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i would really appreciate some help about weight and the law of attraction

well i've been practicing the law of attraction for such a long time, since i've heard about the secret, it has worked for so many material things, for my current boyfriend, things at school, and even the concert of my favourite band in my home town... so i must be good at it right?

but there is this one little thing that i've been struggling with for so many years, which is my weight.
i tried using the law of attraction for weight loss a couple of times, and after a while i lose hope and return to the same situation i was before and get depressed once again.

at the end of February i've decided that this is it! i'm going to get my perfect body at the beginning of April. and i've been working with everything i've read in the secret book, and in thos links:

All of them talk about changing your thoughts and feelings... but not about changing habbits like dieting and exercising, so i've been doing the same.
it has been 3 weeks now, i haven't weighed myself, i tried avoiding looking in the mirror, and i've been imaginig myself with the perfect body everyday, every night before i go to sleep i start visualizing myself, i stare at photos of perfects bodies for hours, i focus on the clothes i'm going to buy soon, i put the clothes i wear now in a bag on my closet floor like one of the stories above.

my question is: is there something more i should/need to do?
because i'm experiencing any results, and i keep observing negative stuff from everyone around me about weight....
should i keep doing what i'm doing? or should i start a healthy routine? [although i tried that but it only gave me negative emotions, and those people (in the links above) did not do anything more than the things i do]

i know i'm being negative by writing all of this but it's because of the bad observations i'm getting nowadays.

i would really appreciate some help here.

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Dear DIMM, it sounds like you've been struggling with this problem for some time.
Take note on what you've written ie;
"All of them talk about changing your thoughts and feelings... but not about changing habbits like dieting and exercising,"
"and i keep observing negative stuff from everyone around me about weight"
these are two negative points, I think you ARE on the right track, you just need to hone your skills and maybe work a little harder at this one.
Kudos to you for making an effort, keep visualizing, but keep in mind not to be too observant of peoples negativity towards you, how do you know they aren't just jealous of your optimism, or perhaps even the ability that you are able to shine, and perhaps it is their fear showing. A little reminder, those habits, like dieting and excercising, come from our thought patterns.
Whatever the case this seems a big one for you, and I beleive you have the strength to do it and come out shining in the end! Keep going something will happen soon, to show you you're making progress, it may be subtle, but it'll be there!
Love and light babe!
Dear DIMM,

I think you are on the right track. The only remark I have is that the practise of visualising as you discribe it seems to come from a feeling of lack (not having the right body size now). If you are in that vibration the visualisation will not work. You have to make peace with what is now, in this moment. Peace with the body you have now and, at the same time, eager for change. It is not your thoughts that bring about change, it is the vibration you are in (your feelings). Are you familiar with the teachings of Abraham? They have an audio-CD on weightlos which is great!

Just my 2 cents ... Do you like yourself? That's a really important thing to do.

Ask yourself these questions. They come from my psycho friend who has a warped but creative way of looking at things. 1. Are you an axe murderer? 2. Were you involved in the Madoff scam worth billions? 3. Are you a crack whore? LOL Then chances are, you're absolutely worthy of love and approval. Give it to yourself first.

You're doing a lot of great LOA things, but here are a few new suggestions. Those pics of beautiful bodies ... have you ever thought of printing out some head shots of you and sticking them on the bodies? I know it's nuts, but it IS funny, and may help you stop taking things so seriously. The more serious you view your task, the harder it hurts when you don't see results.

I used to weigh 228 pounds but I'm 200 now (5'6") ever since I looked in the mirror last month and said, "You're a really nice girl, Kate. You have a good heart, you help people when you can and you're really lovable. I'm gonna have to say I love ya, Kate. Just the way you are. And I'm grateful you're alive and healthy."

Then I dug out some photos of me when I was slim and I said, "There's Kate, nice and slim. I'm really grateful I'm slim." Notice I didn't say "losing weight." That's too negative for me. But every day, I keep getting slimmer. And I laugh at the fact I'm talking to myself like a nut. And if I have a bad day, I just let it roll.

Here's what I've been doing also to lose that 26 pounds so far. I get up in the morning and have 2 eggs, if I remember to. I drink tea with sweetener and a spot of cream (that's right, 10% cream). For lunch, if I remember, I have a salad with above-ground veggies. Veggies that grow underground, I don't eat except once in a while.

For dinner, I eat lean meat. Sometimes, I have a steak as big as my head! I know it's not low in calories, no ... but it isn't a plate full of Fettucini Alfredo with garlic bread and wine either! Other times I have a chunk of fish or chicken. It balances out. I can have as much lean meat as I want ALL DAY. Green vegetables too. I like diet gingerale or diet coke sometimes. I am so full from dinner that I have no room for dessert. But if I wanted desert, I have one of those 100 cal chocolate bars or jello lite. Then, I go to bed.

Exercise? I hate jogging. I walk. The weather is getting so nice and will get better over the next few weeks, that I go out with my camera and walk. Sometimes I walk fast and sometimes I stop and take pictures of an old rusted wire fence, the lines of the busy streets downtown, the architecture in my neighbourhood, reflections in a puddle. Then, I come home and download them. I give myself exercise, fresh air, creative expression and I'm building a body of photographic work I can show people too!

I give myself walking instead of running because when you are bigger, it hurts to run but it feels good to walk and breathe deeply. All the while I'm walking I think, "my body is just LUVIN' me right now, and I love my body. It's done me well all these years and I deserve this walk."

And then I laught because I'm talking to myself again.

Try not to take getting slimmer so seriously DIMM! Make it fun, reward yourself a lot, even for dumb LITTLE things and love your body for the way it is now, every day, even as you feed it good food and walk and take pictures or stop and do sketches of trees and flowers (I saw some snowdrops today on my walk!) ... and be grateful every day and happy. Don't expect anything. Just be happy everyday. And don't forget to have an attitude of gratitude! You'll notice a change.


ok..I just read your story and Im happy to help you. I have a similar goal ...My goal actually is to get a 6 pack..i am a female and i just want to tone my belly really did not find any details in your blog about how overweight u r etc etc...anyway it shouldn't matter..

celebrate parts of yor body you love...put on some nail polish...get a hair cut ,, etc etc
never drink soda
drink 2litres of water every day..start small and then try 2L
eat lots of vegetables..brocolli, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, etc etc

have fruits..not too much though as they have fruit sugar

and cut down on eating out,, no cheese, no processed food, and exercse


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