would all make sence...however then don't. Granted they do sometimes but not always.

When I hear AH refer to stream in a generic sence refering to Source this means to me the Stream of GOD/Universe/Source. This stream of source of stream is a pure light of joy/love/and giving.

I never disputed the content of the teachings...I only disputed the method.
I furthermore claimed that for myself and others that I see in the struggle with the LAW should move on to a different teacher with a different method.
Respectfully, J



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